Jeffrey Lurie Once Argued for Better Quarterback Protection Because an Injury to Donovan McNabb Hurt Local TV Ratings

Voila_Capture632On Mike and Mike this morning, besides the hours of sponsor-laden vanilla content, Adam Schefter told the Mikes that Jeffrey Lurie once argued at an owners meeting that quarterbacks need to be better protected… because an injury to Donovan McNabb hurt local TV ratings.

Schefter was talking about whether the league will fine Ahmad Brooks for his hit on Drew Brees on Sunday, when he mentioned that owners have long been pushing for the stricter rules to protect quarterbacks. He recalled the time Lurie was more concerned with TV ratings than, you know, his franchise quarterback being hurt:

“When the Eagles lost Donovan McNabb, Jeffrey Lurie got up at an owners meeting – and there’s actual video of him – talking about the effect of losing McNabb had on his team’s local TV ratings, that they fell of dramatically.”

See, this is the problem with the NFL. The watering down of the game has little to do with actually protecting players, and much more to do with avoiding future lawsuits, making more money, and even fantasy football (and the money and interest that comes with it). Sure, the end result might be fewer injuries, but the motivations are not as noble as you might assume.

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11 Responses

  1. Does anybody really think the NFL was concerned with the safety of the players when making rules that protect these guys? If they were concerned with player safety, they’d shut down the league.

    Anybody who thought it was anything other than increasing revenue and/or avoiding lawsuits is extremely naive.

  2. Where’s CrossingBroadMemes?

    Criticizes others for being sponsor-laden

    Requires a survey just to to be able to view his shitty posts squeezed on the page between 12 sponsor advertisements.

    1. Totally agree. At first I didn’t mind clicking one random answer on a bullshit survey to make it go away. Then it turned into two answers, then three and asking me to type in shit. You can’t blast people (or Mike and Mike) for having a lot of sponsors when the mere sight of your homepage is teetering on seizure-inducing.

      1. Sorry. I should have written sponsor-driven content. Meaning, their entire show and every segment is pretty much based on the fact that someone is sponsoring it. That’s disingenuous. I think there’s a difference between that, and just having a lot of ads.

  3. Lorie might be a dilusional, cock-sucking, Asian fucking rich dickhead, but I don’t blame him for this. He provides his players a lot of money (money he views as coming right out of his wallet), and I’m sure he would lobby for 2-hand touch if he was guanateed the same great ratings. What boss wants to see his key guys missing work?

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