Justifying Ruiz’s Deal

Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors on why Ruben Amaro overpaid Carlos Ruiz early in the offseason:

It’s easy to say Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. should have played hardball with Ruiz to save $3-4MM, and that might have been possible.  Still, Ruiz is worth more to the Phillies because of his familiarity with their pitching staff, and Amaro would have faced limited alternatives had he tried to wait Ruiz out.  Brian McCann would have required a much larger commitment, and it appears Jarrod Saltalamacchia will get more than $30MM.  McCann, Saltalamacchia, andA.J. Pierzynski all bat left-handed, and the Phillies likely sought a right-handed bat for lineup balance even after signing Marlon Byrd.  That basically leaves Dioner Navarro, a switch-hitter who hasn’t been a regular since 2009.  The trade market is even more questionable, and the Phillies don’t have good internal options at catcher.  The Phillies paid a premium to lock up Ruiz this early in the offseason, but the contract is still acceptable.  The Winter Meetings are still three weeks away, and Amaro has already addressed two major holes in his lineup.

He’s already addressed two major holes with two major question marks.

I’m in agreement that signing Ruiz may have been necessary, since Brian McCann would be too expensive, A.J. Pierzynski is an asshole, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s nickname is Salt. Other than McCann, there wasn’t a clear-cut better option, and Ruiz is a very good defensive catcher (I actually would’ve called him excellent before last season– he seems to have taken a step backward there). But it’s hard to be at all excited about “addressing two major holes in his lineup” with Marlon Byrd, and Ruiz, who was already in the lineup. If Byrd repeats his 2013– great. But don’t count on it. There are so many red flags it’s not even funny. And Ruiz fell of a cliff last season. He’s got a lot of miles on that compact little body, and his big, slow swing isn’t the sort of thing that gets better with age.


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  1. Good Luck this year! Terrible signings. Let’s keep the young players out for another (?) year, or more. Then RAJ will sign some moe players on their decline for a big payday. My Q; Why draft?

  2. The Phillies ranked 27th in team ERA last year
    The Phillies ranked 27th in team Bating Average Against last year
    The Phillies ranked 30th (ie dead last) in shutouts

    But hey, I’m glad he’s worth more because he’s familiar with the staff.

    NO LOVE,

    Beez Nutz

  3. My biggest concern with post-Adderall Chooch is that defense – saw more passed balls (and “wild pitches” that should have been blocked easily) from him than when he was a rookie, even. The pitchers who wanted to bury a slider had to be thinking about that with men on base. Brad Lidge would not have had a perfect season with this Chooch behind the plate…

    1. Chooch actually got a proper prescription and waiver from MLB to take adderall so hopefully at least some form of adderall Chooch will be back this season.

  4. LMAO! All you fucktards that are against the Chooch signing would be raising hell if Amaro let him go.

  5. I would rather take the $26 million and set it on fire than give it to Carlos Ruiz over the course of three years

  6. Should be a fun lineup to watch thus season!
    Chooch is the man, he def has 3-4 good years left.
    Be great if they can sign a pitcher like Hudson or arroyo

  7. The Ramaro had little choice here. He has to balance his line up better due to too many LH bats already on the team. And there aren’t too many good hitting catchers in MLB to begin with.

    Dave Cameron from Fangraphs: “Catchers who hit a little bit and hold their own behind the plate are very valuable, and $8.5 million per year just isn’t that much money for a good every day player anymore.”

    ” There’s nothing wrong with 3/26 for Carlos Ruiz. He’s a good player. He has some risks, sure, and he might age poorly, but for 3/26, the Phillies aren’t paying him like he’s a risk-free superstar. At this price, they just need him to be average for the next couple of years. That’s a very reasonable expectation.”

    This is from a baseball expert. He knows his shit people, and he’s right. As a matter of fact now that he’s permitted to use adderol he may just go back to his 2012 vintage for a season or two and shock us all

  8. YAY! We gotta lock up ALL our oft-injured, declining veterans like Chooch, J-Roll and Utley. We CANNOT afford to lose their strikeouts, first-pitch pop-ups and warning-track power. Now that we have another expensive, slow-footed veteran clogging an infield position we can turn our attention to the pitching staff! Let’s bring sweaty, sickened Doc back for another year, sign JC Romero to add valuable veteran presence to our middle relief. Any takers?

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