Voila_Capture545This is becoming an epidemic. I don’t know if it’s because athletes think the rules don’t apply to them, poorly timed photos, or generous house rules, but this picture of Michael Jordan making its way around the intertubes today is yet another example of athletes cheating in beer pong.

You might recall that (CB discovered) picture of Giroux, with a casts on both wrists, playing last year. That ping pong table appeared to be much longer than whatever nonsense Jordan* was playing on… but his elbow was still easily over the line.

*On second thought, Jordan might be more badass. Anyone who wears their own branded likeness on a t-shirt while playing a drinking game is pretty much winning at all things life. Hell, the guy is basically mimicking his logo while throwing the ball. That’s… intimidating.

via Deadspin, Modern Notoriety