Miguel Cabrera is in the Flyers’ Locker Room Wearing an Eagles Sweatshirt

Jakub Voracek tweeted this picture today of him with “the best baseball player,” Miguel Cabrera, who is wearing an Eagles shirt.

The site of Miggy in the Flyers’ locker room and supporting the Birds is enough to make your head explode, but unfortunately, he’s not here to meet with the Phillies or anything (some of you were thinking that, I know it). He had surgery on a core muscle in Philly this week, so he’s just visiting. Again, unfortunately.

Glad to see Jake is so excited, though.

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9 Responses

  1. Goddamn that dude is a beast! Pound for pound (literally) the best natural hitter in the game….all around best player….Trout

    Hopefully Miggy being there will help the Fly Guys to get their collective heads out of their asses and light the fucking lamp at least 3x a game

  2. also, that Birds sweatshirt has the longest fucking sleeves known to man, he may have rolled the wrists up….the fuck? Show this guy some courtesy and hook him up with some decent shit…looks like the sweatshirt a day laborer would buy at a yard sale in the $0.25 bin.

  3. its really sickening to think of the championship dynasty that the marlins could have been following their 03 title had they been able to hold on to so many talented players like cabrera. their modus operandi of self-implode opened the door for our reign of success.

    1. It’s even more sickening for me to think about how that franchise has the same amount of World Series titles as we do.

  4. I know this is unrelated but, for all those fans who think the Downie trade was a horrible deal, let me redirect you to a site that will change your minds. HFboards.com If you look at this site then you will see even Avs fans are saying we won this trade, by a wide margin. Its a steal. Hopefully that will shut up the fat fucks from south philly that have no idea what a hockey stick is!

    1. Like the train of thought….what were they getting out of Talbot this season? Good dude I’m sure, and his grandpa is safe so that’s good I guess, but Downie can be a huge turning point for this team of mutts with the exception of Mason and Vinny so far

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