Paulina Gretzky Caught Fire Last Night

Voila_Capture480From TMZ:

Sources at The Tipsy Goat in Thousand Oaks tell us, Paulina was sitting on the edge of one of the bar’s outdoor fire pits when she turned to throw a cigarette into the flames.

We’re told as she turned … a corner of Paulina’s sweater slipped into the pit, and before she knew it the entire thing was engulfed in flames.

Eyewitnesses say Paulina and several bar patrons ripped off her sweater — or what was left of it — and onlookers jumped into action, extinguishing the flames.

Paulina’s people tell us … she’s fine.

A few thoughts here:

1) Who had catches fire throwing cigarette into outdoor fire pit at sports bar in the Paulina Gretzky demise pool? You came… so close.

2) So we’re all in agreement that this isn’t the first time Paulina has lit herself on fire for the express purposes of having her clothes ripped off by a horny mob, right?

3) Nice little publicity stunt for the upcoming Maxim, eh?



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  1. Heard G asked her for some tips on sucking cock on a side note G will never catch on fire 🙁

  2. I sure do love me a nice set of knockers. Dustin Johnson pounds that whispering eye like there is no tomorrow. Nice work DJ, nice work.

  3. I had no idea who Gretzky’s wife was. A Google image search, 3 minutes, and a couple of balled-up tissues later, no wonder why Paulina is an absolute smoke. Janet Jones. Even some Playboy shots. No nudes, but damn.

  4. What is up with both of their heads in the top photo?
    They both have oddly shrunken heads that certainly look disproportionate on her.
    The rest of her I wouldn’t kick out of bed.

  5. She is still a dirty little whore and if you can put your tongue in something as unappealing as a vagina why stick it in hers just to taste the flavor of a thousand hot pumping penises? Might as well just hook up with the homely girl up the street who is not all worn in like Variteks catchers mitt who’s had more balls slap it than anything else which comes to mind, just like this filthly little whore Gretzky here.

    -Signed- Your Mother

  6. I would gladly suck that dude’s dick 50 times for a 1 in 500 chance to sniff one of her farts.

  7. Nothing sexier than a airbrushed leg that looks as wide as her arm. Downie has a better looking face right now. This girl can ruin some pillows. Would I PANGER? Probably.

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