Raiders Fan Behind That Fence Gives Riley Cooper Finger

Huge game from Riley Cooper and Nick Foles. Everyone overreacted to his lousy start, but he’s played enough to show that he wasn’t that bad. Full Bird Droppings in the AM. For now, here’s a screenshot of Riley Cooper after one of his touchdowns that says about a thousand words. I call it: Reformation.

H/T to all the readers who sent this.


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  1. Any idea where Joshua Harris was Saturday night? Wells Fargo for the Sixers-Bulls or Newark for Flyers-Devils?

  2. After the game Riley had, I hope he has a few beers & sticks a couple fingers up some whore’s pussy & asshole.
    He deserves it

  3. Can’t say I’m a fan of Riley Cooper the Person, but Riley Cooper the Player was on fire tonight.

    And Nick Foles? Just…holy shit. Wow.

  4. also, I would never go to a raiders game in an eagles jersey, because I don’t want to be murdered at a sports stadium….go birds

  5. Mike miss has to be going crazy that cooper & Foles played lights out today

    1. Tomorrow Mikey Miss is gonna say how this is “Foles Gold” and “not so fast Eagles fans… we gotta see him play the season out. He’s inconsistent as seen against the Cowboys, blah blah”.

      Then he’s gonna pre-select a song for his shoe-shine boy to lead into after commercial then be like “ohh is that some Paramore? I’m going to their concert with Metric”. Such a tool. Apparently loves bands like The XX, National, etc. This is how he connects with younger listeners. We can see right through you Mikey Miss you fraud!

  6. FYI Josh Harris was courtside next to the Sixers bench. Other than that, hopefully your birds saved some points for Green Bay next week.

  7. Actually I saw another Raiders fan, a white dude with a raiders cap giving Jackson the finger for a TD too.

  8. Holy shit I knew Eazy E wasn’t dead. There he is giving Riley the finger. NWA4Life.

  9. Let’s see if Nick the Semi-Quick and Riley Racist have an encore in them at Lambeau this coming Sunday. If they do, then I’ll be a believer.

  10. Haha, great comment about Mike Miss. The dudes obsession with alt rock bands is borderline creepy. Seriously, you are like 60 years old.

    1. I don’t think he even likes or listens to it. He said he has XM or something so he probably grabs some band names/songs for shoe shine box boy to play just so Mikey Miss seems hip and relevant to younger culture. Just like he does the whole “white guilt” thing to appease his “brothers”, etc. Then he goes for the Italians with his references to food and Godfather quotes as well as mass populous with Seinfeld quotes, cause who didn’t like Seinfeld?

      Dude just tries too hard to be relevant with everyone.

      1. Spot on, I used to like his show but after 2 months of non-stop Riley Cooper nonsense, I finally tuned out. I realize that he needs to blather on for 4 hours but man let that non-story go. It almost made Bruno’s show listenable, but then I quickly tired of the non-stop sound board, nonsensical laughing, and terrible jokes. Plus veering off topic every other minute (our QB is Mike Vick, not Vick’s vapor rub, but I would like a rub down… simply awful).

        1. Funny, after the 2 week Riley dead-horse beating, Mikey Miss was desperate for material. His shows were so lousy that he opened up a couple days to suggestions on how to improve, etc.

          Last week when Vick was brought up (in a somewhat negative light to the point some African American callers accused Mikey Miss of being racist) Miss used the whole 2 weeks of Anti-Cooper talk/calling for his firing as proof that he’s not racist.

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