Ray Emery and Antonio Tarver Discuss How to Kill Men with Their Fists

Photo: Flyers

Ray Emery with boxer Antonio Tarver in Florida today. The difference between their respective styles is that one fights willing opponents.*

Somewhere, Braden Holtby is hiding under a winter’s blanket.

*And yes, you can separate the fact that Emery is an asshole for pounding on Holtby from applauding his and the Flyers’ recent efforts, you dichotomous beast you.


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  1. Am I one of the few who actually didn’t give a shit about that fight your making Holtby a martyr.. He got his face caved in who cares, its hockey shit happens… i think you complain more than he does… waaahhh he was defenseless, pretty sure he has 2 fists also he is just a pussy… Oh yea and how have the Flyers been doing after that fight?? you should write about figure skating more up your alley

    1. “Its hockey shit happens” has officially replaced “we don’t need a fresh perspective” for the flyers 2013-14 slogan.

    2. Not only did I not cry like some people round here, I thought it was great. Reminds me of old time hockey. Seems like everyone was all aboard the hate train during the Flyers terrible start. But just like most bitches out there, all you need is patience and some faith in your team. No fucking loyalty anymore. These are the types of fans that give us really philadelphians a bad name.

        1. “Us really Philadelphians” has officially replaced “its hockey shit happens” as the Flyers 2013-14 slogan

  2. I’ll take the 7-1-2 record in their last 10 since the fight. As much as I think that its the system finally clicking has much more to do with their recent swing, you can’t discount it happening and the team starting to rally the next night. Its just amazing all the sypmathy Holtby got. Instead of sitting there looking like your about to piss your pants and begging Emery to leave him alone- how bout you just leave your mass on and turtle? The goalies today are more protected than fort knox. He looked like a bitch either way so whats the point?

  3. KS must have been foaming at the mouth when he saw this picture. It just goes to show that Ray emery doesn’t care what some people are saying. KS will continue to milk this for comments on his blog (yea, I bit too) for years to come. Pretty soon he’ll be mentioning Santa Claus snowballs and ray Emery in the same sentence…. I think even KS would take off his the massive glove and blocker for a 30 second fight instead of leaving them on. It’s 30 seconds, bear hug Emery, throw a few punches and take a fall, I mean I’ve never seen a hockey player do what Holtby did, and yet KS is carrying the flag of softness….

  4. I was all for Emery smacking down Holtby. Kyle quit your pussy aching. That’s why we watch hockey …it’s the toughest sport in the world. In the 1999 playoffs we dropped the first 2 games to Pittsburgh, at the end of game 2 Tocchet and Primeau slapped down some Penns to send a message. I was skeptical of the smack down at first but we won the next 4 games. I said I would never bad mouth a Flyers smack down again.

  5. flyers are on an nice little run here….what kind of sports blog do we get out of it…kyle blogging about how he is in a twitter fight with the beat writers and a pic of ray emery with antonio tarver

    kyle no more bitching about what the beat writers are doing when you arent even blogging or recaping games either

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