Reader Email: Why are Flyers Beat Writers Really Bad at Their Jobs?

Voila_Capture578Email from reader Mike, who was high:


Can I call you bro, bro? Good. Glad we cleared that up.

But seriously….

So I pretty much read your blog every day and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy you shitting on beat writers, especially Flyers writers. Well I’m sitting here watching this game and following along on twitter, and I can’t help but notice how much time some of these writers are spending tweeting during the game, and often tweeting shit that has nothing to do with the action or any analysis of the action.

It got me wondering, I’d love to see what would happen to a Flyers journalist who doesn’t tweet at all. Instead, he spends his time carefully watching every play of the game, talking to actual sources, and doing his job.

Would he still have a job?

Or would he still miss out on action because he would still have to take notes?

Just curious what you know/think of any of this or if all of this is me being a little stoned and over analyzing everything because that’s the only thing an MA in English gets you in this world.

Your New Bro

Also, mother FUCK Sidney Crosby. I honestly think I’d still boo him even if he some how ended up on the Flyers.

And again:

I just wanted to also say I obviously have nothing against twitter. Shit, I’m on it all the time. I am saying, however, that I don’t get anything from following professional sports journalists during the actual games that I can’t get from unpaid bloggers. Where journalists can be most effective is speaking to those in and around the organization that lay-people-blogger-types cannot speak to and getting the news and information we wouldn’t get otherwise. Their value isn’t live tweeting the action and their real time analysis of it. I can follow flyers goal scored by for that.

But again, I’m sure their papers force them to tweet as much as possible to get a following.

I dunno man. I just don’t know.

Welcome to my inbox.

First of all, not all bloggers are unpaid. Some make a lot more than beat writers.

Second, you’re 100% right. The Flyers writers are by far the worst at tweeting nonsensicalities during games. When Twitter was new, many writers figured they had to do that sort of thing, but as the platform evolved, it became apparent to anyone with half a brain that tweeting every play was foolish for the following reasons: A) If someone is watching the game, they already know. B) If they’re not, they have no fucking clue what you’re talking about. Rinaldo going to the box. GREAT, what the fuck is the context? C) It’s commodity information spam. People have text alerts, score apps, fucking Siri, follow the team accounts, other fans, etc. They don’t need 50 writers tweeting the same thing. Want to Tweet a score update or a major play, fight or something? Sure. Commentary? Go for it. A joke? By all means. But no one needs a nonstop stream of barely-conciousness about what’s going on during a TELEVISED event. Watch the game, guys. Absorb it. Ask good questions. Break a story or two.


What’s worse, though, is when those mundane updates come from beat writers watching the game 500 miles away just the same as the bloggers and fans they look down upon. Take, for example, Sam Carchidi and Tim Panaccio, who tweeted that they were having dinner at Canadian writer Bruce Garrioch’s house in Ottawa during the big Flyers-Penguins game…

Voila_Capture570 Voila_Capture571

… and then proceeded to live Tweet updates (Sarah Baicker and Marc Narducci filled in for them, mind you) because, obviously, we couldn’t see the exact same thing on our TVs.

But if you really want to get a sense for just how easy their job can be, and how lazily it can be performed, look no further than the hard-hitting information they brought you after the game… again, from a house in Ottawa.

The Flyers send out press notes after each game. They usually arrive in the inbox shortly after the final horn, followed by full press conference transcriptions (for home games). The Flyers’ PR department does a great job. It’s almost as if… the beat writers don’t have to do anything.

These are the press notes from last night.

Press note 1:

With the win, the Flyers moved to 7-1-1 at CONSOL Energy Center since the building opened at the start of the 2010-11 season.

Tim and Sam:



[Skip press note 2]

Press note 3:

The Flyers committed one giveaway in the game to Pittsburgh’s 10.  They have committed just 12 giveaways over their three-game winning streak.



Press note 4:

The Flyers had 31 hits, giving them 30 or more hits in five consecutive games and seven of the last eight.  In addition to his two goals tonight, Brayden Schenn also led the Flyers with six hits, while Nick Grossmann was credited with five.



Press note 5:

Adam Hall was 7-for-8 on faceoffs (88 pct).  He has lost just three faceoffs in the last four games, going a total of 21-for-24 (87.5 pct) during that time.



Yet these are the very same guys who get outraged when the team circumvents beat writers and posts information directly to the public. Wonder why?

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28 Responses

  1. Listen up here bucko: My dad Mr Snyder has done nothing for almost 40 years and he still is Mr. Snyder to all of you.

    1. Jay Snider: still a better GM than Paul Holmgren

      Why Flyers beat writers suck is because like other Flyer fans (sadly) overvalue what the Flyers ACTUALLY are to the NHL, and think that they are the Yankees of hockey: meaning that every free agent is dying to come here when in actuality that isn’t the case.

    2. nothing, except employ thousands of people on a daily basis that would otherwise be on welfare collecting from our paychecks

  2. I mean how many times do people take Snider jokes and spell it with a YYYYYYYYYYYY

    1. Marcus Hayes wins this GOING AWAY. Marcus Hayes is truly a disgusting repugnant racist douche of a human being. He’s like maggots on a trash, I truly fucking HATE that guy.

      The Flyers beat writers are nothing more then old egotistical jackoffs who while are annoying as hell in their arrogance, come nowhere close to the level of pond scum that Marcus Hay……i can’t even type his name, I just threw up in my mouth.

  3. So Flyer beat writers are basically social media forwarders……time to unfollow.

    Great post, I have been thinking the same thing….glad you shed more light on it….and hopefully help us clean up our twitter feeds.

  4. Kyle, do you think this is unique to Flyers beat writers or more indicative to sports journalism as a whole where there are a bunch of old dinosaurs who can’t/refuse to get with the times?

  5. Kyle foreals how much do you make from your blog? And foreals Sara baicker looks like the unwashed taint of a trash collector

  6. hey fuck faces….this is how media works except now instead of you waiting a day and it coming out in a newspaper column it comes out on twitter or an instant article on….if you want up to the second info then you are probably going to get a bunch of shit you dont care about

    and think of this….you arent the only ones who follow these guys…someone on the west coast who isnt privy to flyers tv coverage or may not be able to watch tv cause they dont live in their parents basement and actually have a social life might be interested to find out whats going on beyond the play by play

    kyle dont be a jealous cockhat cause they get paid and you dont

    1. oh and these guys aren’t employed so the west coast can stay up on the Flyers. The West coast has their own flyers team, it’s call the LA KINGS.

      1. PN1 and PN5….are you going to go back to find these stats?

        so smart guy….tell me what the geographical area they are employed to report to….what are the ramifications if someone reads something they say outside of this area???….im relatively certain no one in the media is told they are to report the news simply to the people in the geographic area and no one else

        if you and your partner were to move to connecticut to finalize your union are you allowed to go on a flyers website or get any information from a flyers beat writer


          I didn’t say others couldn’t read what they do, but they are employed by NEWSPAPERS OF THE PHILADELPHIA REGION. So Skippy, one could take the next step and assume that since there employed by a PHILADELPHIA newspaper, their audience would be PHILADELPHIA AND IT’S SURROUNDING AREAS.

          Fuck, I need a beer.

          And If i was interested in the stats, I would absolutely go back to find out, not rely on the shitty Flyers beat writers to copy/paste.

        2. Come on Sam, aren’t you above gay jokes in the comments section? You’re a “professional journalist” show a little class…

          1. HA – i didn’t even see that, I stopped reading Sam’s post after the first paragraph, kind of like how most read his “stories”

  7. Kyle, can you answer a serious question?

    How is what they do on Twitter even legal? I’m no lawyer but I am pretty sure the Flyers and NHL have copyright laws that state that “any re-transmission or re-broadcast of the game without the expressed written consent of the [league/team] is expressly prohibited.”

    So, if you’re in the car listening to WIP, the host can’t sit there and regurgitate everything that is happening, yet, the beat writers LITERALLY do that on Twitter. “Read clangs iron and Pens clear, still 1-1” is a common type of tweet.

    Anyway, screw them all they are so annoying.

    1. Those disclaimers are mostly bunk. You can’t really prevent media from talking about public events that happen. Plus, since they are credentialed reporters, they do have permission anyway.

      Plus, the Flyers probably love them regurgitating press releases.

  8. Case in point.. I’m pretty sure narducci mis-described schenn’s second goal in his game story.

  9. We get it Kyle, you make money. Probably has everything to do with the fact that I have to take a fucking survey to read your blog.

    Sick man. Keep cashing those ad checks

  10. EXACTLY KYLE!!! What do these guys bring to the table? Not one of them had any rumor or inside line on the Talbot for Downie deal…I mean, how close are these guys sources? Ridiculous they collect a pay check anyhow

  11. What information do the beat writers give us that Crossing Broad doesn’t? We can figure out starting goalies on Instagram, and they tell us nothing about pending trades or deals…NOTHING… is all you need – the Flyers should just post these releases online….Rob Parent may want to trade in his iPhone for some food stamps pretty soon…

  12. The story I am dying to see broken by a Flyers beat writer: Rob Parent loses his virginity!!!!

  13. FWIW, there are many of us who live outside of the market and don’t get to watch the games on TV.

    While it’s true, there are often times where the tweets are very much out of context, they’re sometimes the only link we have to what’s going on.

    Other sports tweets are very similar.

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