Voila_Capture531This is a post courtesy of our friends at TiqIQ, previewing Eagles-Redskins tickets prices.

Nick Foles is the talk of the town entering week 11, as he has the Eagles looking strong at 5-5. He also has the starting quarterback job locked down until further notice, as head coach Chip Kelly noted his impressive 16:0 touchdown to interception ratio and questioned how anyone could argue against Foles as the starter.

Despite this week’s game being a bitter division rivalry and being a crucial game for both teams, it actually only comes in at $186 on average, with a reasonable get-in tag of $77. The magnitude of this one, potentially lifting Philly to a 6-5 record and the lead in the NFC East, naturally has it coming in at 9% more expensive than normal Eagles tickets at home, while the visitors see a minimal 3% uptick when it comes to the average Redskins tickets away from FedEx Field.

While Michael Vick arguably fit Kelly’s high-octane offense better from an athletic standpoint, Foles has absolutely run the offense to it’s highest potential. Not convinced? Try Foles’ NFL-record-tying seven touchdowns in a single game two weeks ago.

This game doesn’t have the explosive allure of a Michael Vick versus Robert Griffin III showdown, but it’s arguably much more interesting, given how prolific and effective Foles has been in this offense. Add in the fact that Washington has one of the worst pass defenses in the league, and there is a realistic chance Foles goes off for the third straight week.

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