Report: Ron Burgundy Will Guest-Host SportsCenter on December 5

Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead reports:

Will Ferrell will guest-host the 6 pm SportsCenter on Thursday, December 5th, two sources exclusively tell The Big Lead. The sources who spoke on condition of anonymity because the appearance has not been announced, also say that there will be some sort of Ron Burgundy element to telecast.

ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz declined comment.

Ferrell will be SportsCenter’s third celebrity guest-host in five weeks. Actor Ken Jeong andNASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson both delivered big ratings, but Ferrell, an A-list actor who just so happens to have a movie coming out soon (Anchorman 2, December 20th!) is a significantly bigger star.

Probably the best cross-promotion for a movie of all-time.

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20 Responses

  1. Per her request on twitter (which included a gorgeous selfie), Kacie McDonnell asks that we keep our thoughts and prayers with Aaron Murray as he undergoes surgery today.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    1. Just you.
      Fox sports 1 to ESPN is like comparing a Ford Gremlin to a Rolls Royce Phantom,or Rosie O’donnell to Beyonce.

  2. The mom with DSLs was getting harassed on Facebook over it and asked that I take it down. If ET had a problem with it, I probably would’ve updated, featured and reposted.

    1. I hope you learned a lesson here Kyle (I’m being serious). You want to post something like that TMZ stuff, then be (a little) nice about it and blur out the names of those people. There was no reason why that poor mom had to deal with the shit that she got because of your post. For shame!

      1. The honest answer took comments on every subsequent CB post. He needed to do it or it would have gone on forever.

        Doing the right thing would have been not posting the story to begin with.

          1. Got it. Now, can you do the right thing and take down this Ron Burgundy post? Is there anything more banal, boring, and overplayed than this (at best) mildly funny character? And, to top it off, he’s teaming up with the most banal, boring and overplayed media entity ever known to man.

          2. Kyle, they published that picture on a social media website, expecting people to look at. If they didn’t want people to look at it (make fun of them) then they shouldn’t have posted the picture to begin with.

            I say re-post the story!

  3. HEY KYLE, I think now is the right time for a positive, upbeat post about the GOD DAMN golf tournament we are planning for Spring. I think a little golf outting would all bring us together as a CB fam.

    P.S. I want to play the Knockout game so bad, but I am white…how do I play?!

  4. mukkas hate on Will Ferrell because he performs ALL the shit YOU didn’t have the confidence to perform. Plus he has such an agelic voice. Re: The catalina wine mixer…LOL

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