Ruben Amaro Just Needs to Hit Singles

RubenSomehow, Ruben Amaro’s offseason needs are similar to his team’s– he needs to play small ball, and he needs to do it well.

From the bow tie man himself, little baby Ken Rosenthal:

If anything, sources say, Amaro seems to grasp that he cannot simply make a singular splash, not when the team needs to address its catching, pitching and outfield. Thus, he’s unlikely to go all-in on a trade for Price or give a massive payout to a free-agent outfielder such as Jacoby Ellsbury or Shin-Soo Choo. A more measured approach finally is appropriate.

So, while it’s fun to think about a Phillies rotation with three star left-handers — Price, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels — the chances of a deal for Amaro getting Price probably are quite slim. Amaro needs to spread his money around, seek opportunistic trades — and hit clean singles instead of instead of trying for his usual home runs.

So, he’ll probably sign Nelson Cruz for $300 million.


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  1. So that means Jesse Biddle + Maikel Franco + 2 other top prospects for Price? Book it.

  2. The three guys I want are
    Dioner Navarro
    Michael Morse
    Ricky Nolasco

    They are all around 30, will come cheap(except Nolasco around $10m or $11m).

    Piticher Spot


  3. Not a bad list, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this pan out, sign Saltalamacchia, Cruz, and trade Revere, Asche, and Pettiboner to the A’s for Yoenis Cespedes (played CF previously in Cuba). Go out and take a flyer on Nolasco or Josh Johnson and sign JP Howell for the ‘Pen.

    Rollins SS (I know, not ideal)
    Utley 2B
    Cespedes CF
    Howard 1B
    Cruz RF
    Brown LF
    Franco 3B
    Saltalamacchia C

    Ruf 1B/OF
    Hernandez INF
    Rupp C
    Galvis INF
    Chris Young OF (FA)

    Starting Pitching:

    Nolasco/Josh Johnson
    Adam Martin or Kendrick (rather Kendrick just walk or sign and trade)

    1. Would love Cespedas but I highly doubt that package brings him to Philly. If you’re looking to Oakland for a OF, look at recent FA Chris Young. He is a good defender, has some pop in his bat, speed, and is RH. He would certainly be an upgrade over our current RF situation. In Fact, I think I’d rather have him than Morse. Young has a low bating avg but his OBP and SLG aren’t terrible. I could see him hitting 20-25 HR, with a slash line of .250/.330/.450

    2. Hey when A’s make that trade why not send DeFratus, Mini Mart, and a used kleenex to Angels for Trout.

      Come on bro are you high with that trade offer? And you took the time to complete the whole roster so it wasn’t in jest.

      1. Its just an opinion is all man, the Phillies have a better shot at Cespedes, they will never get Stanton although id love him here only it would deplete what little the Phils have left on the farm.

        Cespedes will cost the As a ton in 2 years, they do not want to pay players, if you scratch Revere and add Ruf and Diekman with Asche and Pettibone they would think about it, power for power and they get a potential closer in Diekman, plus Asche and Pettibone, yeah thats pretty tits.

        1. I am usually good at telling if people are trolling or not, you sir I have no idea, but if you are good work.

          If not, start following another sport.

          1. I’m not trolling jerkoff…it’s an opinion is all, what “trades” or free agent scenarios have you put together? Fucking None, and read other sports reporters who have said that Cespedes is available…are they trolls? Fuck off dude, instead of running your mouth behind a computer screen and shit talking with no merit to back shit up, state facts… maybe you should start following another sport…at least I give an opinion, as I’m excited to see what RAJ does (or hopefully does)….ever watch or read Hot Stove? They put ridiculous rumors out there daily, so fuck off with your troll bullshit.

  4. Dude you’re high if you think the A’s would even think twice about doing that trade. Ben Revere is the exact type of player they don’t want. Doesn’t get on base nearly enough and is way impatient at the plate. Asche is a nice player, but also doesn’t exact walk at an ideal rate for the A’s. Plus they also already have Josh Donaldson who had an outstanding year at 3B. Pettibone is a borderline 5th starter and wouldn’t even crack the A’s rotation. They always pull good young pitchers out or nowhere. No way in hell they’re giving up Cespedes for that weak of a package. That organization is cheap as hell when it comes to free agents yet they dropped $36M on Cespedes. No way in hell they’re gonna give him up for a nice position prospect at a spot where they have no need, a noodle arm CF who doesn’t get on base enough, and a guy who is probably destined to be an AAAA player.

    1. What the Phils have right now, is not going to get it done…regression, it’s a downward slope this team has been on for the past 2 years. I understand injuries happen, but when your key pieces like Howard, Utley and Halladay go down for a long period, even Chooch (PEDs/stints on the DL) are out, it will obviously crush the production on the team, I understand that. But RAJ has to make some smart moves, obviously it all starts with a power bat in the OF (Ruf – at best is a platoon player)….this is where they should take a run at Nelson Cruz if they were to sign a FA (2 at 24 mil or 3 for 36 mil)….he K’s a ton, but he could mash 40 in CBP if healthy, juice aside…

      If they were to go the trade route to get a bat…Stanton (will never happen)….Cespedes (more of a chance at least)…and whoever else, as long as they hit from the right side

      They have to give Franco a shot this year as well, I’m not really sold that Asche will be the type of player that can produce at a consistent level and is another fucking lefty(hot girlfriend and all)…who the fuck knows, again, it’s an opinion is all

  5. Chris Young & . . . Giancarlo Stanton. (You just KNOW that Amaro is going to do whatever it takes to acquire Stanton – Franco is a pretty good trade chip.)

    And then sign FA SP Matt Garza.

  6. HA! What makes you guys think I can still bat cleanup? I’ll never hit 30 home runs again, ever.

  7. I wanna see the Phillies bring up Franco and Biddle this year. And then have Chase Utley go all Incognito on them, so they dont end by being heartless pussies like J-roll and Dom B

  8. Phils off season plan.

    D Brown and Biddle to Rays for Price
    J Rollins to Dodgers for Kemp (they eat some of Kemps contract)
    Howard to Rangers for Andrus (Phils eat some of Howards contract)
    Lee to Angels for Trumbo

    Elsbury, Mojica, Saltalmacchi, Nolasco

    New team


    Cole, Price, Nolasco, Gonzoles, Pettibone
    Mojica, Paps

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