“Seneca Wallace is horrible”

So he totally looks like Ray Emery
So he totally looks like Ray Emery

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal spoke with one league personnel executive who doesn’t think the Packers have a shot with Seneca Wallace* at quarterback [via The School Philly]:

If Rodgers were in uniform, one executive in personnel said he’d call it, 42-35, for the Packers. Without Rodgers, he’s calling it, 35-17, for the Eagles.

“Seneca Wallace is horrible and the Green Bay defense has zero pass rush,” the scout said Wednesday. “This is a complete disaster for the Green Bay defense to have to face without a quarterback.

“The Eagles probably will put up 400 yards passing. This guy (coach Chip Kelly) is an aggressive play-caller. They are fabulous on the road and they have no injuries, to speak of.

“This will be a major victory for the Eagles to get right back in the NFC East race.”

The Eagles, 4-1 on the road in their 4-5 start, blitz heavily and could attack Wallace, who will be making his first start since January 2012.

Yes, that should make you feel good. Everyone is afraid of Lambeau. But you know who else is afraid of Lambeau? Seneca Wallace. It’s without a doubt more intimidating for the backup quarterback trying to fill a star’s shoes in front of the home crowd than it is for the opposing team that has actually been pretty good on the road.

But did anyone else notice this? They are fabulous on the road and they have no injuries, to speak of. Somewhere, Michael, and perhaps Marcus, Vick are making sads.

*Why does his name sound like a medical procedure that would involve putting something up your butt to relieve constipation? “I’m sorry, sir, but we’re gonna have to do a Seneca Wallace. It shouldn’t hurt, much.”


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  1. Lets just be humble this team is not consistent enough to be even mentioning an “easy” game Sunday. In typical Philly fashion we will keep it close…..

    I just want Foles to get confidence and consistency so we can finally do the right thing and just move on past #7.

  2. Seneca Wallace is awful, but the biggest problem in GB right now is their lack of a pass rush. Clay Matthews being out is really hurting their defense. I think they’ll have a decent game this weekend, but Eddie Lacy is a beast and a violent runner…he reminds me of young Marshawn Lynch…just less ugly…with less illegitimate children…It’s going to be a close game.

    I’ll go Birds 31-27


  3. if GB can run the ball with the authority that they ran it against the Bears it won’t matter how awful Wallace is. Eddie Lacy was in complete beast mode on Monday night and Starks had a nice complimentary game. I don’t see how the Eagles hold them to 17 or less with GB running the ball and Wallace playing dink and dunk with Nelson, Jones and those WRs. I do think the Eagles offense has the potential to drop an ish load of points on GB this weekend

    1. eddie lacy, or the “beast” as you like to call him, had a nice game for himself. his team did lose though. If josh mccown can beat the rodgers-less pack, then so can the birds with foles.

  4. Seneca Wallace doesn’t worry me in the slightest. There’s a reason he’s been on a boatload of teams in his career, because he sucks! Now, Eddie Lacy is another story altogether, he’s an 18-wheeler roaring downhill without brakes, since Green Bay figures to put the ball in his hands a lot to minimize Wallace’s presence, the Birds will have to focus on Lacy or that guy will pound us into pudding.

  5. hype the Eagles
    hype the Eagles
    bet the Eagles
    bet the Eagles
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