Shane Victorino was on Conan Last Night

Shane Victorino and Jonny Gomes appeared on Conan last night and talked about, you know, how great the Red Sox are and, you know, how awesome duck boats are and, you know, the Sox were “gonna get in your ass” on the field and, you know, beards. Oh, and about the time Victorino got hit by a car when he was younger, you know.

I’m gonna go throw up now.

More videos after the jump.


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  1. Why do you always post about ex Philadelphia players?? You rant about how people still live in the days of the bullies.. But yet you post about a guy that meant some 5 years ago.. Seriously no one cares what victorino werth Richards carter are doing they don’t represent this city any more.. And for real you shouldn’t .. Move to boston, NYC , Washington.. That’s all you talk about cock sucker

  2. I often masterbate while reading Pearl Jam forums in the bathroom at Shane’s Boys and Girls club in Fishtown

  3. and cue the guy who always feels compelled to bring up shane fucking some female bartender that works at pj whelihans in 3, 2, 1…………we get it dude, she was your girlfriend who did a star fuck and now your relationship is ruined.

  4. Kyle Scott is the guy sitting by himself at the end of the bar complaining about how his ex-girlfriend did him wrong meanwhile the ex-girlfriend hasmoved on with her life.

  5. Nobody ever comes to unclog the toilets! It is flowing into the neighborhood!

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