So, How Do We Feel About This Jerry Sandusky Victim Costume?

Voila_Capture422Annnnnnnnnd the award for most disturbing (and probably offensive to many) costume this year goes to… reader Chris (@Bones1907), who sent us this picture of his friend Joe dressed as both Jerry Sandusky and his victim.

A quick search of Twitter reveals that Joe wasn’t the only one who had this idea:

You can opine in the comments as you do see fit. Remember, folks, I’m just the guy who copies and pastes these things.

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23 Responses

  1. Lol how did so many of them pretty much have the same type of stuffed child belt? Do they sell them at the gift shop?

  2. Pretty funny, I’m sure Joe Pa is looking down laughing and Scott Pa is ordering pancakes. I do think the last picture is G blowing a student

  3. Disgusting, but you won’t as big of an uproar compared to when white people go “blackface” for costumes. Why was it cool for D Wade to go “whiteface” to be Justin Timberlake?

  4. i concur, Puber. pushing the envelope is one thing, but this totally crosses the line. anyone who finds entertainment and humor in the abuse of children lacks adequate intelligence and/or class. i have to wonder if he would still choose to wear the costume had he or someone he knows been a victim of child abuse.

  5. I think this is totally disgusting and the fact you have them on your website doesn’t just make you the guy who “copies and pastes” these awful pictures. if it was any of you trolls’ kids you wouldn’t think it was so hilarious or CREATIVE. what does your wife say about this kyle ? i can’t believe she would think this is funny….

    1. Instead of complaining on a website, put your money where your mouth is and donate money to child abuse victims. Why claim such a moral high ground when all you’re doing is closing the X at the top right of the screen and moving along with your life?

      Stomping your feet and crying foul anonymously on the internet makes you just as worthless as the “disgusting people” that publicize this stuff. Words do nothing, actions do everything.

      Fuck this guy Kyle, keep doing what you’re doing.

      1. hey sheckler, NA is entitled to just as much as an opinion as the supposed adults on here that somehow find humor in child abuse. judging by your style of writing, you seem like an educated dude so i thought you would at least respect his viewpoint. also, if the post above is a shot at me, ill have you know i have made donations to RAINN and have done so not just because in wake of the sandusky scandal but rather as a teacher i had a student in the past who was sexually abused by her own father for a considerable time. i never saw any warning signs as there were none but i still felt awful just knowing that this little girl was leaving my classroom on a number of days only to go home be abused by someone who was supposed to protect her from such abuse. i dont know NA. so, i dont his agenda here. maybe NA hates kyle. then again, maybe NA has had experience either directly or indirectly with child abuse thus he’s sensitive to the topic and rightfully so. in ending scheckler, i hope that you never have to endure any experience with child abuse but i know if you do, you will not find humor in such a costume.

        1. I’m against censorship, that’s all. Child abuse is awful, but if we take your stance that means we need to ban all things deemed “distasteful” by specific groups.

          Dressing up as a Pirate for halloween? Unacceptable. A Somali pirate killed my second cousin 8 years ago in the Atlantic while on his freight ship. All Pirate outfits, movies and jokes must be banned moving forward. I’m suing Disney for the Pirates of the Caribbean series too.

          See how crazy that sounds?

          Life is shitty and sometimes people can be shitty. I understand your argument, but I hope you can understand my view as well. If you don’t like something, turn your back on it and leave those that enjoy it alone. Don’t lash-out at outlets demanding them to sensor it.

          Lastly – People grieve differently, and some user humor as a backbone to deal with awful shit.

    1. beat it? ha! should we also make like a tree and leave? do us all a favor already and place your dick in your own mouth. it’ll keep you quiet and us happy.

  6. About on par with the people dressing up as marathon bomber victims. Probably a popular costume at Ohio State. They have pretty classless fans. Hey Kyle, have you ever written a PSU article that wasn’t negative?

  7. Very poor taste. I hope all of these douche bags in these costumes get a VD that makes their junk rot right off…. After it burns like a thousand suns for a month first of course…

  8. Pretty sick (in the bad way), but if it pisses off every current self-righteous PSU student, who had to let the world know how personally affected they were by the scandal, then it works for me.

  9. Those guys are so fucking hilarious – it is quite obvious they were not victims when they were children or it may not be so funny. What is posted on here is chosen btw.

  10. Pretty funny but have to agree it is not relevant this year. But why anyone would defend that school and its disgusting culture is beyond me though.

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