Spectacular Video of Spencer Hawes Crushing Karaoke at McGillin’s Last Night

Email from reader Scott:

Here’s a video I took of Spence singing “Shoulda been a cowboy” for his buddy’s birthday last night at McGillins. Guy was crushing pitchers all night. What a beaut.

This just became the Sixers’ new victory song.


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  1. That guy singing with Hawes is his friend???? How tall is he? He makes Spence look like a shrimp. Sign him Sixers!!! Guy must be standing on a platform. Last I checked Hawes is a 7-footer

    1. That guy singing was the birthday boy, Philadelphia Wings Player, Kevin Crowley. I don’t think the Wings will be giving him up any time soon 😉

      1. Sounds like someone is awfully proud of their minor league achievement. Tell me, did you suck him off or did he hit it doggy-style in the back of your 2000 honda civic with the hello kitty decal in the back window?

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