The Eagles Will Wear Their Black Jerseys on Sunday

Voila_Capture669Voila_Capture671Somewhere, our fashion editor, Dan Fuller, who is over in the People’s Republic of Communist and Oppressive China right now, has some man wood about this. According to their Instagram, the Eagles will be wearing black uniforms on Sunday. FOOTBALL.

Dan here, checking in from China:

1) I like jersey news, but I don’t like the Eagles black alternate. From a set that screams “late 90s” (and, as Kyle’s said previously, losing NFC championship games), aside from the “it’s an Eagle… but it’s got an attitude!” logo, the black jersey is the worst 90s relic they have. BUT, I appreciate when they do anything different with the uniforms, so it’s worth discussing.

2) From the comments, the Eagles usually wear the black alternate with white pants, but they did pair it with green pants in 2003 and 2004. People usually have positive things to say about this combo every time we write about the black jersey, but I don’t find it to be anything other than an answer to a trivia question and notably ugly.

3) Also from the comments, the Eagles have worn all green, but only in 1997 and 2002. Again, it makes for better trivia than a good-looking uniform. Of course, 2013 has been a year of monochrome, with the Chiefs and Browns breaking out solid color uniforms for the first time ever, and the Vikings, Cardinals, and Titans showing up in single color combos not seen in a few years. (aside from the repeat offenders like the Saints, Panthers, Broncos, Texans, Bengals, Jaguars, and Seahawks — sorry, there’s no football in China. I take what I can get.)

Black over Green and Monochrome Green (from before the 2002 refresh — look at the numbers and pants striping)

The Gridiron Uniform Database is a great site for info like this.

I also have more pictures here.


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    1. Kyle – I was looking to reply to your earlier post about ET and the Vet. Please explain what happened to it.

      Explain your censorship!

    1. i liked that combo too, but im pretty sure they haven’t rocked that uniform since they lost to the 49ers way back in 2003. guess they thought it was bad luck.

      1. I suppose. But the black jersey/white trouser combo clashes. It looks odd with the green helmet. Bah.

        1. as long as they promise to never ever wear those neon yellow jerseys then i am happy. those jerseys were truly hideous! they could land an airplane.

  1. My guess on the ET post was that there was probably a Twitter backlash from ANGRY RAWR vets. Either that or the vet who Kyle posted about probably used his service and honor to get Kyle to take it down.

    1. my guess is 0-2. they wore them against san fran in 03 and lost and wore them on new years day the next season in a worthless game against the bengals and lost.

    1. Haha, yea the guy blew his knee out (possibly killing his value in the NFL) and I’m sure Smarty Jones figures she will latch on to the next athlete (or the next person nice enough to offer her some carrots and a salt lick).

  2. Pretty sure they intro’d in 2003 against Giants and won, but I do remember the other two as well. Nothing else in the last 8 years?

  3. Pretty sure they wore em in 04 against the Ravens ina win.TO had a TD and did the Ray Lewis dance.

    1. Kyle realized how retarded it was to imply that a guy who’s insulting people on the internet cannot be insulted back because he was in the military.

  4. In Today’s 97.5 News Update –

    Mikey Miss spends 5 minutes talking about “Imagine Dragons” and how he received tweets about how great their performance on the AMA’s last night was. Asked soap box boy if they brought out the big bass drum. Then proceeds to ask obscure trivia question about Imagine Dragon’s girlfriend & her band. Pulls the name “Nico Vega” out of his ass (or quick Google search) and asks what video game her song, “Beast” is in. Funny enough, he doesn’t know the answer to his own question. Things get awkward. Still, Mikey Miss is now under perception that he sees eye to eye musically with younger listeners.

    Mikey Miss says “Giselle” might make first appearance in weeks. Despite being so liberal and PC, specifically soft when in regards to racial issues, doesn’t realize “Giselle” impression is incredibly racist.

    1. Haha awesome. Glad to hear someone else point this out as well. Mike Miss is such a hypocrite.

    2. Yea i heard that too, I wonder if he understands that people his age should not be into that type of music. What’s worse is that he actually goes to the shows, how weird is that. Imagine a bunch of 20 somethings on ecstasy turn around and see him and wonder if he’s there to pick up his kid.

  5. “I” made Kyle take down the E.T. post! I told him I was going to spit in his Lucky charms tomorrow morning if he didn’t do it. Any problem with that and you can go sit on an upside down bar stool with three of your closest friends.

  6. Can someone explain what the ET post was about? Also his girl with the DSL’s has cannons.

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  8. They need to go back to either;

    A. 80s Jaworski-Bergey era look or,

    B. Classic 60s look with white helmets, green wings.

    Why on Earth they would pass on these throwback looks in favor of the the powder blue and yellow monstrosities of a couple year back is a mystery. Though I’m sure that was Kevin Curtis’ favorite uniform EVAH!

  9. a guy at the Vet 700 level used to wear a Andy Harmon jersey on the back it said “White Guy”.

    so much for diversity in this town.

  10. I was just thinking of something in the shitter, do you think this is because Arizona usually wears a black jersey and is trying to throw them off? I mean Chip looks for any little advantage not the craziest thing in the world.

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