Yes, ’tis true. Former terrible Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin may be the key to the Eagles winning the division.

He’ll start tomorrow against the Cowboys, who, in case you haven’t noticed, are tied with the Eagles and already have a leg up on the tiebreaker (having beaten the Eagles). We need the Cowboys to lose as much as possible.

Enter McGloin.

I don’t particularly like college football. It’s too top-heavy, most games don’t mean shit, and the bowl system is a joke. Something about watching a sport where 99% of the teams are playing for nothing more than a glorified exhibition game rubs me the wrong way… and I preferred to be rubbed correctly. And, because of the disparity in skill with there being so many players spread across so many schools, play can be too wonky at times. So, I rarely watch.

But I did watch a few Penn State games after the whole Sandusky thing. Part of me was rooting for Penn State – whose students, players and fans had little to do with what happened – and the other part of me couldn’t look away from the carnage. Whatever. This was my takeaway during those games: Matt McGloin is the worst quarterback I have ever seenPoor decisions, no arm strength, goofy white boy late-game hero attempts. He looked like he wouldn’t belong in a high-level Texas high school game, let alone D-I.

Now, inexplicably, he’s a starter in the NFL because the Raiders, and he’ll have a chance to help the Eagles’ playoff chances. Amazing.

video via Bob’s Blitz