The Key to the Eagles Winning the Division is… um, Matt McGloin 

Yes, ’tis true. Former terrible Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin may be the key to the Eagles winning the division.

He’ll start tomorrow against the Cowboys, who, in case you haven’t noticed, are tied with the Eagles and already have a leg up on the tiebreaker (having beaten the Eagles). We need the Cowboys to lose as much as possible.

Enter McGloin.

I don’t particularly like college football. It’s too top-heavy, most games don’t mean shit, and the bowl system is a joke. Something about watching a sport where 99% of the teams are playing for nothing more than a glorified exhibition game rubs me the wrong way… and I preferred to be rubbed correctly. And, because of the disparity in skill with there being so many players spread across so many schools, play can be too wonky at times. So, I rarely watch.

But I did watch a few Penn State games after the whole Sandusky thing. Part of me was rooting for Penn State – whose students, players and fans had little to do with what happened – and the other part of me couldn’t look away from the carnage. Whatever. This was my takeaway during those games: Matt McGloin is the worst quarterback I have ever seenPoor decisions, no arm strength, goofy white boy late-game hero attempts. He looked like he wouldn’t belong in a high-level Texas high school game, let alone D-I.

Now, inexplicably, he’s a starter in the NFL because the Raiders, and he’ll have a chance to help the Eagles’ playoff chances. Amazing.

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  1. McGloin was actually very, very good under Bill O’Brien (the season you watched).

    He has the PSU single season passing record, single season Td record, and single season completion leader. (also won the Burlsworth Trophy)

    Don’t follow up a “… dont really watch college football..” with an analysis of aforementioned college football, that you do not watch.

    1. I agree don’t talk about college football if you know jack shit about it.. I hate PSU but McGloin is probably better than Matt Barkley

  2. Um, terrible Matt McGloin??? Really. The guy was a walk on & ended up setting records. Last year he threw 24 TDs against five picks. Do your research. And stop with the hate.

  3. You were correct with your first statement, that you have not seen much college football. Thus you have no knowledge and proceed to make stupid comments. McGloin was a better than adequate college quarterback and that is why he is getting a chance in the pros. Remember, that his coach last year was the same guy who was an offensive coach with Tom Brady and the Patriots so I am sure that he learned a lot from that experience. While I do not expect him to be any kind of great NFL quarterback, do not surprised if he makes a good living for several years like A J Feeley did.

  4. disclosure: Psu alum and fan.
    Matt McGloin, pre Obie, was god awful. Some of that was the system alot of that was the skill set. However, he has developed a much greater skill set from that time and hes a hell of a lot better than most back up Qbs

  5. Great analysis Kyle, why don’t you take the rest of the week off? I guess the fact that “most” of the players on an ncaa roster are unpaid, playing (at great risk to their own health) simply for the privilidge to represent the student body and school is lost on you. Why do i not find that surprising,

  6. Clearly, He was limited by JoePa’s antiquated football strategy. He excelled under O’B. Too bad he didn’t arrive until McGloins senior year.

    Intra-conference college football play is far better than 75% of NFL matchups. I’d much rather watch Michigan-Ohio State than about half of the Monday night games this year.

    Leave the college football analysis to BleacherReport.

    1. thank you! i totally agree with you! much of the NFL is slop as well! yeah, that monday night game of san fran vs dc was such a barnburner. it took hours before the excitement that was generated within me from that game wore off and i could fall asleep. and now i cant even begin to tell you how hard my dick is for that jax-cle game come sunday! outside of the eagles, ill take a game of college kids playing for the love of the game over a game of over-paid pompous assholes pissing and moaning about anything and everything during their game.

      1. Agree with both of you. The college game is awesome. The sheer number of teams means that you’ll get at least one decent game every week, and often times more.

        How can someone say that 99% of the games are nothing more than a glorified exhibition game? Every game matters more, in fact. Just ask Oregon. One loss (now two) and they won’t make the title game. And also tell that to NIU who could get another BCS bowl bid. And to Auburn who has 1 loss but could get into the title game by beating Alabama this week.

        This isn’t college bball, Kyle. Your crappy Villanova team can make the dance with 14 losses. Regular season in football is so much more important.

  7. mcgloin was an all-state QB in high school. mcgloin was the first walk-on QB to start at penn state since scholarships were implemented. he has set numerous penn state passing records, including the most career touchdown passes and that’s over QBs such as todd blackledge and kerry collins. after your own admission of not watching much college football, you then state he is the worst QB you have ever seen. well, doesnt sound like you know much about football so you might want to reconsider your career choice of being a sports blogger or simply refrain from making any posts about what constitutes a good QB then.

  8. Stick to your guns kyle, mcgloin sucked. Noodle arm. O’B made chicken soup out of chicken poop. And playing qb for the raiders doesn’t make you an NFL player. It makes you qb of the raiders. First team in nfl history with more dead money on the cap than actual salary. Amazing.

  9. I agree from a pure quality of play football perspective, most college games not involving SEC schools and a few other top 10 contenders are unwatchable. Read-option or Shot gun spread nonsense with noodle armed QBs. Or the Big-10 with games that look like they are being played in slow motion.

    That being said, if the Cowboys are going to lose a few more games, it’d be much more beneficial to the Eagles that they are vs NFC teams, not AFC teams (because tiebreakers). Also it’d really help if the Redskins beat them in a few weeks to give them a divisional loss or else the Eagles have no hope of winning a tiebreaker with them. But a loss is a loss is a loss. Go Raiders.

    1. You’re argument on how un-exciting college football is begins by excluding the most exciting conference and the remaining top 10 teams? That’s weak.

      If I eliminated the AFC west, the Pats, Eagles, Seahawks, Colts, and Packers, and said the rest of the league is boring and untalented, how would that fly?

      Gotta be fair.

    2. Tiebreakers are not going to help unless the Redskins can beat the Cowboys in the Boys only remaining NFC East game (other than the Birds). Based on how the Redskins looked on Monday night, even Tony Romo in his December ‘swoon’ can beat them. The ‘Skins look done.

  10. “whose students, players and fans had little to do with what happened..”

    Umm how about had ZERO to do with what happened???

  11. Good job Kyle, you brought out all the PSU douchebags talking about how great Matt McGloin was his senior year. The dude had 1 good year at college and all of a sudden he’s God’s gift to Earth. Fuck I hate penn state and all there fans.

    1. None of the PSU fans above said McGloin was God’s Gift to anything, they were just (rightfully) pointing out that Kyle didn’t do any homework in this post. Kyle claims to have watched some PSU games last year, and calls McGloin the worst QB he has ever seen, despite the fact that McGloin had a record breaking year, so clearly Kyle did NOT watch PSU football last year. Which is doubly embarrassing considering his post yesterday ripping Flyers beat writers for not fact checking.

    2. Apparently you hate grammar too – “Duhhh, Fuck I hate dahhhh penn state and all THEIR (not there) duhhhh fans.

      1. ^ your two, cool bro.

        Go back to complaining about sanctions and how penn state should be in the national championship or some other bullshit.

    3. their** fans. if you hate on college alumni, you should at least pretend like you’ve made it through second grad spelling

  12. Come on man – this is a bad post. Just yesterday you ripped Flyers beat writers for re-tweeting false information – basically, not fact-checking their work. This is the same thing. McGloin was horrbile under Paterno, but improved greatly under O’Brien, and set passing records at the school. Apparently these are the games you watched, though.

  13. The funniest part about this article is that absolutely no one woke up this morning and googled “Crossing Broad ” or “Kyle Scott,” they googled “Matt McGloin” which led all of us to this God-Awful blog.

    Perhaps the fact that, I guess we could say “aspiring?” journalist Kyle Scott’s photo is of him doing some “goofy white boy” (the term you used so eloquently in this article) dancing, while holding a glass of booze (ah, so classy) signifies what an absolute joke this site/blog is.

    I’m really surprised he doesn’t know more about college football – he did play intramural at Villanova (BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)!!!!!

    By the way, why don’t you go by your real name, Laskowski? I’m sure it’s because the absolute morons who visit this page frequently have zero chance of pronouncing that correctly.

    Oh yeah – sick popped collar in your LinkedIn profile pic. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  14. McGloin was far from a terrible QB at PSU. Rob Bolden-terrible. Anthony Morelli-terrible. I like to give hi ma hard time bc he was a walk on but he was definitely a good QB, one of the better in recent years at PSU.

  15. Still can’t believe mcgloin is in the nfl. I rem at psu I caught him fucking a chick in the laundry room in beaver hill apartments

  16. What part of McGloin was terrible? He was a walk-on who QB’d a team to a winning season in the face of great adversity and circus-like atmosphere due to the failures of PSU and Joe regarding Sandusky.

    He parlayed that into a tryout with the Raiders and now he’s starting–yes I realize due to injury. And you’re gonna rag on the kid. Kyle–you’re being extremely douchey here.

  17. Kyle!!!! How dare you make fun of a former Penn State player?!?!!!!!!!! We are WAAAAAAAA Penn State!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. WAAAAAA!!!

  18. What? PSU passing record-holder who made it to the NFL. I think you were watching the wrong games.. or the wrong season.

  19. thanks for the support Penn Staters. I will do my best not to throw 4-5 interceptions this Thursday.

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