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In case that image didn’t show up for you:

1) Create a Pinterest account, but really only if you’re a female.

2) Follow the Phillies on Pinterest.

3) Create a Pinboard called #ThanksgivingPhandomdgAD35hEEhsr46Ga3HJADgeGD424562DgeFEDGD (case sensitive)

4) Answer the CAPTCHA.

5) Find two items around your house– one that has to do with the Phillies, and one that has to do with Thanksgiving.

6) Take a picture.

7) Upload that picture to your computer. Or email it to yourself. Or AirDrop it to a friend and have them email it to you, preferably in a zip file (to save space), and then extract it. Right click “save as,” save it to somewhere you’ll be able to find it (your desktop is fine).

8) Upload that picture to your #ThanksgivingPhandomdgAD35hEEhsr46Ga3HJADgeGD424562DgeFEDGD Pinboard.

9) Copy that link. Very important: the link to the Pinboard, not the pinned item. This is a mistake many people will make– don’t earn that scarlet letter.

10) Paste that link here along with your first and last name, email address, birthdate, and whether you would like to receive emails for $7k TVs from the Phillies.

11) 3,215-word disclaimer.

12) Acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to the Contest Official Rules and the MLB.com Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

13) Now get pinning!

14) A winner won’t be chosen until two days after Thanksgiving for the Phanatic Thanksgiving Figurine.


I entered the contest:

Voila_Capture636 Voila_Capture637


Also: the following phone conversation just took place between me and my fiancée:

Hey, this is going to be a weird question. Do we have a turkey baster?

Um, yeah, in the utensils drawer. Can I ask why?

Don’t worry about it.