The Phillies Need a Social Media Intervention

The Phillies Twitter account makes me irrationally angry. They have no idea how social media works. Their Tweets are so disingenuous and they go completely against what makes social media so… social.

Compared to the old, one-to-many style of communication, social media is built on two-way communication, where brands and celebs are on the same level as their fans and followers. Where genuine interaction and conversation is valued above all else. Where obvious self-promotion takes a back seat to creative and engaging content. Yet the Phillies just can’t seem to get out of their own way with patronizing Tweets like this, from atop Mt. Montgomery, to the sheep peons who await the next 140 characters:

Voila_Capture592 Voila_Capture593

You @’d yourself? WHO DOES THAT?!


If you RT our lame promo advertising Spring Training tickets, you’ll be entered to win a free t-shirt? GO FUCK YOURSELF. Here’s a hashtag PhilliesPhriday idea: find a new Twitter guy– yours sucks.


You see, Phillies Twitter guy, that’s radio copy. Not Twitter copy. Cold weather got you down? It’s not a fucking Alka Seltzer Plus commercial, it’s a Tweet to sports fans who, right now, are kinda fed up with your product.

This is FREE #advice to you #Phillies. #FreeFriday I would normally charge companies for this sort of intertube knowledge, but I’m giving it you gratis, because I care. Because I’m about to #UnfollowFriday my favorite team on Twitter. You’re #fucking welcome.


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  1. They “@’d” themselves because they’re more than likely giving away their “@ Phillies” social media shirt.

    But hey, I’ll take the job. I’m my companies Social Media Coordinator and looking for a change of scenery!

  2. I really don’t see what the issue is here. They are using Twitter in a promotional way, what’s the big fuss with that? They retweeted themselves? So fucking what? Newsflash: most people don’t spend their lives worrying how Twitter copy is written. They want you to retweet their shit so they get social media hits. So what? YOUR idea of what twitter should be (a two way interaction) is fine for personal tweets from “real” people. But business advertising is a totally different vibe.

    1. You’re right, most people don’t worry about it… except people who do it for a living (I don’t mean me necessarily). That’s why I’m pointing it out, because most people probably don’t pay attention to it. Two-way communication isn’t my idea of how good social media should work, it’s just about everybody’s idea. Not saying they should be having conversations with people, but the way that you “advertise” effectively on Twitter is wayyyy different than they way they’re used to. A team’s Twitter account shouldn’t be “business advertising.” Take a look at the LA Kings, or even the Flyers. They do it right. The Phillies are bad at it.

  3. Hey,

    Your site is pretty decent but it seems like most of your own content is putting down other reporters or writers. The reason I come here is for material created by someone else but it’s all in one spot. The only material you seem to actually do outside of those two factors is TMZ Philly sports style, which really makes me hate this site.

    Don’t get me wrong your site is awesome and I come here a lot but it would be super cool to see you write an article about your Top 10 favorite Phillies from the ’00 ERA with some interesting facts about each player. Possibly a where are they now of the ’93 Phils or some historical information on any of the teams and the stadiums they use to play in with decent researched information.

    I like your writing style, way better than mine. You are also a die hard that seems to be begging for material so just think outside the box and avoid that BS who did what and who screwed who shit and I think you can take this site to the next level. Hell, I’ll even click on some ads for you if you remove that TMZ trash!

    Anyway, thanks for giving me something read during my downtime. I appreciate your work.

    -Chad “Big Willie” Jackson

    1. Thanks Chad. Appreciate the kind words, but we’ve always done the TMZ thing because it works and people, largely, find it interesting. The other stuff is done by a bunch of other outlets, so except in some cases, it’s just not what I do.

  4. I get what you’re saying, but I guarantee their social media guy is doing exactly what his overlords are instructing him to do. If he started engaging the fans they’d probably call a meeting to tell him to settle down.

    Besides, Ruben probably wouldn’t mind a bit more engagement, but he’s gotta trust his scouts on this one.

    1. I totally agree. “Twitter guy” is more or less a euphemism for “the Phillies’ horribly ill-conceived social media policies.”

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