The Redskins are Complaining that They Were Bullied by Officials

Voila_Capture600Left tackle Trent Williams told Dianna Marie Russini of NBC Washington that umpire Roy Ellison called him a – and I quote – “garbage ass disrespectful motherfucker.”

CBS Washington has the full quote:

“When you have a ref come up to while you’re at the line about to run a play and call you, excuse my language, but a ‘garbage (expletive deleted) disrespectful mother (expletive deleted),’ ” said Williams. “To me this is a player’s league. I just don’t think there’s no room for you to have to take that from the team and the refs. I think it’s very unprofessional and it sucks. I’m at a loss for words. You never expect that as a player going into a game to have to beef with the refs also.”


Williams knew he was speaking to Russini on the record and his account was backed by guard Kory Lichtensteiger.

This is what happened when Michael Phillips of the Times-Dispatch was sent as a pool reporter to speak with referee Walt Coleman about the accusation:

NFL policy allows a pool reporter to speak to the referee about controversial elements of the game. After I requested that, a Philadelphia media relations person led me to the Eagles locker room, to talk with designated pool reporter Reuben Frank.

Because Frank was conducting interviews, the media relations official suggested that I serve the role, and I was escorted to the officials’ locker room.

The security guard said the officials had left, and they were on a bus about 20 yards away. I walked over to the bus, and requested to the driver that he get Walt Coleman, head referee.

Coleman came to the window and asked how he could help me. I repeated Williams’ comments, and asked him to comment on whether that occurred. He said OK, then directed the driver to roll up the window.

After the window of the bus was rolled up, it then began driving and left the facility. No further comment was given.

Yo Holmes, smell ya later.

With the nonsensical hysteria lately over the bullying of grown men football players, this will surely become a story. Apparently, the umpires are mic’d, so the league will be able to check the tape… and, presumably, burn it, if Ellison actually said those things.


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  1. Players and officials (and coaches) have talked shit back and forth between each other as long as football has been played.
    Just on the surface, this seems like talkin’ shit and not any kind of prolonged pattern of bullying but I guess there will be an investigation and we’ll find out.

  2. Hilarious.These are grown men in a vicious sport and they get bullied with words.The leagues gone SOFT.I feel sorry for the cheerleaders

  3. The cheerleaders are strapping it on and giving it to the players they are so soft now. Well some of those redskin cheerleaders don’t need to strap it on after seeing some of those adam apples.

  4. I don’t really think the ref should have said that, but the Redskins were some incredibly poor sports today overall, so if the shoe fits…

  5. Also, I counted five pictures of herself that Kacie McDonnell posted on twitter from the game today.
    Would have made for a very difficult over/under bet.

  6. This is what happens when you have a generation of athletes raised in a culture where everybody gets a trophy just for participating. Nothing but thin -skinned, whiny, pampered mama’s boys who have no clue what it is to be men. It sad to say but I think that the Brian Dawkins’ generation of players may have been the last to be the true men of the NFL.

  7. people still think it’s crazy to think the NFL is irrelevant in 30 years? fuckin pussies playing flag football for 10 minutes during a 4 hour period thanks to 854 commercials.

  8. Why don’t you people wake up? NFL officiating is, unless you’ve been under a rock, clearly racist. This is just “par” (get it?) for the course in the massah’s NFL. Of course, I’m sure you’ll disagree because you are all racists.

    1. Absolutely. What these crackas don’t realize is there is a racial component to everything.

  9. Foles sucks, horrible skill set. Racist Riley cooper is having a fluke last 5-6 games this season. Redskins should change their name.
    Who wants a general knowledge question?

  10. so you dont put the reporters name in the headline (i know it was put on the site after you posted this blog) so that it wont show up when you google the guys name….but you put “refs bullying” in this headline to get more google hits

    you have to choose your moral and journalistic path and stick to it…dont change just simply benefit you….thats a scumbag move

  11. I’m not going to comment on the softness of NFL players or the recent bullying storylines but…

    If you guys don’t think this is a story, you’re crazy. Refs are supposed to be impartial. I’d have a VERY hard time believing that the refs were going to call a fair game if they’re calling anyone any names, let alone a “garbage ass disrespectful motherfucker.”

    I’d call out the refs, too, if they were showing a bias against any player like that. If he’s pissed off at the guy enough to call him that, do you think he’s going to make a call in the Redskins’ favor if it’s committed against Williams? Hell no. And that’s a problem.

    The NFL doesn’t need the refs to start getting the reputation of NBA officials.

  12. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me”. Grow a pair dude….you are getting paid millions to play a game! I save lives for a living and take worse than that on a daily basis!

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