Voila_Capture647The NFL released Sound FX video of Chip Kelly, Nick Foles and officials mic’d up for the Redskins game… and it will pretty much make you fall in love with this team.

0:14 Chip Kelly, WHO LIKES TO GO FAST IN EVERYTHING HE DOES OH MY IT MUST BE WEIRD HAVING SEX WITH HIM, with some profound statements about the nonsense of the NFL pre-game. “This whole thing is hurry up and wait. We should be like high school where we just get on a yellow school bus and five minutes before kickoff we pull the bus up and we get out and play.”

0:30 Nike Foles calls officials “sir.”

0:54 Chip: “We gotta go, get these guys goin!”

1:15 Foles tells Vick he’s trying to be like him. Somewhere, Marcus Vick further mutilates a voodoo doll. Jason Avant tells Foles he “[looks] like Michael Vick out there.”

1:27 Chip wants to go faster.

2:09 Official: “It’s either first and goal at the one or touchdown.”

Chip: “We’ll take touchdown. You said options.”

2:39: Big Balls Chip: “Keep the pedal goin. Keep it goin. No let up.”

4:05 Winners. Nick Foles screams.

Watch the video here.