Video: Mitch Williams Confronts Lenny Dykstra

Reader Jeff checks in with video of Mitch Williams confronting Lenny Dykstra at an autograph signing in the Granite Run Mall on Saturday.

Jeff picked up recording after Mitch had already knocked Lenny’s hand out of the way with a few choice words. But Jeff explains that the whole ordeal was a bit blown out of proportion by previous accounts:

Daulton did not have to step between the two and escort Mitch out. If you look at the video, Mitch turned around and left on his own. Daulton stayed a few minutes longer and continued to talk to Lenny. Williams was also not yelling at Lenny the whole time. He came in to see Daulton. When Lenny tried to greet him, he brushed him away with some curses (not yelling though) and continued to talk to Dutch. In fact if you were not within earshot of Williams, you would not know anything had happened. No yelling. Not Dutch escorting him out or holding him back.

That being said, Williams clearly lacked professionalism. He doesn’t have to buy Lenny roses but he could have at least just ignored him totally rather than make an ass of himself.

On Twitter, Mitch said he didn’t curse. But he did. As you can hear in the video, he told Lenny: “Dude, it’s on camera. All you did was run your fucking [mouth?].”


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  1. This video is excactly why your site is garbage Kyle. That video shows nothing near what you reported last night from “Jack at Philly Ink Signings”. Apparently your “source” got it all wrong and lied to you about it and has really no clue himself what happend. Didn’t see Dutch get between them. Didn’t see Mitch smack Lenny’s hand away. Didn’t see Mitch yelling and cursing out ghe door. Your so full a shit it’s incredible. Was Mitch angry with him ? Yea he looked a little annoyed and said a few words but nothing like you and “Jack” made it sound. Again here you go being half a journalist again. If I was Mitch Williams or Lenny Dykstra I would beat the piss outta you for being a strapper. This kind of shit is excactly why you’ll never be a real sports journalist. Get your facts straight before you post them you piece of garbage. If you worked for any reputable sports publication or news station or sports show you would have been fired for overhyping this thing into something it wasn’t. You may say well if my sites sucks so bad who do you read it ? And my answer to that is I wanna see what insane bullshit you print up next. This site is a joke.

      1. For your info Kyle I did read the whole post. You must have wrote that last part about it not being as bad as Jack made it out to be after you saw the video because that wasn’t posted at the original post. So don’t make me look like an idiot because your a strapper. Let me tell you Jack was a great source. Hope you use him on all your stories.

    1. who the fuck writes a comment the length of a book when they dont give a shit about said website? #IDIOT

      1. When using the term “said,” as you did, you need to have SAID website first THEN you can say “said website?” #IDIOT

  2. None of this would have happened if grown men weren’t concerned with collecting signatures of other grown men.

  3. I was there but left right before Mitch walked in. My friend brad owns the store they where in (he’s working on getting security camera footage) but the story I got way lenny tried to shake mitches hand and williams pushed his hand away and said, I quote! “They the fuck outa here I’m not shaking your hand” the people around heard him clearly but not yelling

    1. Mitch said “They the fuck outa here”… how does he have a TV job with English like that?

  4. Maybe not the right place for Mitch to call out Lenny, but Dykstra is on record crushing Mitch over the years. I can’t really blame Williams for calling him out. Props to the site for showing the real account of what happened.

  5. I had 20 wings from steak & hoagie works today. Washed it down with a year chilled mad elf. Great meal & shit during halftime
    Also, Great game by nick

  6. Holy shit!! A post on a weekend?!? Must be something incredibly important. Foles breaking franchise passing records? Mcw playing like the second coming of deron Williams? Nope, just video of two has beens barely arguing with each other. How much did you pay for that riveting piece of video?

  7. Hey Jack, go fuck yourself you exaggerating piece of shit.

    IMO Mitch handled it like a boss. no screaming. but still let Lenny know he’s a piece of shit. People are way too forgiving to someone who’s screwed their “second chance” up quite a few times.

  8. Yo mitchell williams is the fucking man I love it. Media onced again blows it up but who gives a fuck

  9. turns out KYLE SCOTT Your the real piece of shit you dum asssssss how are you even in business you idiot . BILL you are 100 percent right lol I am an IT guy and I did some research and if you do your research fellas this writer is a fucking retard if you ask me. This site is fraud. I hope Mitch and Lenny sue the fuck outta this dude. This is why the media is such a fucking joke when you report something that isn’t even close to being the truth you compete prick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hey Lenny, I got a message from your son Cutter. He said don’t expect one thin dime when he signs his MLB contract.

  11. I can’t stand Dykstra or Mitchie Poo. This would have been much better had they met in the parking lot afterwards and beat each other within an inch of their lives.

  12. This is nothing! If you really want to see Mitch go off head to one of his kid’s games where he is widely known for berating refs, coaches, and (youth) players.

  13. you guys are a bunch of cowards taking shots from behind your computers.i knopw the type who then act like “what me” when confronted in person.

  14. The account of this is the work of a pathological liar. Doubt everything someone like this says. The description isn’t an exaggeration; it’s a lie.

  15. Kyle, you post something based on hearsay that turns out to be false and you then have the nerve to say that Williams had made an ass out of himself for being a little testy towards a guy who had repeatedly taken shots at him in public. If I were Mitch, I would REALLY want to beat you into a bloody pulp.

    What SHOULD you have done? Not reported it until you had some kind of verification. If you were going to take Jack’s word, it would have required knowing that Jack’s integrity (and memory of events) were beyond reproach, which, obviously, isn’t the case. After you did find out that Jack had greatly distorted what had happened, you should have apologized to Williams for the false, unflattering account you had given. Instead, you take one more shot at him.

    These are not the actions of an even remotely responsible journalist, let alone someone who has an even passing acquaintance with doing the right thing

    To sum it up neatly, you are a putz.

  16. Thanks, Richie. I concur wholeheartedly. Wouldn’t you know that I’d read your supportive comments almost right after you had posted them. What are the odds of that?

  17. My bad. Jeff called you an ass, Mitch. Not Kyle. Kyle simply posted Jeff’s insult, which revealed an ignorance of your history with Lenny.

    Kyle still owes you an apology but I wouldn’t hold my breath for it.

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