The last time Villanova beat Kansas (also when the Jayhawks were ranked number two, mind you) was during a blizzard in 2005, the day before the Eagles won the NFC Championship. This time, they beat them in a hotel ballroom on a tropical island lit and configured in a way that can only be described as what it would’ve looked like if the rich people on Titanic had played basketball in the first class dining room… after it sunk.

Nova led for most of the game, but got tight in the final five minutes and trailed by one with 30 seconds to go. Enter Ryan Arcidiaconooooooooyes. His first made field goal of the night was a go-ahead three-pointer with under three seconds remaining. V, for Victory.

After the game, Nova celebrated in a conference room and all the islanders rejoiced.

No way Nova shouldn’t be a top 15 team right now. They returned virtually their entire team, except for Mouph Yarou, from what was a good squad last year. Now they’re 6-0 and will play for the Atlantis title against Iowa (trap game written all over this sumbitch) tonight at 9:30 on NBC Sports.

Andrew Wiggins has balls the size of a mouse. If he’s gonna be a Sixer next year, we’re gonna need him to do something about that. Dude plays sooooooffffffft.

Villanova hasn’t had a white guy who could chest-bump like that since Mike Nardi. Underrated aspect of what Archie brings to the table. Every college team needs a non-walk-on white guy who can give euphoric chest bumps.

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