Voila_Capture454Aaron Rodgers injured his shoulder last night and likely won’t play on Sunday, when the Eagles head to Lambeau.

From ESPN:

“It doesn’t look good,” A Packers source told ESPN’s Ed Werder on Tuesday. “This is the one we couldn’t afford to lose.”

Packers coach Mike McCarthy told the source there was no specific diagnosis on Rodgers’ left shoulder. The source told Werder that further tests are due Tuesday, including an MRI, but there was significant enough swelling to prevent doctors from determining the severity of the injury.

And the answer to the million dollar question is yes, you are allowed to be happy about this. No, you shouldn’t be happy that Aaron Rodgers got injured (thankfully it’s a shoulder and not a head or neck or even knee), but it’s perfectly acceptable to be thrilled that he’s not playing on Sunday– reason be damned. You can separate those two things, you dichotomous beast you. I feel so bad for A-Rodge, because he seems like a good dude… but I’m glad that MFer is out on Sunday, because nothing is going right in Philly right now and, well, we need this. 

Problem solved. You can feel better about yourself now.