Yes, You’re Allowed to Be Happy that Aaron Rodgers is Injured

Voila_Capture454Aaron Rodgers injured his shoulder last night and likely won’t play on Sunday, when the Eagles head to Lambeau.

From ESPN:

“It doesn’t look good,” A Packers source told ESPN’s Ed Werder on Tuesday. “This is the one we couldn’t afford to lose.”

Packers coach Mike McCarthy told the source there was no specific diagnosis on Rodgers’ left shoulder. The source told Werder that further tests are due Tuesday, including an MRI, but there was significant enough swelling to prevent doctors from determining the severity of the injury.

And the answer to the million dollar question is yes, you are allowed to be happy about this. No, you shouldn’t be happy that Aaron Rodgers got injured (thankfully it’s a shoulder and not a head or neck or even knee), but it’s perfectly acceptable to be thrilled that he’s not playing on Sunday– reason be damned. You can separate those two things, you dichotomous beast you. I feel so bad for A-Rodge, because he seems like a good dude… but I’m glad that MFer is out on Sunday, because nothing is going right in Philly right now and, well, we need this. 

Problem solved. You can feel better about yourself now.


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  1. So you go apeshit that Emery fought someone who didn’t “want”to fight yet you think it’s ok to be happy Rodgers is injured just bc he plays the Eagles this week?

      1. Why, bc I’m not whining and bitching because there was a FIGHT in HOCKEY? Oh goodness me! And frankly Snider should keep his nose out of decisions the GM should be making.

  2. I’ll just leave this here, because I’m guessing you won’t be the only one who didn’t read:

    “No, you shouldn’t be happy that Aaron Rodgers got injured (thankfully it’s a shoulder and not a head or neck or even knee), but it’s perfectly acceptable to be thrilled that he’s not playing on Sunday– reason be damned. You can separate those two things, you dichotomous beast you.”

    1. People are so quick to be negative and criticize that they don’t even properly read the article. As always good article Kyle.

      1. As it states in the article…”no one is happy he got hurt”. Injuries are a part of every sport and no one should root for that but it happens. There’s nothing wrong with being happy that you don’t have to play against one of the best quarterbacks in the league, you don’t think Giants fans were happy that they were playing against Barkley and not Vick? Come on.

    2. I cannot disagree with this sentiment any more. My reason?

      Fucking DRAFT picks. The Eagles, if they wish to build a team through the draft must lose more games. Would Fans go nuts because Rogers and the Pack beat them in cheeselandia? I doubt it, it would be an ok pill to swallow. The Eagles need to have high draft picks this time around to help Chip build this team to win championships. Your mother has spoken, now go to your room!

      1. You didn’t go to the High Cheese Master David Murphy for this vocabulary lesson? If I recall, he had an interesting take on the word “dichotomy” that you posted here on the site awhile back. You better be careful he doesn’t workshop your ass here.

  3. you are an idiot kyle. Why else would he NOT be playing? Because a family member died? He missed the bus on the way to the field? Comon dude, you are just as bad as clapping that he got injured, but you don’t have the balls to say so. This blog is garbage.

  4. While I’m relieved the Eagles won’t face Aaron Rodgers, they can’t afford to take any team lightly, not even when they start the backup QB, and the Packers aren’t exactly chopped liver. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Seneca Wallace turns into Peyton Manning for a day and lights up the Birds like a Christmas tree on Sunday while Nick Foles wilts again and we stumble out of Lambeau in a 4-6 daze and wondering what the hell happened. Like that old saying goes, be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

  5. “You can separate those two things, you dichotomous beast you.”

    Between this and the beautiful use of the comma in the last line of the Eminem post, I’m crushing on your grammar big time.

  6. It’s basically the entire reason why this fanbase is hated across the country and even by a lot of saner Philadelphia fans.

    Not only are Eagles fans happy Rodgers is hurt, they will pump their chest and worship at the altar of Chip Kelly went the Eagles beat the Packers Sunday.

    They keep piling up bullshit wins against bad teams and then walk around like they are contenders. They haven’t beaten a team with a winning record yet. They have three good teams on their schedule Denver, Kansas City (who no one knew would be a good team) and Green Bay….and Green Bay is without arguably one the best QBs in football now. With this garbage schedule there is no reason they shouldn’t be 7-2 right now if they were as good as they and the kiss-ass Philly media proclaim them to be.

    Glad this city is happy another man is injured and the Eagles don’t have to play on an even playing field this week. Hooray they’re 5 – 5 and will win the shittiest division in North American professional sports. Let’s have a parade for that.

    1. 1. Calm down.
      2. No one is happy Rodgers is injured.
      3. No one is unhappy about playing against Seneca Wallace.
      4. This fan base is no worse or different then any other fan base.


  7. A-Rodge? Dumbest. nickname. ever. “he seems like a good dude” ? Lets not get ahead of ourselves now. He’s a smug-ass dick. Great QB though. Kinda sucks though, would’ve like to seen the foles/rodgers match-up.

  8. I feel bad that he’s hurt, especially since he seems like an all around good dude. But this timing is incredibly convenient for the Eagles, and for that I am grateful.

  9. It’s not that big of a deal…of course we’d rather see Seneca Wallace over Aaron Rodgers. No one is happy Rodgers is hurt, or wishes him to be injured.

    I don’t really care about the draft pick anymore either. At their worst they’d still be picking at like 10 or 11…Mariota and co. are long gone by then if we’re even still looking at QB.

  10. “They keep piling up bullshit wins against bad teams and then walk around like they are contenders.”
    Sorry, I thought you were talking about the KC Chiefs there for a second, you know, with their opponent’s collective 27-48 record. My bad.

  11. What if Seneca Wallace pulls a Nick Foles and dazzles? It could happen. Also, it still does not mean the Eagles are a slam dunk. If they lose to the Packers without Aaron Rogers, their season will really be over. Players get hurt every week and Rogers was not paralyzed and did not suffer a season ending injury, so I am okay with it. However, I don’t think it is an automatic win.

  12. Last time I checked Aaron Rogers doesn’t play defense,so don’t make excuses for the Packers D after Nick Foles gets through with them.

  13. I love the teams in this city and I hate so many of our supposed “rivals”. But I’ve never thought for one second that I should probably go onto another team’s fan site and talk shit on the other squad and/or fans. Seriously. What the fuck is wrong with people? I’m literally questioning myself right now as I type this, let alone taking the time to go piss all over someone else on or

  14. In a way, it’s sad we don’t get to play against Rodgers. ‘To be the best, you gotta beat the best’. Thing is, though, we’re still on our backup QB, so at least to me that levels the playing field.

    Any of you out there who’s pissed about winning ruining our draft position: really? Really? You play to win the fucking game. Sucking on purpose is a lame thing to do. Seriously, fuck all of you who want to lose just because it’ll give us a better draft pick next year. That’s what trading up is for. How about cheering on the team to victory and just use the ‘better draft pick’ as a silver lining instead? Damn……

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