Your Monday Morning Roundup

Spencer Hawes’ game-tying three on Friday

Good morning. It’s negative 409 degrees out and there’s a good chance your eyeballs are frozen. How was your bye week? I spent the weekend watching JFK movies and documentaries… and now I own a tinfoil hat and there’s a room in my house filled with canned beets.

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

The Brady-Manning handshake after the Patriots’ comeback win last night (of course a Boston team has another tremendous sports moment!) caused photogs to get all slap-fighty with each other.

A fan attempted suicide after having to sit through Matt McGloin quarterbacking the Raiders to another loss. She jumped out of the third deck and survived.

Weird shirtless Nebraska fan[m] with Philly tattoos.

Brian Griffin died last night:

OK, did anyone else cry watching that?

The thing is, it’s not a joke. R.I.P., Brian.

Miley Cyrus did it again:

Hey, a decent Tweet from the Phillies:

No idea what Andy Reid was doing to Phillip Rivers.

John Bolaris’ Thanksgiving week weather report: DOOM:

The entire region will be all rain by late Tuesday night. Flooding rains will disrupt travel not only on land but in the air as well, come your big travel day on Wednesday. The brunt of the storm will take place late Tuesday night through Wednesday morning, as possible flash flooding of creeks seems likely, and leaves will help to clog storm drains leading to serious street and highway flooding. Winds should not be a major factor until later in the day Wednesday as pressure gradients tighten with colder air starting to move in on the storm’s western flank. Tidal flooding along shore locations will take place, but as of now I’m only looking at minor tidal flooding due to the stretched-out isobaric component of this double-barrel storm.

Great article about Ryne Sandberg by Matt Gelb, who visited Sandberg at his home in Arizona and made a downpayment on getting exclusive time with the new Phillies manager once the season begins.

Tim Panaccio, who called me a nimrod on Thursday, with a real hard-hitting article about Don Saleski being excited for yet another BULLIES celebration, this one at Xfinity Live!

Saleski, who has a health care business now, will be among the large gathering of surviving members of those two Flyers Cup teams that will celebrate the 40th anniversary of their first Cup on Jan. 25 at Xfinity Live!

“Big Bird,” as they called him, was a member of both teams.

Tickets for the “Broad Street Bash” are $250 for the general public and $200 for season ticket holders. The event includes a live concert featuring the Dropkick Murphys.

What that article fails to mention, of course, is that Panaccio works for Comcast, and that Saleski is on the board of the Flyers Alumni Association, and that his wife, Mary Ann, makes $163k a year as the senior VP of Comcast Spectacor Charities. Panaccio’s article is product placement, Comcast style.

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17 Responses

  1. The only JFK related movie I watched over the weekend was Thirteen Days (the Blu-Ray version) Saturday night, an excellent historical drama about the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Bruce Greenwood was absolutely scary fucking good as JFK, and Steven Culp was scarier fucking good as brother Bobby. Well worth watching.

    As for Brian Griffin allegedly kicking the bucket last night, I’ve got four words for you, homeslice—-Don’t. You. Believe. It. As a longtime reader of superhero comics, death is nothing more than a tired ass plot device to boost sales, or, in the case of Family Guy, boost ratings. Superman, Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Bucky Barnes, the Flash, Thor, they’ve all spent time in the Dirt Nap Motel before being brought back. Brian will be no different.

    As for Miley Cyrus—-YAWN! Could care less. And John Bolaris, he’s about as creditable these days as Geraldo Rivera.

  2. The monday morning roundup where Kyle will mention a cartoon character on a washed up show dying but not the Flyers getting back to 500 and continuing their hot streak.

    The true Philly Sports blog.

    1. he went to penn state duh. Can’t just congratulate him for going from walk-on benchwarmer to NFL starting QB. Its a great story of heart and never giving up. Oh well shit on that.

  3. Correction: This is the first loss Matt McGloin has qb’ed the raiders to. He won last week.

  4. Anyone catch our girl Kacie watching her flavor of the month getting his knee destroyed on Saturday? The best was they cut to the crowd where his family was sitting and sure enough old Smarty Jones was right there, looking as trashy as ever. All you notice of her is her big texas hair, jersey shore tan, and horse teeth.

  5. Haters gonna hate. Dont forget your knee pads when you have to get on your knees to thank mcgloin for beating Dallas thanksgiving day.

  6. Are they rebranding the show as a drama? Might be a good move considering the show hasn’t been funny for years.

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