Snow sticking like white on Riley

Being the world-class selfie taker that I am, I spent a good amount of time (read: about four seconds) on Sunday wondering how photographers got such excellent pictures in the snow. That one photography class I took during my senior year of high school with man, myth and legend Bill Hall taught me that white light is difficult, and I imagine fake lights bouncing off little white reflector beams is even harder.

Anyway, Delaware Online photographer Kyle Grantham probably knows better than me. He wrote an excellent – beautifully designed – piece about how he was able to switch to manual focus to capture his shots:

About midway through the first quarter, with the snow falling so hard it was beginning to accumulate inside my lens hood, I decided to switch my 400mm lens to manual focus, and literally try my hand at focusing on my own. I’ve never shot football on full manual but it was the only way I’d come back with something different.

As far as I can compare it to anything, it’s like taking power steering out of your car, or trying to fly the space shuttle without autopilot. But, I tried it anyway. If you don’t dare to fail you’ll never succeed. (I don’t know if someone famous said that before, but if they didn’t I’m claiming it.)

Kyle, who has a great name, even captured the now pseudo famous LeSean McCoy image:


Go see the rest of his pictures here.

[UPDATE: We may have broken their site with that link. Keep trying.]

Pics used with permission