An In-Depth Recap of the Flyers-Blackhawks Game

ezgif-saveHey, at least three different former Flyers didn’t score. Oh… never mind.


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  1. Lets be honest thought……..theres the Blackhawks, then theres the rest of the NHL. That team is ridiculously good especially in their building. Im not gonna kill the Flyers for that loss

    1. WRONG! More like there’s Chicago, Anaheim, LA, San Jose, St. Louis, Boston, Pittsburgh…and then the rest of the NHL.

  2. Even though it wasn’t the worst performance in terms of the score, something about that game just felt like spousal abuse. I’m fed up with this crap. This team sucks and they’re not gonna change any time soon. They’re a season or two away from being the Philadelphia Phillies.

  3. It still kills me that we got stuck with JVR and didn’t get Patrick Kane because we lost a lousy coin flip!

    1. I think it was fixed that Chicago got the top pick just like it was when Pittsburgh, a second away from moving to KC, got the #1 and got Crosby. The NHL needed Pittsburgh and Chicago to become relevant because they are big markets. The Flyers one horrific season wasn’t enough bc the league knew that I was a one time thing

          1. so just because they won cups mean they are a big market? completely false. I guess that means carolina and anaheim are big markets too? Dont you remember when they almost lost their franchise based on disinterest and no new arena? that was only about 10 years ago. They are not a large market, they just have the best player in the world which makes them relavant TV wise

        1. Compared to the disasters in Florida and Phoenix? It is. I mean as long as we count the bandwagoners

  4. Giroux, Hartnell and the Schenn’s are stealing money. Giroux and Hartnell have been for quite some time. At least Hartnell had the good taste to spend his on a haircut and even that’s bad. What’s with all the Dirk Diggler mustaches?

  5. I can see emery n simmonds driving around town with 4 inches of snow on the roof n hood of their car.

  6. Luke Schenn and Mark Streit flat out blow. Hartnell is completely invisible, and Giroux will likely finish the season with less than 10 goals. Pathetic.

  7. The team sucks without Lecavalier.

    Hartnell has a NMC. A NMC clause for a guy who will be 37ish when his deal is done, repeatedly reports to camp out of shape, and has been injury prone as of late. Power forwards dont normally age well.

    Mark Striet and his 35+ contract for 4 years @ 5.25 look brilliant. The guy looks like toast.

  8. Giroux has the worst +/- on the team and over half of his points came on the powerplay. Dude sucks at even strength. He’s too scrawny…lift some weights!

  9. Versteeg was garbage when he was here. Zus is old as fuck and I still don’t think he touched that puck with his stick. I guess you can bitch about trading Sharp. Blackhawks sucked forever, like the Pens, got the bullshit number 1 pick when it should have been the Flyers, and built they’re squad with top picks. You wanna powerhouse team in the NHL? Tank for 5 years, wait 5 more for players to develop, win multiple cups

    1. I think to develop the players you need a gm who knows what the fuck he is doing i.e not trading your top two players on a championship caliber team less than two years removed from the cup to sign a still very unstable goalie for a million years, then cut him and trade every player who doesn’t become a top 5 scorer within 1-2 years of getting decent ice time.

      Homer is a shithead and I’m ready to see what hexy can do with this team.

      Will shut the fuck up with the Mikey Miss insult. If you listen to him about hockey you clearly dont know shit about it.

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