And Now, Remembering DeSean Jackson’s Time with Six-Year-Old Vine Sensation Lil Terrio, Musically

Six-year-old Vine sensation Lil Terrio spent parts of last weekend and this week with DeSean Jackson. The unlikely pair played in the snow, ate, danced, drove cars, killed ’em and, perhaps most importantly, went to Toys “R” Us. We remember their time together.

Be sure to stick around until the end for a special dedication.


9 Responses

  1. pretty sure they also went to Forman Mills and hopefully Chop for a stress test for the little fat fuck

  2. That fat fuck looks like a half mini rerun & half mini eat dat pussy.
    Wonder if d Jac got that pig his dick sucked

  3. It’s so cool how grown men can make fun of a six year old over the Internet. I’m sure your parents are sitting next to you beaming with pride. Good job, fellas.

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