Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 5.09.21 PMThat sound you hear is Bruce Arians whining, complaining… and potentially painting a picture outside a Parisian creperie.

Arians told reporters today that the Cardinals have sent about 15 plays (mostly penalties) from their loss to the Eagles to the league so they can be reviewed:

Bruce Arians opened his press conference today saying he was going to follow league protocol and send video examples into the league on plays with which the Cards questioned the penalties called or not called. This is not unique; Teams across the league often do it. “There were obviously problems in the ball game,” Arians said. “There is a protocol to follow. We followed the protocol.

“(NFL VP of officiating) Dean Blandino does a great job being honest on the calls. We will follow up more with the answers … later.”

Arians said the Cardinals sent in “about 15″ plays for the league to look at. He also said “I’ve already gotten most of the answers. I got them before I left the locker room (Sunday.)” Arians added those answers came “from New York,” i.e. the league office. And he admitted that he did not get any satisfaction from those answers. “I just get madder,” Arians said.

One of the plays Arians was undoubtedly referring to was the holding call that sealed the deal for the Birds. Tim McManus of Philly Mag explains:

The dagger came in the waning moments with the Eagles holding a three-point lead and facing a 3rd-and-4 from the Arizona 9. Foles rolled to the right and, with no options in the pass game emerging, kept it and fell to the ground to make sure he stayed in-bounds. Matt Shaughnessy was called for a hold on Casey. (An irate Daryl Washington was later whistled for unsportsmanlike conduct). That gave the Eagles a fresh set of downs, allowing Foles to take a knee to end the game.

So, was it a hold? YOUR GODDAMN RIGHT IT WAS:

pic via Les Bowenpic via Les Bowen