Cole Hamels Gets TRUTHING About the 2013 Phillies

Voila_Capture733Cole Hamels, speaking to Richard Rys of Philly Mag as part of a cover feature on Heidi, dropped some uncomfortable truth nuggets about the 2013 Phillies.

To the excerpt machine!

But as a writer who covers sports and a lifelong Phillies fan, I wanted to talk baseball, too. At the photo shoot for this story, Heidi was posing for some solo shots while Cole stood off to the side, alone. I wasn’t sure if the guy who seemed ready to strangle me earlier would be in the mood for small talk, especially after a season he’d like to forget. Instead, he couldn’t have been more relaxed. “Our hitting sucked,” he admitted, and if you listened closely, you could hear Phillies fans everywhere reply in unison, “Amen, brother.” Even so, he hoped the team would make bolstering the pitching staff a priority in this off-season — a wish that, with yesterday’s offers to Kyle Kendrick and Antonio Bastardo, may go unfulfilled in any meaningful way.

“The energy in the clubhouse changed,” he said. “It used to be all high fives. This season, there weren’t as many high fives. There was a lot of bitterness, pointing fingers — ‘You haven’t played well in a week, why weren’t you in here early?’”

He admitted the Phillies were guilty of putting off the process of rebuilding. “You have to know when to start over,” he said. “Will our fans be happy with that? Probably not. We won’t win 100 games next season. But with another wild card, we can definitely get into the playoffs.”

So, Cole Hamels just basically said what we all knew about the 2013 Phillies– that they couldn’t hit, that doofuses like Delmon Young killed what was once a great clubhouse, and that the front office has no idea what the word “rebuilding” means. I NOD MY HEAD IN AGREEMENT WITH YOU, COLE.


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  1. I’m just going to leave this here…feel free to pick it up and throw it around the interwebs sometime around early May…



  2. Re-signing John Mayberry Jr. was waving a white flag already. The same old losers. How can Amaro keep his job?

  3. WHAT AN IDIOT! The only thing that can save our team is by adding age and experience. If you’re reading this, Rube, a 50 Million for 7 years to Jaymie Moyer would pay dividends. Dividends.

    Rube is a dildo.

  4. Let me get this straight Kyle. You get a large dick and praise any talk over the Phils rebuilding, but you mock the Sixers when they rebuild and even base their slogan on it

  5. The real problem with the Phillies are Tom McCarthy and Chris Wheeler. Get rid of those two ass lickers now!

  6. Nice to see someone like Cole expose the truth that any Phillies fan with working eyes could already see for themselves. And 2014 is already looking like a train wreck. We can see that too!

  7. I cannot stand this moron Ruin Tomorrow Jr. The man is a smug, arrogant, prick who continues to think he is smarter than every fan/critic/human alive. I was listening to his radio show as another one of the seasons he ruined was winding down last year and a caller that they let get through the screenings of softballs was laying into him, and they cut him off and he basically gave him the ‘thanks for calling’ line and jerked him off.

    The man has no plan, continues to thumb his nose at sabermetrics ALL WHILE TWO TEAMS THAT EMPLOY IT JUST PLAYED FOR THE WORLD SERIES. The A’s have the payroll of one Ryan Howard and they made the playoffs!!! Why is he trying to keep together a team that sucked last year???? What am I missing? YOU CAN LET PEOPLE GO RUBE THE BOOB.

    The Mayberry signing was the icing on the cake, it is like he is trying to piss off the fans now. Please fire this moron PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

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