Cowboys Fans are Burning Their Tony Romo Jerseys

Tough day in Dallas. Tough day.

From Peter King’s MMQB:

In the annals of blown ends of games in Tony Romo history, this one has to ascend to No. 1. Romo threw one interception with 2:50 to go and the Cowboys nursing a 36-31 lead trying to run out the clock … and a second interception with 1:24 left and the Cowboys trying to come back from a 37-36 deficit. This one was as ugly as they come, and the ramifications could involve jobs. Multiple jobs.

via (@barryap1)

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9 Responses

    1. he probably has never been to the state of texas. as a matter of fact, he probably cannot even find texas on a map, but he wears that star proudly!

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