Voila_Capture587Dave and I are joined by Philly-based comedian slash wannabe Applebees spokesperson slash documentarian slash former WIP worker, the very funny Kevin Matuszak, who joined us live from a poolside in LA, where he’s staying with Playboy Playmate and Philly native Val Keil (really). Dave and I were huddled together in my office.

This was supposed to be a 10-20-minute conversation about a few things and it turned into 73 minutes– discussing jersey fouls, the best bar and grill restaurant chains, etiquette for approaching athletes in bars, Howard Eskin being a good dude, Peter Luukko, Flyers beat writers, Guy Fieri, and how Jay Z can flip the agent world on its head by branding Magna Carta-Williams.

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Show notes:

Dave is unemployed and I’m not paying him– hire him! Here’s hisbroadcasting reel. You can follow him on Twitter (@SportsTalkPhila).

Follow Kevin on Twitter (@Tooozy).


Val Keil’s work, which is NSF yours!