Don Tollefson Will Almost Certainly Be Charged with a Crime

We’re finally getting some information about the ongoing investigation into Don Tollefson allegedly ripping off hundreds of Philly sports fans through the years.

Will Bender, who, really, should go by Bill Bender, writes in the Daily News:

Criminal investigators in Bucks County have been sifting through mountains of financial transactions since calls started coming in about Tollefson from irate Eagles fans. The IRS and a grand jury are involved, according to a person who was contacted by an investigator.

“We’re into multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars,” a law-enforcement source told the Daily News this week. The source said that Tollefson is almost certain to be charged criminally, and that prosecutors are deciding what charges to file.

That story includes even more TOLLIE TALES.


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  1. I wonder if my “KIDS” will now raise money for me? You know, like at the end of “It’s a Wonderful Life”.


    1. Wow. That was SOOOOO funny. He’s a good man and you have no idea what you’re talking about. Why don’t you let the process play out before you assume someone is guilty?

      1. He’s a THIEF, horse-face! (Or are you the only one who hasn’t figured that out yet?)

        1. Do you have your own mind? Or are you the one that believes everything she reads?

          1. Another douche who mindlessly subscribes to the “innocent until proven guilty” theory. Wake up, clown! This guy and his scam has been outed. Only his co-conspirators or his family would think otherwise.

  2. This dude is classic, some of the packages he sold to people makes me wonder if he should go free just because people are brain dead. I mean, if some drug addict (also a Donny T trait) came up to me and said “For $500 i’ll get you tickets and hotel to the super bowl”, he would leave with nothing more than a boot in his mouth. What kind of idiot would give this slick willy crackhead a dime?

  3. Does this mean the 50 yard line seats for Sun night’s game he sold me may be bogus?

  4. The whole thing with the kids gives me the creeps, definitely has a Sandusky-feel to it. Would surprise me if the people buying tix were the only ones getting screwed…

  5. I hope he does hard time! He’s scammed people out of their money, in the name of helping underprivileged kids.

    Low-life scumbag!

  6. He’s need to learn how to scam people correctly!!! I will be happy to show him for an Eagles playoff package!!!!!

  7. The bigger story here is that the media is virtually silent on this. And that’s because the media is in on this. They always are.

    The VAST majority of charities are scams… and usually the most “reputable” charities are the biggest scammers on the planet – just look into the ones with cash kettles and ringing bells (hint hint).

  8. Rest assured fans, as former governor, I’ve seen greed and corruption up close. I have appointed myself to head up a blue-ribbon panel to get to the bottom of this Tollefson matter, and restore the public’s faith in washed up public figures who try to venture into fields they know nothing about.

    Assisting me will be a group of experts, including David Cohen, VIncent Fumo, Jeffrey Lurie, David Montgomery, John Street, John Dougherty, and Bob Brady.

  9. Don Tolly sold me eagles dallas tics for tonight games for cheap. I am packed and ready to go but have not heard from Tolly?! WTF — he is self proclaimed good guy that poops his pants .

  10. Heh heh!

    We took Donny Tollefson’s money, then didn’t send him the tickets. Now he’s taking the hit for it. SWEET!

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