Eagles Post-Game Locker Room Celebration (Pics and Video)

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 1.07.02 AM

Bunch of Tweets from inside the locker room and a video from DeSean Jackson. All after the jump.



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  2. Very interesting. That’s quite the segregated locker room. Blacks take their own pics, and whites stick together in their own pics as well.

    Perhaps Riley Cooper’s “situation” (as the media delicately refers to it) is a symptom of a larger issue here in the locker room?

    1. WTF are you talking about? There are black dudes and white dudes celebrating together in almost every picture and video.

        1. Why is the picture with trent cole not counted? Is he not black anymore? And there’s 3 with white and black, check for yourself you fucking moron.

          1. I noticed it too, all the black players only take pictures with black players, except Conner Barwin, he must be an honorary black dude. hes the only white dude with any black players. not a big deal just a coincidence, and doesnt matter. funny though

    2. Dumb observation. Look at the Philadelphia Eagles facebook page…there’s a lot of pictures with everyone going wild together and getting pictures in position groupings…this is just dumb.

  3. Where’s Jerry at? Can’t post anymore on a Philly blog since they lost? And after seeing Coatseville Cowboy posts, that dude knows about as much football as I did when I was 7 years old. Boom. Go Birds!

  4. Glad to see that DeSean had plenty of time to make a video since he did nothing in the game. The only annoyance on this team and its spelled DeSean.

    1. DeSean Jackson, 1327 receiving yards, second best all time in franchise history, helping Nick Effin Foles to one of the best QB seasons ever. Ya, he’s terrible.

  5. These celebrations are hilarious. Acting like they won a superbowl. Hahaha. It’s a division title. What a joke.
    I’ll say this though… Some hot wives in these pics.
    Iove the Asian woman.

    1. This team was 4-12 last year, new coach, new system that no one in the NFL thought would work. Overcoming a horrid start to the season and a mediocre middle to win the Division with 10 wins? Fuckyeah they deserve to celebrate. It’s a division championship. It’s what every other team does, in every sport. And no one in that locker room thinks that this is good enough and doesn’t want more. 24 hour rule, they deserve to be able to celebrate. You prolly celebrate like this for a good radiator flush or oil change at your goddamn job.

    2. League-provided division champs hats and shirts and no alcohol.. far cry from a Super Bowl celebration you envious wang

  6. I am sure I will hear subjective criticism, but if they play 26 of the other teams in the league, they lose last night.

    1. Yeah well unfortunately they play my Cowboys. Sure the eagles won, but they got a lot of help from the refs. It’s hilarious how many non calls the eagles got.
      The saints are going to kill the eagles. I’m actually listening to the saints come marching in right now.

      1. We got help from the refs? They called one penalty on the Cowboys! It was obvious their gameplan was to hold the recievers and hope to get away with it since their defense is awful, and it worked for the most part.

        And who cares if thety lose to most teams, the teams that they needed to beat they did. ENJOY IT!!!!

      2. Look at the flags?!

        You had what 1 and that flag was bogus as hell! bias eagle refs my ass

        Wait until Murray gets fined for squaring off and lowerin the helmet on Kendricks and the nfl goes my bad that should of been a flag

      3. Ya, the refs really helped the Eagles out by not calling those blatant late hits out-of-bounds with Jason Avant and in the endzone with Brent Celek. Man, they must be on the payroll.

      4. You also said the Cowboys were going to kill the Eagles. The only reason the score was close is because Romo wasn’t playing since there would have been 3 more interceptions.

    2. But they didn’t. They beat the team that was in front of them last night. Bring on the Saints!!

  7. @..coatesville….should u be posting during your shift?….shouldn’t you be more concerned with making sure u put the fries in the right bag…..

  8. What a bunch of front runner losers u eagles fans are…. Celebrating a division win with a pimp party. I wil celebrate my 2009 Super Bowl trophy. I’ll be at the game next Sunday when we stomp your faces.

    1. I love the “we” here. You play? I mean, sniffing the jocks of players doesn’t put you on the team. We won our division. How’d that work out in NO this season? DO us a favor. come back Monday and see how you feel then, douche soufflé.

    2. Or then u cry cuz y’all gonna get the fuck beat out of u fuck drew Bree’s he’s old as fuck this is the nick foles era time to get whooped go birds fly high

  9. Its amazing how coatesville cowboy has now morphed into the number one saints fan on here…..go scrub my car mats…they are dirty…fraud

    1. Shut the fuck up already the saints are gonna lose and ur gonna go cry to ur mom get ready saints because here comes the number 1 offense with lesean McCoy number 1 running back this year

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