Ed Snider: “We never learn from our mistakes”

Boy, ain’t that the truth.

Speaking to Craig Custance of ESPN.com for a story about Steve Mason, Mr. Snider got introspective and joked about how… well, the Flyers keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results:

“He’s been incredible,” Flyers owner Ed Snider told ESPN The Magazine on Tuesday. “He should have a great record because he’s kept us in games we lost. We could have lost by four or five goals and [were] in the game all the way to the end. He’s done an incredible job for us. We’re thrilled to have him.”

Snider has been burned before by giving big money and term to a goalie. He was asked if recent history would scare him off from doing it again.

“No,” he said, then smiled. “We never learn from our mistakes.”

Not funny, Ed. Not funny.

via Frank Seravalli


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  1. The mistae they make a lot is over-valuing what they have. And they are doing it again. Steve Mason is a good goalie. Not great, not fantastic, not someone the team wins a Cup around. If he was great the record WOULD be better.

    1. The Flyers were scoring less than 2 goals a game for the beginning part of the season…I don’t care how “great” you are….giving up more than 1 goal was almost a guaranteed lost…no goalie can have a great record with that lack of production.

      Is Mason our answer? I don’t know…but he’s played well enough to keep the Flyers in ever game aside from 2 or 3 games…more than we can say for Spaceman.

  2. Snider to Pope Francis……Holy Father, It is an honor, I would like you met meet my third…or is this my fourth wife. In any event I have more wives the Stanley Cups.

  3. Hey Ed,

    Truth be told that if the WHA had never been created in 1972, the Flyers would still be looking for their first Cup. The WHA took the players that always haunted the Flyers. There was Dryden and Trembley from Montreal. There was Hull from Chicago who single handedly disposed of the Flyers in the 4 game playoffs in 1971. And lest we forget, the WHA depleted the Bruins of all the Flyer’s pests of Sanderson, Cheevers (the best money goalie ever)and Pie McKenzie to name a few. The WHA also gave you a mulligan of getting Bernie Parent back after you traded him to Toronto for no talent prospect in 1971, thinking Favell was a better goalie.

    Ed, get another pirate league together, and I am sure your are still sending Bernie Brown and Jim Cooper holiday cards.

  4. Ed SNIDER my boy BABY!!!
    Broad street BULLIES BABY!!!!!
    Let fuck the Habs up TONIGHT BABY.

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