Voila_Capture210It’s been more than a month and a half since this story first came out and we’ve heard very little about the investigation. We knew Tollefson was being investigated by multiple law enforcement agencies, and we knew he had checked himself into a rehab facility, but that was it. No more updates, no more statements… no more Tollie tales.

But today, William Bender and Molly Eichel of the Daily News, in a lengthy article detailing Tollie’s suspect activities over many years, provided an update on the investigation:

Sources tell the Daily News that Tollefson’s charities have been raising eyebrows for more than a decade, going back to his days at Fox 29, and the multijurisdictional criminal probe into the alleged scam has already expanded beyond the Eagles road-trip snafu.

The investigation now involves the IRS and a grand jury, according to a source recently contacted by a law-enforcement official working the Tollefson case. Websites for most of Tollefson’s charities have gone dark.

“It’s a monster right now,” said Bucks County Deputy District Attorney Ryan Hyde, who specializes in complex white-collar cases, of the Tollefson investigation. “We’ve talked with more than 100 victims. It’s a sizable amount of money.”

Hyde declined to confirm or deny whether a grand jury was investigating Tollefson, but he said authorities are looking into past allegations of theft.

There’s much more in the article, mostly the sort of accusations and character assessments that we’ve detailed here.

Tollefson checked out of an inpatient facility in mid-November, his lawyer told the Daily News, yet no one seems to have heard from him.

On Sunday, though, I received yet another (unsolicited) TOLLIE TALE:

I was at  silent auction at the windrift last summer. I was the first bidder on a set of eagles season tix.  Don was emcee. When I left, I wasn’t lowest bidder.  Thus when don called the next day to say I won I was shocked.  He told me he had several packages to give away and that the money goes to his “one child saved” charity.  The whole thing was shady from the beginning.  Because I was skeptical, I texted with him several times.  He confused me by referring to “one child saved” and wounded warriors charities interchangeably.  My sister also jumped on band wagon after he convincingly assured us deal was legit and she bought second sry of season tix for a grand.  (I also had buddies who bought package deals for 350 dollars to go to Dallas away game; package included air and hotel and tix.).    Days after our purchase, we visited with manager of windrift to express our skepticism.  Within minutes tolly called us.  I joked with him and told him I may seem nice but I was an attorney and if he tried to screw me I would screw him.   He sent us pix with the inner city kids and even a written receipt indicating what we had paid for.

What a scumbag.  He deserves a long jail sentence with a Dallas cell mate!!!!

The natives… they are, rightfully, angry.