Flyers Beat Writers Miss Practice Because They Were Either Too Selfish or Too Lazy to Catch Early Flights


Approximate locations at 1 p.m. (Eastern)

The Flyers’ beat writers aren’t doing their jobs again.

Their job today is to cover practice, in Detroit. Yet two members of The Core 4 – which is Tim Panaccio (CSN Philly), Sam Carchidi (Philadelphia Inquirer), Rob Parent (Delco Times) and Dave Isaac (Courier-Post) – missed practice because they took previously scheduled, indirect, afternoon flights from Minnesota, where the Flyers played on Monday, to Detroit, where they play on Wednesday.

The Flyers held practice in Detroit at 1 p.m. today (Eastern– this will become important), and neither Panaccio nor Carchidi made it in time, because they were on separate flights, connecting through Chicago AND PHILADELPHIA, perhaps so they could earn more Star Alliance* miles. 

I’m told (yes, people actually tell me these things) that their Core 4 mate, Isaac, will pass along quotes to them upon their arrival, presumably so they can write more stories that will lead their readers to believe that they were actually in Detroit… covering the Flyers… doing their, you know, job.

Panaccio flew US Airways Flight 6816, which left Minneapolis at 11:00 a.m. (Central), and connected through Chicago to Flight 7881, which is due in Detroit at 3:33 p.m. (Eastern), two hours after Flyers practice and the ensuing media scrums.

Carchidi flew US Airways Flight 2044, which left Minneapolis at 11:00 a.m. (Central), and CONNECTED THROUGH PHILADELPHIA (!!!) to Flight 3462, which is due in Detroit at 5:22 p.m. (Eastern), four hours after Flyers practice and the ensuing media scrums. [Sam even tweeted from the plane!]

So, there must not have been a way to get from Minneapolis to Detroit this morning in time to cover a 1 p.m. (Eastern) event, right? RIGHT?!


They could’ve taken (direct flight) Delta Flight 557…


… or (direct flight) Delta Flight 2198…


… or any of these connecting flights.

But no. Perhaps because they didn’t want to wake up early, or perhaps because they like their Star Alliance miles, they decided to blow off practice in favor of inconvenient US Airways flights and are planning on obtaining quotes from Isaac, with whom Panaccio celebrated Thanksgiving.

Other local reporters made it. I’m told Isaac (obviously), who wasn’t in Minneapolis, was there, and Anthony SanFilippo (Flyers reporter) and Frank Seravalli (Daily News) appear to have made it, as well. Meanwhile, Panaccio and Carchidi didn’t depart Minneapolis until 11 a.m. (Central), meaning that even if there was a direct flight at that time, they never would’ve made to practice in Detroit by 1 p.m. (Eastern).

As I said it last week: Traveling the country to cover regular season practices and obtain a few quotes isn’t a healthy business model for modern publications stuck in their old ways. It’s just not cost-effective, and there’s little value, I think, in the sort of “news” that comes from attending a practice. But, that’s a beat writer’s job, for better or for worse. Plus, a good reporter will often use their attendance to find some interesting angle. You know, something fun to tell their readers. 

And it’s The Core 4 that got so butt-hurt over the WAR ON JOURNALISM! that was declared when the Flyers decided they were going to announce their starting goalie on Instagram and in other unique ways.

Remember this email exchange among beat writers complaining about the Flyers’ supposed disrespect for the media? Sent by members of The Core 4, all of whom were really angry that the Flyers cut them out of the commodity news loop. But I guess that’s what the team needs to do when the press is busy collecting their mileage by traveling circuitous routes to road games.

*US Airways and United are part of the Star Alliance.


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    1. Good point. I mean it’s not like there is ANYTHING good to talk about on the weekends….

      He must be busy sitting home all week while “Mrs. CB” pays the bills.

  1. Had to stop in Chi town for a piece of ass. have you’ve seen the broads in Minn & Detroit?

  2. …so when there’s nothing going on, it resorts to one of two stories: trashing the “core 4” or trashing Ray Emery…’re better than this

  3. Kyle Scott criticizing other people’s work ethic without so much as a hint of self-awareness is my favorite running joke here on CB. At least these guys are traveling, what’s your excuse for routinely packing it in at around 11am after a single post or two for the day?

  4. Kyle, did you look at prices for the direct flights? Maybe their editors told them to take the cheapest flights since they work for dying media companies that need to penny-pinch everywhere they can.

    1. I’m sure this is it. No one wants to fly a connecting flight through O’Hare for the miles, but the direct flights are phenomenally expensive. Or, they could be afraid of regional jets, like Kyle.

    1. While I disagree with your point slightly, I have to commend you on the proper use of “couldn’t care less.” So many idiots say “could care less.”

  5. Disagree with the comments. I am glad these lazy, pompous writers are being exposed. Keep it coming, Kyle!

  6. I have been reading your blog for years and you just get worse and worse. Does you being sad about not getting paid to travel at all have any impact on my life…no. But by no means do you actually write about sports anymore. You blow and sound like a fucking cry baby. I understand this won’t get you to stop writing like an asshole but Your passion of being popular and a blogger got in the way of your passion for actual sports. Just figured I’d let you know you have one less reader who will spend time reading your blog. Also being in the marines I for one can also say your “DSL” story was quite a reach, and I’m glad you realized you looked like a douche writing that. It doesn’t mean shit being in the service FYI. Also like every other ignorant fuck that reads this blog…GO FUCK YOUR SELF FAGGOT.

      1. don’t you ever think they get tired of hearing that shit every day? i mean they’ve lost friends, limbs, and come home with PTSD… all to line the pockets of a bunch of faggot politicians… and they have to hear retards repeat blind patriotic one liners every fucking day? sometimes i wonder if coming home is harder on active duty military than actual fucking war considering the idiots we have at home.

    1. Who the hell cares what some welfare queen like you has to say? Go follow some orders blindly like a good little sheep, faggot.

  7. you actually just wrote a 10 paragraph story about the Flyers beat writers??? And you’re proud of that? Beround….I couldn’t agree more.

  8. Some people don’t like you Kyle. I for one think you are on point for calling out these writers. If you take a look at Pinnach’s game recaps and such he literally copies and pastes quotes in ALL of his recaps. Very little analysis. Does he even know hockey or does he regurgitate quotes from players and coaches that are the “canned” bullshit that every single hockey player tells to reporters. I don’t need to hear how Voracek said he was dissappointed in not burying that goal. I KNOW HE WAS DISAPPOINTED I WATCHED THE FUCKING THING.

    They should only quote them if they actually say something off base. Like how about something along the lines of Claude Giroux said “I have always hated Zach Parise, but when I knew he was free agent I was hoping the Flyers backed up the brink truck so I didn’t have to be the center of attention. This way poeple wouldnt realize that I needed to get beat up on before I throw a temper tantrum and have a dominant game” (see game 6 against the Penguins when he crushed Crosby right after the opening faceoff). Other than that. Tell me something about the game! Like actual insight. Defensive formations that we had a tough time dealing with Adjustments the coaches made inbetween periods that did or didn’t work. line shuffling. Momentum swings!!!! Not just how many shots, penalties, goals, fights, and what these pussy gingers had to say about it. This team is a joke and it would make my day if Peter Lukko bailed because he was tired of being associated with this slop.

  9. What we talkin’ about? We talkin’ practice man. Practice. Not a game not a game notagame. Practice. But for real, baby one time, you suck. Your odd crusade against beat writers — THE LIFEBLOOD OF THIS SHITTY BLOG, along with Twitter — comes off as a severe case of the butt hurts. May I suggest sitting on a pile of those ugly shirts.

  10. I agree with Iverson….those shirts suck. Who the f wants a shirt with Big Shot on it.

  11. Panaccio and the rest of these guys don’t accomplish anything other than to bore the readers and make the players’ lives miserable by publishing petty bullshit whenever they don’t spoonfeed Panatch a story. Whatever Kyle can do to bring attention to how bad some of the Flyers’ beat writers are (and Tom McCarthy for that matter) I’m a fan of.

  12. Man! I can’t believe them losers missed Flyers practice today. I bet today was the day they practiced their new form of hockey that is sure to revolutionize the game for years. And these clowns missed it!

  13. Typical Nova whistleblowing douche. Exactly why people can’t stand Nova people. Thought you were different but I guess not. You Nova clowns will never get it in your Nova Nation bubble. Get a life dude.

  14. Unless I’m getting injury updates, or supposed new line combos, I too am not overly worried about practice reports. But I’d also like to get some answers….from a couple of you. You hate this blogger guy so much, but continually read it. Then you burn 15 minutes on writing something that totally ruins any or all credibility you may have had. Kyle chooses to blog. The other dude chose the Military. Probably another dude is a plumber. Who cares. Read it, don’t read, just don’t ruin your life over it, and especially don’t be so classless if you want to make a point. Maybe spend your time following the Penguins instead, they like loser whiner fans.

  15. Kyle, you should give Billy Metz some props in all of these articles as well, just to give a great writer some well-deserved exposure.

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