“Flyers, Your Beat Writers, WOOF!”

Panotch_woofProbably the best meme to hit the intertubes since… well, maybe ever. Woofmaker.com— upload a picture and WOOF. I might not do anything else today.

Credit to The Big Lead for the find– they have a great Papelbon one.


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  1. Kyle, you don’t even write anything about the Flyers anymore, only their beat writers. Not even a big hockey guy, but I like to hear how they are doing and who they are banging these days.

    And this gif isn’t even funny.

    Can you send an invite to Sheena in regards to the golf tournament.

  2. Heard candy walked away from crossingbroad because Kyle isn’t having a cb Xmas party. Kind of like how macnow walked away from wip

  3. Fuck cares about your irrelevant hardon for these irrelevant old men writing about a perennially irrelevant team.

  4. You know Kyle, it takes a lot of effort to do what we do. I mean who else can abbreviate the game play by play like us and retweet the rest of my good friends on the beat. Even if youre watching the game, isn’t it awesome that I tell you what is happening on the TV screen as you are watching it?

  5. Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Pump the brakes my man! This shit had me rollin while I was hittin up Pitchers pub in Manayunk for the Eagles Pep Ralyy wit my man Jonny Marks. Tune in today though as Jon will discuss Nick Foles and I will try to keep up with nonsensical remarks.

    1. Tomorrow… I will give away a FREE $200 fantasy football entry ticket into the Millionaire Grand Final. Check it out now at DraftKings.com

  6. Hi, I’m Tim Panaccio. I’m in Minnesota. You guys going out of town? We’re going to Detroit. Well, actually, first we’re going to Philadelphia to pick up Star Alliance Miles. Did you know the Flyers are going to Michigan? Do you know if it’s cold there? Do these vans get good gas mileage?

  7. Instead of Flyers Beat writer Articles, can we get more articles about the radio stations here? Lets be honest, this site and more specifically that post about Macnow and mike miss got the most comments prolly ever on this site. I personally loved the bashing of these horrible hosts

  8. Johnny Marks and the Amazing Brace! I have no life and call into the station 4 times a day and then leave 20 sound off messages that hopefully make it on the air.

  9. Who DOESN’T love this? Why are people so quick to tell CB how ton write on HIS BLOG?? I don’t think most peoe understand what this is about. You’re NOT going to get an in depth CSN style writing. Tim Pinnocio can’t even do that…too drunk on wine and trying not to twitch all the fucking time.

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