Get Your Limited Edition Snow Bowl 2013 Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt Right Here

SnowballBOOM. Ask and ye shall receive. For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, get your LeSean McCoy Snow Bowl 2013 ugly Christmas sweatshirt. These babies are being printed as we speak and will ship within a couple of days so you receive them in plenty of time for your festive holiday gatherings. May I recommend wearing it with a white turtleneck?

And since we’re all sorts of merry right now, you can get one for only $25. But for real, hurry, we’re planning on ordering only one batch and that’s it. We’ve already sold some before I posted this. You can use PayPal if you want, too. Get one.

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28 Responses

  1. I will buy one for $20 because that is the price you mentioned in the first post. You should definitely honor that price Kyle.

    1. First was going to be a t-shirt. We decided on sweatshirt, based on countless responses about it being long-sleeved.

  2. Hey Moron it was a poll and it was $20 for a t-shirt…. this is a sweatshirt which is why $25….. just go ask your Mom for an advancement on your allowance you cheap bitch

    1. Okay I will ask her but its not likely I will get the advancement. (Haven’t done my chores yet this week so she might be mad at me LOL)

  3. Wow a game was played in the snow in the northeast in December. Let’s all giggle about it for years. God this town is full of morons.

    1. A game for the ages by Lesean McCoy, Dingus. I’m buying this cuz he scored my team 29 pts* and gave my team high score this week, after delivering me to the playoffs this year.


  4. I would never buy anything with that scumbag’s number in it, let alone anything Eagles or NFL related, but I also never buy anything because I’m poor.

    Except alcohol, and lots of it!

  5. How can you have a “regular price” for something that didn’t exist until 2 hours ago? “Normally we sell this sweatshirt that doesn’t exist for $30…”

  6. Got mine. Seems like every year there is some ugly xmas shirt thing that I need one for. This will be it. I was surprised the 2XL’s weren’t gone already. If your order of 199 shirts consisted or 190 2XLs…smart move.

  7. Any chance we can get a sweater depicting “Shady” kicking a shawty off the party bus cause she won’t put out? How about Vick smashing a dog’s head in? I mean if we are going to have shirts may as well capture the real spirit of this squad.

  8. Love it. Nice, clean and simple design. Fast artwork turnaround!

    Sidenote: Wish the team would move back to Kelly Green.

  9. I’ll smash your mom gay clarkie.
    Also, i enjoy when the girl spreads the vaginal lips open with two fingers so i can get my nose real close and take a nice long sniff. Anyone else agree?

    Oh yeah, && what a game! GO EAGLES!!

  10. Kyle,

    I ordered this on Monday. What are the odds I get this by Saturday for a Christmas party Sat. night in my native Puerto Rico (or Bucks)?

  11. I just ordered this sweatshirt shouted hours ago & they said if receive an immediate confirmation email & I haven’t gotten anything so far….does that mean anything?? I need that sweater by Christmases!!! What does this mean???

  12. this sweaters bangin im wearin it today..but can u tell me y u decided to make it like a mint green color tho instead of the dark eagles green?..kelly green wulda been cool 2 but mint green dont make any sense

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