Get Your “We’re From Philadelphia And We Fight” T-Shirt

Phillyfightlogo2Chip Kelly’s mouth should have a direct-connect to a silkscreen press.

For who? For what? Time’s yours. Our culture is winning. I gotta do a better job. Practice? The problem with Philadelphia fans is that they want you to play every game like it’s your last one.

F that noise. We finally have a quote Philly deserves. We’re From Philadelphia And We Fight. Available now in the store. Printed on heather grey, high-quality ringspun cotton.* It’s soft, comfortable, and also a little bit mean.

With Christmas being Wednesday, these most likely will not ship and be delivered until next week, but we’re working on it. I’m tempted to call our printer and tell them they can’t celebrate Christmas this year because they need to make you shirts, dammit! 

Get one.

*Ringspun cotton runs smaller and more form-fitting than traditional t-shirts. If deciding between two sizes, go with the larger one.


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  1. So this is what we have to look forward to now? Once a week you’ll look for something, ANYTHING, to shoehorn into a shitty overpriced shirt? And I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that it only took until the 2nd shirt for you to run out of creativity and say, “Fuck it, let’s just go with block letters.”

        1. listen buddy get back to the fryer everyone knows I’m the best poster on this website if you would have gone to a good college like me you would know that just back OFF.

          1. Now that I’ve used the tired “is school out already” reference, my next insult will be something about “living in your parents’ basement”. Go ahead, make my day!

  2. I’m surprise it took him this long start selling tshirts. Prob graduated with a 2.0 from Nova.

  3. Have more color options, and don’t charge more for 2xl. I can’t help that I’m 6’5

    Don’t be a prick kyle.

  4. Worst shirt ever.
    Swing and a miss!

    Yea a quick buck if u can sell some shirts, sure
    But you post a lot about philly’s reputation, and national lazy media hacks, etx..
    And now u are pimping a shirt that says “and we fight” ??
    I realize chip said it, but u took a step back with this.    
    Read the quote on the shirt again.   Its dumb as shit dude.
    This is a total zero.

  5. Figures you would like this cliche and lame quote, sweet shirt bro, even cooler CB logo, douche

  6. This shirt is stupid. Only a jackass would wear this shirt…..maybe the national media is right.

  7. Nice shirt but who’s been drinking already? 25 bucks?? for a tshirt with 6 words?

    Holy fuck kyle, get the hell out of here.

  8. i did one of your gay pop up surveys and it said since i answered it i would be exempt from taking any more for 7 days. 2 days later. boom a pop up. fuck you . fuck your gay shirts too. the site is one big advertisment. Id wish AIDS on you, but somthing tells me you already have it.

  9. And he still posts these shirts. $25 for a t-shirt? That thing better blow you…

    More importantly, he has a sponsor that makes t-shirts about Philly sports…talk about bad business. Maybe one of your sponsors could advertise their sports blog on your site….

    You suck dude, and so does your crappy Nova education.

    1. Hilarious. Guy makes fun of education, completely fails to grasp that selling your own shirts directly almost positively generates more money than advertising. I’ll take fries with that, my man.

  10. Surprised you didn’t have the rocky statue on it. This is a weak ass effort Kyle. Have you ever even been in a fight? Not with that delicate turtle chin bone structure and chick nose, no fucking way.

  11. Flash-forward to next week when an eagles fan fights a cowboys fan and they are ripped for being from Philadelphia and fighting

  12. This shirt has potential but not for at least another 7-10 years. Right now, not so much. And you gotta lose that crossing broad logo at the bottom.

    I wonder how many Big Shot tees have been sold?

  13. There’s nothing douchey-er then wearing a t-shirt with a sentence on it. The people who wear these things just want attention and for someone to say: “Wow, that guys awesome! I wish I could buy and wear clothes with someone else’s saying on them.” I always thought those horrible Nike shirts with some stupid saying like “I’m doin me” that you see every other kid in the projects wearing were the worst in this category, but this takes the cake.

    1. Ha ha ha! Someone named “Gargano” ripping someone/something else for being douchey.

      Talk about the gorilla calling the guido stupid!

  14. I can make t-shirts from cliche quotes too, but I don’t because of how gay they would look

  15. people who buy these shirts are complete d-bags. The team hasnt even made the playoffs yet. so what happens to the snow game shirt or this one after the season ends without a title? they become completely irrelevant. I fell into this trap when I was younger, now I have this completely meaningless 4th and 26 shirt. Not to mention I am in total agreement with some of hte posters above who talk about how cliche it is that “philly fights” GAG

  16. Every time you come up with one of these gimmick shirts/sweatshirts/get rich quick schemes it comes back to bite us in the ass.

  17. im not sure what’s get rich scheme about this. dude is selling products on his own website. that’s called… business.

    1. And didnt kyle always rip, rightfully so, those horribly doushey ill shirts?

      These are no better

  18. I can’t go anywhere online without someone trying to sell me some homer bullshit shirt. So here’s what we get, everyone trying to beat one another to the punch on the next t-shirt. I’m surprised there isn’t one with Trent Cole grating Jay Cutler on a cheese grater and “Cole Slawed!” under it. uggh.

  19. Rips national stories regarding Philly fans and violence.

    Starts selling a “We’re From Philadelphia And We Fight” shirt.

    – what “Crossing Broad Memes” would say.

  20. Anyone wearing a shirt like this is a complete and total bro-douche. The only way one could be a bigger bro-douche, would be by actually just being Kyle.

    God, you’re such a queer.

  21. These shirts you sell are unbelievably LAME. I can’t believe people actually think they are cool / funny / stylish. Seriously, who would ever actually put one of these on, look in the mirror and think to themselves, “yeah, looking good.” Makes me embarrassed to be from Philly. Fucking tool bags…


  22. Love the Eagles and Chip, but wouldn’t wear this shirt. I’d feel like a fool. Bet you’ll sell some, though.

  23. Love the shirts and im from philly. Yall complaining ass fools need to chill and stop hating. Damn yall the same people walking around with d bag gear on talking shit about somebody else. That shit is extra homo. Grow the fuck up.

  24. i mean really if you guys dont wanna get one, why trying to knock his hustle? damn, can he live? i will buy a shit KYLE.

  25. “It’s soft, comfortable, and also a little bit mean.”

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..please tell me you were joking there. for the love of christ

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