GIF: Jerry Jones Reacts to Loss, Kid Pulls Off Shirt in Disgust


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  1. Yes, what a terrible owner who brought Super Bowls to his city. unlike the effeminate clown of an owner who is busy building solar panels and rehabbing dog killers. Also, how is it Lurie lets that shriveled cunt of an ex-wife celebrate with the players in the locker room? Does he have zero balls?

    1. Who woulda thunk that Clarkie was a Cowboy fan lmao. Kid is all pissy. Horse face put him to bed. JJ is a clown owner who walked into those championships. Aikman and Irvin deserve no part of the Hall of fame. Friggin joke they got in.

    2. All Cowgirls games will now be broadcast on the History Channel due to the fact that their fans seem to be stuck in an ancient past. Its time to accept that #dallassucks!

    3. Yeah and the america most wanted team had coke addicts and murderers on their team! Are you kidding me!

  2. I think Jerry Jones and Ed Snider are the same person. They both run their franchises like the other. They refuse to change with the game and the times.

  3. Well Clarkie since you love to talk ancient history, can you name the only team to beat Vince Lombardi in a playoff game…… you know the guy’s name on the trophy you keep quacking about? HINT: It ain’t the cowgirls

  4. Looks like JJ will have some off season fun this year again with his gf that’s a sock. All he does is Jack it to his roster during the year and blows his load too early. Poor old guy.

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