Here’s Video of Temple Students Crying as Athletic Director Cuts Their Sport

Temple grad Barry Petchesky, of Deadspin, sheds some light on why this happened:

Temple, an urban, Northeastern university with a large commuter student body and a long basketball tradition, noticed the wave of big TV contracts being handed out and wanted a piece of the pie. But the Big East had kicked them out. Rather than drop out of Division 1A, as seemed likely and logical, Temple stayed independent and decided to spend. They moved into an NFL stadium, paying more than $265,000 per home game in rent. They clambered into the MAC, but kept their eyes on a bigger prize. Moderate on-field success spurred further budget inflation. Finally, they made the leap back to the Big East—just as the Big East fell apart.

Temple, once the program that no conference wanted, finds itself in a conference no program wants to be a part of. The realignment era in college football has been insanely lucrative for those teams savvy enough to jump at the right time and to the right place, but that naturally came at the expense of those left behind—or more painfully, those who made the wrong choices.

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  1. Quit crying. You always have that degree in Communications to fall back on.

  2. Disagree, somebody was really proud to be playing college sport for Temple and is now possibly screwed out of a scholarship?

  3. Hard to feel sorry for those kids since they won’t be losing their scholarships, and even if they decide to transfer, they won’t have to sit out a year. So suck it up, you pussies!

    1. These kids picked a school that they felt would fit them best and made friends with their teammates. Now they were forced without warning to have to move colleges, which is never easy, and not get to see their friends at Temple or have to give up their sport. Yeah, they sure are pussies. Asshole

      1. says someone who must of never paid a student loan. Athletes getting a free education now have to pay like everyone else or go to another school that’ll give them a free education. Im so sad.

        who goes to a city school in PA to play baseball? There’s a reason every single player in a MLB draft is from a school where it’s 50 degrees and they can play baseball in december.

        1. Actually you’re completely wrong
          1. The MLB draft is unrelated to what I said and
          2. I have and currently am paying student loans. It doesn’t make me bitter towards athletes though. If you wanna be a negative fucker who hates on people though be my guest

  4. the same people on here that’ll bitch about it never went to a Temple football game. It’s pretty damn obvious that any school with a D1 athletic program either has ridiculous tuition prices, ridiculous donors, or makes a shitload of money at football games. Temple doesn’t do any of the three, Temple loses sports because you weren’t one of the 5000 people paying to go to football games.

  5. What is really not being said here, is that the student-athletes that are upset are realizing that the gravy train is pulling out of the station and they are not on it. I am a TU alumni and had a number of close friends that were involved in the Athletic program. Each student athlete receives a number of perks beyond their scholarship for being an ACTIVE member of an Intercollegiate sport. They receive (or at least at the time I was there received) FREE BOOKS from the book store (they did have to return them at the end of the semester but still did not have to pay if they were returned), a free Meal Plan, and free clothing allotment as long as it was related to their sport (warm up suits, jackets, shorts, t-shirts, hats, etc) All this made it very easy for a student Athlete to live. This can be justified for programs like Football and Basketball. While not many go to football games, the TV payouts from the conference more than make up for it, and Basketball, we all know what a money maker that is every season. I don’t think, in 4 years on North Broad, I ever hear any say “hey many you going to the Men’s Gymnastics meet tonight, it’s gonna be awesome” Sorry, I can;t feel bad for these former student athletes having to live the life of a real college student, especially when their scholarships are not being affected and they still get a free ride on their tuition, or assistance in transferring to any school that would be interested in them joining their athletic squads.

    1. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Just because you had no highly sought after skill, don’t begrudge those who do

    2. And you contributed…..what exactly to Temple or the world at large? Get over yourself, you hump. Big deal that a collegiate athlete got free books and clothes. If you didn’t sit in your room jackin it 24×7, maybe you could’ve gotten a piece of the largese.

      1. @Cunt….. what have the men’s gymnastics team at Temple contributed….. or the softball team, or most of the other programs that got cut…. ZERO, most of them don’t even bring any cashflow into the university! So whatever I decided to do or not….. not the point the point is that most of them are pissed because they loose their freebies….

        @Walt…. if these athletes have such sought after skills then they shouldn’t be so upset because the school has already said they will actively assist any student athlete that wants to transfer to another program….and they don’t even have to sit out a year. So can’t feel bad there either.

        P.S. Anyone in an intercollegiate athletic program (cheerleading, basketball, football, rugby, etc.) scholarship or not, gets the book assistance…. which can add up to thousands and thousands of dollars they DON’T HAVE TO SPEND…. they also get meal assistance which is hundreds and hundreds of dollars that they DON’T HAVE TO SPEND. So while the non-scholarship athletes may end up with loans like everyone else, those loans on average are significantly less than those who do not get that assistance.

    3. Obviously you were never an athlete and maybe a biology geek which no girl went towards. But if you knew anything about college athletics, I would bet 75% of those student athletes didn’t have the perks you are talking about. As the sports that were cut are the sports that can’t give every athlete a full ride because they do not have that much funding. Therefore, many of those athletes are graduating with some loans just like many other college students. Maybe you are thinking of the football and basketball program who can afford to give out those types of scholarships. For an athlete it is about the experience of being apart of team and the memories you develop. As a former athlete myself I remember the games and trips with my teammates not the English I sat in. So having a good laugh because other are having a bad day speaks to your character as a human being. To these athletes playing their sport is something they take pride in doing, now that as been taking from them. But, you probably can not understand that, as maybe an athlete gave you a swirly or stole the girl from you that you never spoke to, and I am sorry for that.

      1. As I said earlier…. every active athlete or athlete put out by injury gets these benefits…. scholarship or not, also as I said earlier, if they are so proud of the sport they play and the memories they have…. great, however the school has already said they will actively assist any student athlete effected by this in transferring to any other program that will have them. So if it is really the athletics they are upset about, then they should take advantage of that. As Davis said below, the coaches are the victims. They are the ones who have lost their livelihood. I am not laughing at anyone’s misfortune. But when you have options and your life is not threatened, just the perks that you have come to take for granted, I can’t feel bad for that.

  6. Not every athlete on those teams was getting a “free ride”. This sounds like some Title IX bull shit to me.

      1. Congrats Bill. You might have just said the stupidest thing ever on this site. That’s really saying something.

        1. so explain why only the guys track teams were cut, and the girls was not? Title IX. Happens everywhere. No university can unbalance the 90 males playing football so guys sports are cut everywhere. That’s also why Temple doesn’t have mens lacrosse but has womens. Almost every NCAA school has more female sports than males, and it’s easy to cut the mens sports because “it better complies with Title IX” to use female track athletes to balance the number of female and male student athletes

          Plenty of male track/CC has been cut while the female teams keep participating, I think Millersville just outside of the metro philly area did the same thing. Title IX only works if there is a female sport that involves ~90 student athletes to balance football, which there is not.

          FYI Title IX encourages the same number of male and female students receiving athletic benefits. Doesn’t work when you have 90 athletes playing a single sport while most teams have 20-30.

          1. Blaming Title IX for the sports getting cut is like blaming the cop when you get a speeding ticket. Temple is choosing 85 football players for a garbage program. That is their decision. Temple could drop football. Or they could play at a different location. The Linc costs them $265,000 a game. They play 6 games a year there.

          2. of course they are losing money in football, but they aren’t making money with any other sport as no one pays to go to most sports but they have to feed/transport/have facilities for these athletes as well as hire coaches/staff/administrators/statisticians/media or sports information people for these sports. If they eliminate football they would still be paying off their contract with the Eagles, paying scholarships until they end, and not receive compensation for the 20k tickets they sell every game.

            it’s obviously a lose-lose situation all around, but its happening at every major school that isn’t selling 100,000 football tickets every weekend such as Penn State.

      2. So, so true. Just think: without Title IX, Temple would have been free to cut every womens’ sport they currenlty sponsor. That would have achieved the same goal of buying their football program another couple of years to dig itself into a hole, with the added bonus of…

        …uh. Showing them broads who’s boss? I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s some liberal’s fault somewhere.

  7. It’s all about those football monkeys baby!!! The retards of America, the dumbest of all sport players of all time, and the NFL reaps the rewards of the retarded American public watching these heathens run around!

    And hey, then off the field, they can get away with whatever they want! Even rape you say? Yeah, that drunk bitch that was passed out totally deserves it! And at any level!!! Just rape the girl and get away! At any level, high school, college, NFL!

    But these monkeys still get all of the attention and benefits, congrats America, I hope we get bombed by terrorists at the Super Bowl! And before you color me racist, monkeys can be used to describe white retards as well, so shut your fucking mouth.

  8. Way too serious ha. Kyle just post a World Cup update so some of us fans can discuss it. And I don’t have to be hammered right now and talk out my ass.

    Then we’ll discuss the golf tournament.

  9. Excellent Deadspin piece.

    Next time some dickhead blogger tries to shame you for not going to the Linc to support some 0-10 team because it’s “Philly’s college team,” the proper response should be “fuck Temple football.”

    1. I went to Temple and completely agree. They should have dropped to Division II or IA first chance they got. This is the horrible management of an otherwise fine school’s fault. Fuck em. I hope they keep losing money until everybody gets canned or the students burn the school down.

  10. As a Temple alum, it pisses me off that the school continues to dump money into a football team that has gone nowhere.

    I’ve said it before, drop your football team down a division and stop losing so much money. Spread that extra money through the other sports programs (or basketball). I understand dumping money into a football team, IF IT MAKES THE SCHOOL MONEY.

  11. Glad to see another weekend of nothing from Kyle. Those three hour work days must be killing him! I love a business owner who mails it in, he must be taking after Ruben. A little success and no effort afterwards.

  12. They should cut all of the schools sports. They all suck and the school will never win another championship besides sending out “The Goons”!

    1. Its adorable that you limp dicked constantly friend zoned cockfucks can think this has anything to do with Title IX.

      Stop being mad at women just because your mom was such a whore.

  13. Why is this a story ? Only one other AAC school had more sports than Temple. Tough on the kids, but had to be done. With more plane travel in AAC, didnt make sense to continue.

    And why do you care, you geeky little Vilenova pussy.

  14. Are these clowns really surprised? They should have been skeptical from the jump that they were getting free tuition to play sports for a shitty school. Temple is not exactly a sports powerhouse. Nothing more than a doormat for real sports schools.

  15. Hey guys, don’t worry, every dude you know who gets turned down at shitty south Philly dive bars and then blames it on the women (as opposed to their own true hideousness) will be here soon to tell you how this is Title IX’s fault and not the faults of a football program that literally has never made a dime for this school.

  16. The real issue here is the shady financial undertakings of Temple, that get buried by Philly politicians who have their greedy paws wrapped around those very same undertakings. Temple is Philly and Philly is shady (not like Lesean McCoy).

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