I wasn’t listening, but according to many who were, Glen Macnow just walked off his show on WIP, which was broadcasting from Chickie’s and Pete’s, and said that he was going to take time off and that he is in the midst of contract negotiations (his contract expires at the end of the year and has not been renewed as of yet, I’m told).


For those who have asked, here’s what I believe is happening:

Over the weekend, multiple sources told me that the plan is for Rob Ellis to take over Macnow’s spot on the afternoon show, where he would join Anthony Gargano. That’s not confirmed, at this point, but I would bet on it.

The assumption is that Macnow will remain with WIP in a role similar to Howard Eskin’s– weekend, pre-game, etc. But, it sounds like that may still be getting worked out, too.

[Full disclosure: I appeared alongside Macnow all last year on the Great Sports Debate.]

Glen wrote the following message to fans on Facebook:

I’ll be taking time off from WIP (and away from Facebook) until my situation at the station is resolved. I just finished my 20th year at the station and I’ve cherished the opportunity to work with three great partners in Jody, Ray and Anthony. I love the people at WIP and I particularly love the Philadelphia fans I get to talk with every day. Hope to talk with you again soon.