UPDATE: Here’s What Just Happened on WIP

I wasn’t listening, but according to many who were, Glen Macnow just walked off his show on WIP, which was broadcasting from Chickie’s and Pete’s, and said that he was going to take time off and that he is in the midst of contract negotiations (his contract expires at the end of the year and has not been renewed as of yet, I’m told).


For those who have asked, here’s what I believe is happening:

Over the weekend, multiple sources told me that the plan is for Rob Ellis to take over Macnow’s spot on the afternoon show, where he would join Anthony Gargano. That’s not confirmed, at this point, but I would bet on it.

The assumption is that Macnow will remain with WIP in a role similar to Howard Eskin’s– weekend, pre-game, etc. But, it sounds like that may still be getting worked out, too.

[Full disclosure: I appeared alongside Macnow all last year on the Great Sports Debate.]

Glen wrote the following message to fans on Facebook:

I’ll be taking time off from WIP (and away from Facebook) until my situation at the station is resolved. I just finished my 20th year at the station and I’ve cherished the opportunity to work with three great partners in Jody, Ray and Anthony. I love the people at WIP and I particularly love the Philadelphia fans I get to talk with every day. Hope to talk with you again soon.

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399 Responses

  1. If that happens I will be really pissed. I love Glen and Ant and would hate to hear less of him.

      1. agreed that mikey miss is a douche, but macnow looks like an even bigger douche right now. he is coming off as “i didnt get my way so im leaving now and taking my football with me.” if youre a professional, then act it! finish your set and work this out behind closed doors. dont storm off and take your argument to facebook like a teenage girl looking for dramatic support.

      2. Anyone else get annoyed when the cuz & rhea always talk about their kids?? If I wanted to be annoyed by nonsense like that, I’ll log onto Facebook.

        Ohhhhhh lil ant took a shit ohhhh

    1. I just hope we can still hear Angelo Cataldi interview wingettes. That is the highlight of my morning. Nothing quite like hearing a 75-year-old man ask a 21-year-old stripper if she has a boy friend. I especially like when Angelo compares to some actress from the 70’s or 80’s! Wow! She looks just like Cheryl Tiegs!

      1. Agree. Most annoying part of Wing Bowl season. I’d like to hear actual sports talk and not nonsense from a fat man

        1. Hahaha there is nothing more unlistenable on wip when they have those drug addict stripper wingettes in studio. Angelo screaming they are the hottest girls ever & then I go to their website to look at the pics only to be disappointed how beat they are

          1. I remember a few years back when Angelo went on a long, written rant on his blog about how he was disgusted how far his show had drifted from being family friendly.
            He was getting a lot of notes from guys who drove their kids to school but couldn’t keep WIP on because it was constantly about strippers.
            Angelo vowed that it would never be that way again.
            That lasted one season, maybe. Now he’s worse than ever. Yes, he does do the Howard Stern formula.
            I sure hope it’s fun for him at the studio, because it makes for terrible radio.

      2. Lol good one! This is why I rarely tune in. I remember one night Glen actually had a show about who won best picture at the 1945 Oscars. .wtf? WIP is so yesterday they need an entire facelift. I guess Glen can do his best hoagies in town show on Saturday’s now. Good riddens!

    2. how unlistenable is the wip morning show when they have the wing bowl eaters & wingettes on? had to turn it off this morning

      1. How unlistenable is that babbling Idiot in the morning for way to many years, He is with out a doubt a woman , trapped in the body of a BIB PUSSY, However this is the age of jerk-offs and he should continue to do well , Just look at another complete ASS-HOLE Josh Inish. If you ask me Andy Blum has to go. But that’s like pretending like Obama isn’t President .It’s shame about Glen , I hope he can work it out , but the most powerful force in the universe will probably win out (Jerk-offs Win) It’s the J.O.W. force , way to powerful. CBS is just like any other media sensationalism and who trending the loudest will out. By the way did anyone notice that there a commercial every 3 mins. on the Eagles Post Game show, Disgusting ! Good Luck Glen !

  2. They fired the wrong one. I enjoy macnow sometimes but Barkann is nails on a chalkboard. Plus he’s everywhere it gets tired

    1. Barkann and Reese need to go (Ike can’t stay for football season but that’s it!)

      Also, I don’t particularly enjoy Rob Ellis. Seems like a nice enough guy but way too intense all the time, his joking even seems forced.

      1. They are both very bad.Mike is a real jerk and knows very little about sports ,Just a high paid T.V. Host

  3. WIP is awful, used to listen all the time now I would rather cut my ears off then listen to their awful, awful lineup. On the rare occasion i try to tune in during a fanatic commercial break it sounds like theyre broadcasting from a retirement home.

    1. Some of them are more tolerable than others. Heres my assessment: Angelo Cataldi is funny in an “I can’t believe this is a real person” kind of way. Rhea Hughes is incredibly unfunny. Al Morganti is meh, kind of funny sometimes. I have respect for Michael Barkann but his voice is grating. Ike Reese is a dumbass 75% of the time. I think Gargano and Macnow are both pretty good. They always had good chemistry and I usually agreed with them. I’m tired of Rob Ellis, for the most part. He says the same thing every fucking day and tries to use this tone of voice that makes him sound really profound, like he’s constantly onto something we haven’t thought of. The only time I enjoy his show is when his later night stuff is on when he’s not talking about sports. I don’t know about everyone else, those are the only time slots I hear when I’m driving around, bored of my music with nothing else to listen to. Don’t get me started on all the horrifyingly bad commercials.

      1. We are screwed in the morning. Always look forward to the 2 months of crappy eating stunts on WIP hyping the worned out Wing Bowl. Mike & Mike are terrible unless you are a Jets, Yankees, Bears, Bulls or Cubs fan. Rhea is really a man. Al is like the guy in class you have to wake up when the teacher is talking. Keith Jones just adds information about his farts and UR Anus jokes. Just terrible morning sports talk.

      2. Too funny. Couldn’t agree more. Rhea Hughless adds nothing – other than to remind us that Angelo is a “jackass”. Rob Ellis puts me to sleep – “etcetera, etcetera”

        1. Haha, dude that was funny as hell, I’m reading all the comments then get to yours…I hate those fn commerciasl and his voice!

          In reference to Ant & Macnow, if he isn’t back then I won’t listen. They were the best team on WIP.

          1. There are only 2 kinds of people that like Glen Macnow.. Old white people and older white people!!! Glen Macnow’s views speak to a very small audience. He is not objective at al!!! Now on the other hand Cuz is much more optimistic and positive than that pessimistic, negative, miserable, old man. Glen has been holding that show back for years…. Good Riddins!!!!!

      3. I am thumbs down on the entire morning show except for Keith Jones and Hollis Thomas. Rob Ellis is middling at best. Like Ike dislike mike. Macnow stinks. Gargano cant really talk that way in real life. He is, however, knowledgeable. Rhea is the worst. Morganti is autistic. Cataldi would be the worst if Rhea didn’t exist. The other station is even worse.

    1. tell me there’s a third sports radio option and I’m there. until then, WIP > fagnatic

  4. Yea, Brian was correct in stating they fired the wrong one. Gargano is the absolute worst person to have to listen to: a know-nothing walking sterotype who is a is fake to the core. Dude is a South Jersey Suburban who acts the part of some South-Philly “Blue collar” slob, which apparently his father may have been – but he is not. I just can’t take this phoney, he’s a fraud to the core and know absolutely nothing about sports on top of this.

    Mikey Miss may seem like a doosher to people, but at least he aint a fake like “The Cous”. I just threw up on my keyboard typing that.

    1. Amen. I think that Gargano is fake too. can’t say exactly why, just gives me that feeling. I also don’t think Gargano and Macnow like eachother. I think Gargano is a douche to Glenn sometimes in a very passive aggressive inconspicuous manner.

      1. Yeah, I couldn’t put my finger on it…but “The Cuz” acts like it is his show alone and only his opinion counts! But, Glenn puts up with it instead of pushing back. Plus Cuz can kiss ass with the best of ’em!

        1. Cuz is annoying! Adding a “y” to every name, and kissing @$$ the 1st 30 sec of every call… c’mon!! Keep it real. Glenn is passive aggressive/ tongue in cheek; which is why we NEED him!! Don’t leave us, Glenn!! Love his sarcasm!

      2. Daddy doesn’t like Macnow because he has made himself into an all-around person with varied interests and accomplishments, while Daddy has done more to reverse Italian-American progress over the past 100 years than anyone this side of Skinny Joey.

    2. Couldn’t agree more. I can;t stand hearing Gargano’s voice, and some of the things he says are just plain stupid.

    3. LOL Michael Miss wants to be Howard Eskin and it’s painful to watch. 97.5 is unbearable.

        1. Don’t forget insulting the callers. That was supposed to be Mike Miss’s superiority. Now he does it just as much.
          Just go ahead and try to disagree with him.

    4. Agreed. Gargano went to a private hs in south jersey which is fine unless u wanna act like a hardcore city boy, for a guy so big on “violations”.. He is a walking violation, he never admits to being wrong, which is often, and roy halladay started falling apart when ant started calling him “ccgod”

    5. No wait, if Daddy gets canned he will be home all day, which won’t be good for me, Little Ant, and Mommy.

    6. I agree on the Cous comments. Starting with his annoying opening of the show when he tries to imitate Robin Williams. He is so opinionated it make me ill! I usually listed to the morning show mostly for Al’s comments and Conklin’s bits and suck it up through Ike and Mike, but then turn it off before I hear that annoying intro from Ant. The got rid of the wrong guy!

  5. Rob Ellis is the only bright spot on an otherwise tired and dull WIP lineup. I prefer his solo night show on the drive home as opposed to a joint show with Ant, but as long as he’s on that’s fine by me.

  6. Fact is gargano and macnow can’t stand each other. Willing to bet wip sided with gargano. Both are unlistenable and routinely get crushed in the ratings by missanelli

  7. Barkann and the Vick loving Ike Reese are the worst. Listening to Gargano is awful too. Rob Ellis is the only thing that station has going.

  8. Are they setting things up to move John Kinkaide up from Atlanta? He works for CBS group and does a Sunday show. Angelo in waiting?

    1. oh, the dude who wanted chip kelly to google a game that happened ten years ago at half time in support of his stance that michael vick should’ve played yesterday? he couldn’t cut it in afternoon drive in atlanta…how can he cut it in Phily. dude stinks.

  9. Every fifth word out of Ellis’ mouth is “man”. And that means we’ll be stuck with more Murry from Mayfair calls..

    1. Totally agree…Rob tries too hard to have a personality. He has good knowledge but his act has worn thin. Real thin.

  10. Macnow and Cuz are great radio and Macnow and Ray Didi are even better! Ditch Eskin and give his money to Glen.

    Lose Macnow and you’re gonna lose a lot of listeners.

    1. Macnow and Didinger most intelligent sports talk on all of radio! I can’t believe people saying Macnow and Gargano did not like each other….not possible.

      If Macnow is not on, I won’t listen. If he is not on, I hope he goes to 97.5….cause I’ll listen to him there.

      1. I won’t go as far as to say they can’t stand each other, but it is fairly well known by anyone who has been around WIP that they are not friendly at all off the air.

        1. they both suck. the only two with insight at the station are Ray Diddy and Howard Eskin the rest arte morans

      2. Not getting into details but it’s a friend of a friend thing. It is FACT gargano does not like macnow

      3. Barb get you fat ass back to making lunch for the kids tomorrow

      4. I’m with you, Barb. The things random commenters state as “facts” aren’t any more true than they seem.

      1. Glen and Jody Mac were entertaining, and Gargano was a hoot teamed up with Missanaelli, but the Cuz and Macnow together was a train wreck

  11. Ike Reese speaks ebonics! He doesn’t know how to “axe” a question. Rhea Hughs is an annoying talentless skank. And she looks like her breath stinks!

  12. Too bad they didn’t drop Gargano instead. That whole South Philly “Cuz” schtick with the violations and that laugh is tired. Don’t mind Macnow when he’s on with someone else

    1. Agree 100%. I enjoy listening to Macnow when his partner is anyone but Gargano. Can’t even listen when Gargano is on the air. Even the commercials he reads are bad.

        1. LOL, I’ve contacted WIP and Cuz about his incorrect usage of “respite” to no avail. other commonly misused words are “inviscerate” for eviscerate and misnomer for misconception.

          1. OMG that is so true! Someone must have given him a prank thesaurus and Ant has not noticed it yet!

      1. ” Even the commercials he reads are bad.”

        Daddy has been saying “Get the funk out of here” so much at home, that Little Ant and I have now started repeating it to the neighbors (or sumptin’ like that).

  13. The whole sports radio scene in this city sucks for the most part. Angelo is a moron in the morning, the Fanatic feeds us mike and mike who are absolutely pathetic. Then Bruno, who I used to really enjoy comes in to talk about his twitter account for 2 hours. Meanwhile Barkann and Ike talk about god knows what. Jon and Sean have literally had the same topic for 2 months now(are the eagles/foles for real?). Then the egomaniac Mike miss comes in a jams his opinion down our throats with the biggest kiss ass Martinez agreeing with every thing he says including bashing hockey even though Martinez does the pre and post game. Glen and Ant are okay but Ants schtick is old. He just yells names and laughs in the oddest way imaginable.

    1. Everything after the morning show is so unlistenable. And the morning show is unbearable sometimes as well. Your spot on with ur assessment of Jon and Sean. And Martinez couldn’t be further ur mikey miss ass

  14. Macnow is clueless. Gargano looks like a garden knome who thinks he is an athlete. Rhea is a no talented bar loser who can’t keep a husband and Morganti is an eddy munster lookalike who knows about sports.

    1. don’t forget that gargano’s opinion is typically stated as fact while anyone who disagrees is summarily dismissed (i.e. hung up on). And did u ever notice how Rhea always relates everything to her personal life and laughs at her own (humorless) humor?

    1. I can’t stand Gargano either, but Mikey Mush isn’t the answer. He’s turning into a mini Howrd Eskin. Maybe Glen can take over Mikey’s slot on 97.5.

      1. Completely agree I used to Like mikey miss. He also said he wouldn’t be like Eskin on his show, and that is exactly what he’s turned into. The guy calls people idiots for arguing with him and won’t take any other point if views

        1. Mike miss also blocks anyone who disagrees with him on twitter. Same with that wigger brace. Fuck them 2

          1. Brace blocked me cuz he posted a pic wearing a tank top & I said don’t u need muscles to wear that shirt.. Then I got blocked.. Haha

          1. Nah, not even close. Are you his brother-in-law?
            He is now as insulting and dismissive as the Eskin he dethroned.

        2. Mikey Mush did perform his famous Flop on Foles, though! Now he can’t stop gushing over him… !

  15. Heard macnow also left chickies with 20 wings, roast pork sambo & a side order of crab fries.

    1. Ray should do the show solo. Macnow is always interrupting him. as for the morning show(circus) Angelo should grow up all he talks about is T&A. With 4 people on that show talking over one another does not make for good listening. Please Angelo grow up!!!

  16. Kyle, can we get audio please? (Did he announce he was leaving mid-show or just leave during a commercial?

    1. About 15 mins prior to Macnow’s leaving, Gargano announced that “the great Merrill Reese” had just walked into wherever they were. Fifteen mins later, Macnow walked out, alluding vaguely to his contract and adding that he was taking “a vacation.” “See you down the road,” he said to Gargano, and that was that. My take: WIP ambushed him, sent M.R. in to do the interview spot with Roseman and never told Macnow. In other words I think they may have fired him on the air, which is utterly bush league but totally WIP>.

      1. this seems the most plausible explanation. I think WIP got tired of Prof plugging the new Brew Co. venture for free…

      2. You idiots don’t know anything. Merrill Reese comes in at 5 every Monday for the Howie Roseman Show. Glen always leaves early on Monday. He didn’t walk off. This was totally coordinated and this story is completely inaccurate, as are most of the inane comments left here.

  17. Im not to sure about the ratings. Greater media is hurting other than Preston and Steve.

    Even with the Flyers and the sixers The fanatic is hurting and still not doing better numbers than WIP.

  18. Macnow oughta take a walk down to 97.5 and they can kinda slowly ditch the jon and sean show. like someone said, its the same topic everyday and Brace comes off as such a bro its disgusting. he openly pines for chicks to send topless pics to his twitter. i dont mind Marks, but he needs a more mature voice. Barkann and Reese are 100% unlistenable. Barkann has too much exposure in Philly. dont wanna listen to him for 2 more hours.

    1. Brace is a wannabe black guy who is a jock sniffer. Marks looks like a dungeon and dragons nerd who spent his childhood getting wedgies and stuffed into a locker.

    2. Marks is actually pretty good ur right tho he doesn’t have the voice. Not just barkann but I feel like a lot of 94.1s staff are homers

  19. also, why the hell doesnt Bruno and Mayes do a 4 hour show? like every host has a show longer than 2 hours (when theres no sixers or flyers). im not sure why those two only get a 2 hour shift

  20. Mike Miss is a carbon copy of Eskin in the early 90’s. Except a lot douchier. I hope he doesn’t stay around here for another 20 years.

  21. How they can keep the Gargano guy with the phoney laugh over Macnow is beyond me. The BEST radio on WIP is when Ray Diddy and MacNow work together on Saturdays. Without a doubt the most insightful sports talk of the week. The south philly schtick from AG routinely gets mocked by all of us at work.

  22. Bruno and Mayes the best thing on sports talk radio but on at the worst fucking time.

    The cuz the worst there is.

    Mikey miss (Eskin jr) and macnow back together for 10-2 and Bruno and Mayes 2-6

    1. I agree 100% – we need more of Bruno and Mays and less of Marks and Brace. I don’t know one person who listens to Sean Brace, the guy is just embarrassing. Morons like Brace and da Cuz are an embarrassment to this city and sports talk in general. I cringe every time i am exposed to them both – they suck.

      At least Bruno and Mays are genuinely funny –

      1. Bruno and Miss are funny. I dont listen to them to learn but to be entertained. Mayes is entertaining and knows his stuff. Jon isnt bad but Brace is a fool. I guess since he comes from the streets of Scranton u have to understand his urban style.

        Cant believe no one is talking about “The Logo”. Who does he have pictures of? My god he is aweful. I was just elated when that jagoff Tom Byrne left but then this guy came along. If he must have a show can it be a wrestling show from 7-9am on sundays?

        WIP just needs a whole makeover. Its tired out

    2. Mikey Miss’s ego will never share the spotlight with a real co-host. He’ll keep cycling through the sycophants as long as he’s around.
      Full disclosure tho – The celebrity contest he does is the best week of radio of the year.

  23. Spike Eskin and Rob Ellis are verry good. Glen is great solo and with Dudinger. But I feel awful that he is paired with Gargano. Gargano is utter garbage. Completely phony. You went to the vet as a kid. Congrats, You still know 0 about sports. Id ratherGlen go to 97.5 then be forced to work with gargano one more da y

    1. Spike Eskin talks about WWE like it’s relevant. He’s a good guy to have on air but he would have to be paired with someone who knows a lot more about sports, especially MLB/NHL in which he knows about as much as my 8 year old brother. Has good Sixers input tho.

    2. Gargano is a tool. Ellis is tolerable most of the time. I would rather cover LFF in broken glass and drag my balls from endzone to endzone than listen to Spike Eskin for more than 20 minutes.

    3. Spike Eskin is awful. He’s a 1-trick pony (provoke listeners by saying something outrageous). Wonder where he got that one from?

      Ellis just sounds like an angry dweeb with zero sense of humor.

  24. Fellas. We all whine (myself included) about the state of sports radio. I think we have to all understand that that medium jumped the shark about 10 to 15 years ago. It was cool when it first started, but seriously, there’s only so many ways you can wonder aloud if Foles is for real, should the Sixers tank, Amaro is stoonad, etc. they’ll never move away from parochial, local topics.

    The only one left that I like is when they throw on McDonald once in a blue moon. Heat least converses about things beyond Philly.

  25. You can hear how much better a show with Glenn and Ray Diddy is compared to when he’s pared with Gargano. Gargano is awful. He didn’t last long on Fox29, as he didn’t have a face for TV and he screamed at you. I hope Jody Mac replaces Ellis. He’s been getting more air time at that slot, and Ellis is boring.

  26. Glen with Ray was the best show………but now I am showing my age…..but Glenn with Jody Mac was even better……can thoose two find themselves toghter again someplace.

  27. Gargano is an idiot whose antics are embarrassing. I agree with those who say there is definitely some tension and unfriendly vibes between the two. Gargano is an immature jackass who likes to see if he can get under Macnow’s skin. WIP is so outdated for the most part. The morning show needs to be cleared out pronto. Angelo Cataldi has a 12 year old going through puberty mentality, Rhea Hughes is a glorified Admin Asst and Morganti might as well not be there. Most of the rest are not that great either. The biggest mystery is Big Daddy Graham, a comedian who knows not that much about sports.

  28. Like Macnow. Hope they put him solo at night. Liked him better at night by himself. Got more into movies and his food challenges

  29. Here’s the WIP dream team. You’re welcome:

    -keep the morning show. It’s AWESOME
    -10-2, Big Daddy Graham
    – 2-6, Paul Jolowitz (the BEST)
    – 6-10, bring back that mush mouth Mark Eckel
    – 10-2, Reuben Frank (he’s the kindest, most humble host there is)
    – 2-6, Rhea Hughes and Jan Gorham (they’d be fabulous together)

    1. I agree with everything here, but it looks like you forgot to add Lucy Jones to your dream team

    2. Jolovitz the BEST?!!?!
      That muppet-voiced moron drives me crazy..

      Hey everyone, they’re sports talk show hosts..That’s not very high up on the Importance Scale..Anyone can talk sports..That being said, Harry Mayes ,by far, is the best host on either of the two stations.
      As for the morning show, if Jonesy and Conklin weren’t on there, it would be completely unlistenable..That hoagie nose Angelo pushes out that fake laugh way too much..

      1. Joe Conklin makes the morning show tolerable????? That moron is about as funny as a dead puppy. His impressions are terrible and those songs make me want to vomit. How that guy had made a living as a comedian is beyond me. Rhea Hughes has no sports insight whatsoever. I actually find it funny when there is some sort of heated discussion and the other 2 jackasses talk over her. It’s a shane she is taking a job away from someone who deserves it.

        1. Joe Conklin is as funny as dave spadaro is insightful. He, angelo n rhea make the morning show unlistenable. He keeps trying to make iverson, gov n reid relevant cause thats all he thinks he can do n make people laugh. No one laughs but angelo n rhea. Just go away

        1. I have to hang with that idiot a couple times a year. Yes, I’m sure you can hear him breathing in the mic. You should eat dinner with him and then have to sit in a room afterwards and listen to him try to squeeze air into lungs that have already been asked to squeeze aside to accommodate his meal.

          And, yes, he does slip Penn in as often as he can. Even with people who know. Someone near him once pondered (in reference to physics giants) “I wonder how people like that get so smart?” He actually replied “C’mon, how’d I get so smart?”

    3. Do you all KNOW why Martinez got FIRED from WIP & is NOW on the Fanatic…?
      Because while ON AIR (I was listening that day/night), when WIP610 AM was celebrating their conversion to WIP 94.1 FM, Martinez called Jalovitz a “PUSSY” over the LIVE AIR WAVES…!!!! LOL WHAT A IDIOT…!!!!!!!!!!
      What the HELL, did he think NO ONE was LISTENING…??? Including YOUR BOSSES…??? Hahaaaaa!!!!

      #KissMyAss… <<<— CTHU!!!

  30. i love Macnow and hate Gargano- mike miss is terrible but addicting for some reason. He is such an a-hole. You know he doesnt actually like lebron and he actually doesnt like vick- it’s his shtick which drives me nuts. He takes the opinion that he knows will piss people off and he does it very very well. There is nothing sincere about mikey miss

  31. The ‘younger’ personalities at 97.5 are talent-less hacks. At least Macnow was an accomplished sports writer, not some douche who paid tuition at CSB. After a long NFL season, both stations are getting stale.

    1. Sorry but you can’t have 60-70 year old guys on the air when your target demo is 18-54. WIP needs to get younger.

  32. They need more young talent like Marc Farzetta, he puts on a great show has a lot of enthusiasm and has a face for radio.

    1. By “clearing the way”, you mean “posting his bail? The dude Riley Coopered his way out of show business and you will not hear him again.

    1. THIS^

      Can’t stand when that fat slob blabbers on about his stupid kids..always talking about molding them into athletes. Sorry CUZ, aint gonna happen if they got your shit genes. Probably will just grow up to be overweight Primo’s employees with terrible names.

        1. i hate gargano and glad to hear he is an asshole in real life. Does anyone like in the living room on sunday morning? I have to listen to 97.5 during that time because it is so boring. I do generally love WIP especially after a win

          1. I dont get why you dont like the living room. How can anyone not enjoy talking about public league basketball from 40 years ago played by guys you’ve only heard of cause they are repeately discussed every sunday morning. I anxiously await each week to find out which guy from the past is the greatest of the week

      1. Daddy puts a Club on the refrigerator door, so Massimo and I can’t get to any of his Primo’s leftovers.

  33. I feel baited for even commenting amongst all this screaming under water in an ocean, but Macnow came off as the rare piece of intelligence that was still left on that station. Sure, he gives off the “father/grandfather” appeal, but the dude is wise. Nobody will agree 100% with a sports talk show host but Glen was the only host on that station who would back up their opinion with respectable evidence and/or points.

    Angelo is a mix between Howard Stern and the negative, stereotpyical-alarmist host/”fan”, who acts afool for ratings. I’m sure he’s a nice guy who does have a credited journalistic past, but today he has sold out on those principles for high ratings and a seven figure salary. Can’t say I blame him. Each and every one of us would do the same, if we had the chance. From a actual sports-focused perspective, the show is 10x better when he’s on vacation. Al and Keith’s humor is perfect and Rhea ISN’T a moron. She’s just shit on for by stupid doofs.

    Barkann and Ike are the “hip, suave guys”. The face of Comcast mixed with the former player (who is a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers and Cincinnati Reds; where is the violation in that?) I’m not saying they’re bad at their job but you aren’t getting intelligence from the two of them. Not to mention, Barkann is so high up the rankings as the “face of Comcast Sportsnet’s media in Philly” that do you really think he’ll give his true and honest opinion on anything remotely controversial? He lets the former player state (ALWAYS) player-friendly views while Barkann screams catchy interjectional phrases. Entertaining show? Sure. But you certainly aren’t leaving their show thinking about anything that they said.

    Rob Ellis is legit. Anthony is a typical South Philly bro, which Glen balanced and voided out perfectly. In all reality, I’ll still listen cause the latter (97.5) is over-produced and drop friendly (Bruno), alarmist bullshit.

    If anything, podcasts are just looking more and more sexier.

    This comment just killed 20 minutes. 75 minutes left in my shift….

    1. Well said. I agree with much of what you said, including your praise for Rob Ellis. I think they are insane to minimize Glen’s role in any way and, feasible or not, I would love to see him and Ray Diddy paired for a full blown, regular show.

      I doubt that will happen, and in the mean time, I’ll just continue avoiding sports radio. I mean let’s be honest: you can change the host(s) all you want, but as long as they are letting the undereducated (in football and life) Eagles fans call in and spew nonsense, it will continue to be crap.

  34. Gargano’s co-host hit list is interesting: Misanelli, Martorano, and now Macnow. Gargano knows his stuff, but he is a complete phoney (the forced laugh, references to his kids, etc), but given the climate and the audience, he will thrive.

    1. Actually this is Macnow’s second time on Gargano’s hitlist. He was his original partner when Gargano came aboard in the year 2000 as the smack and mac show when Jodi left.

      Gargano’s partners are in order – Macnow (moved to nights) Missanelli (paired with Eskin and then left for FM radio) Martarno (not reisgned) Missanelli (fired for punching an intern)- Martarano (left on his own) – Macnow

      BTW..for the person who suggested Paul Jolovitz; come on bro; that guy is fat trash..

      1. Which proves the point. Gargano thinks he can survive on his own. He can’t. He needs an adult supervisor, and it’s too bad that WIP had to liquidate 2 of the 3 smartest co-hosts they had, wasting them (Martorano was brilliant; Macnow is wise) as babysitters for this fraud. Martyorano, Macnow, and more than any, the late Steve Fredericks realized something important about sports radio: in the long run, THERE’S NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT. Certainly not for three or four hours. Gargano’s knowledge of South Philly, by the way, is borrowed. Ask him to give you the distance from Girard Park to the Ellsworth Diner. He’s a fraud. Often likeable. Not a face for tv, though. And a lousy voice.

        1. I agree, there’s not enough good interesting sports to talk about. The hosts have to find something else to try to keep us interested. For every listener who can’t stand Gargano (my self included) there’s 10 Gumbas sitin’ with there Schmidts quarts that love him. Bottom line if you want quality radio go over to one of the really fine PBS stations we have in this city… I wonder if they would do sports talk….

          The first time I heard a sports talk show was Steve Fredricks on (I think WCAU am, 1210). He was an addict that couldn’t keep his nose out of the sugar bowl. But, he’s all we had… and at 7:00 pm the station went to reruns of radio shows from the 30s, 40s and 50s… LOL “The Shadow knows”, “Green Hornet” and other ones. Just when you got tired of all the moronic opinions

          I switch back and forth from 94.1 to 97.5 like most average listeners. All the sport shows are mediocre. Time for more books on mp3.

          The bottom line for me is, Who Cares because I don’t. Let me see what Terrie Gross is talking about. Maybe I’ll learn,at least, to properly pronounce a new word here and there. The Empire is crumbling.

    1. Agreed… someone/something has to pay Angelo’s salary. Fat slobs and crack Hoes from Thanksgiving to almost ground hog day. (I’m embarrassed that I know that) I’m a moron for listening to this garbage. How ’bout a nice drive time horticultural show? keep your azaleas looking good.
      BTW I like Ike Reese and Barcan.

  35. Gargano is obnoxious. Ray Didi and G-Mac are a wealth of knowledge whether together or apart – Glen is a good story teller and often talks about life outside of sports. Please get rid of HOLLIS THOMAS. The guy chuckles EVERY TWO SECONDS and is extremely annoying. Everyone else is fine.

  36. I like Glenn but he handled this like a little boy! Get rid of that fat bastard who talks like he was some kind of athlete! Sick of his south Phillyisms that are so played out! He didn’t last on fox and he shouldn’t have lasted this long on wip! Macnow and diddy they can talk all sports anyone agree?

    1. We were hoping that CBS would transfer him to Phoenix. Mommy said we could all stay here then.

  37. I can’t stand the jabrony fest at wip. I can’t stand that whole good fellas\god father mentality. Even that bitch missinelli talks about these movies like it just came out. wip was good 20 years ago. Philly radio in general suck,especially those fags Preston and Steve.those 2 can go blow each other

  38. Love the Cuz! Blown away at the Gargano haters. He knows sports and the pro athletes seem to genuinely like him. He’s a real positive person and brings a fresh perspective to the louder negative people. Glen is a good balance but I agree with the call for WIP to get younger.

  39. i may be showing my age but does anybody remember leave it to beaver gargano is an adult LUMPY! unload him bring back jody mac.

  40. Macnow is (was?) the only regular host worth listening to. The Morning Team is totally over-rated and played out. Barkann and Reese are grating on the ears and seem to make up stuff as they go along. (Does Mike know how to speak without yelling? And Ike is a 1 1/2 trick pony: football and basketball) plus having them on Comcast is overkill at its best. Rob Ellis is a Mr. Know It All who loves to talk over callers. Jolly? Nuf said. Too bad JodyMac is only on sporadically.

    1. Barkann is horrible. He is a pompous ass who thinks he is the reincarnation of Johnny Carson except most of his listeners have no friggin’ idea who Johnny Carson is. He is so self important. Why do all the hosts on WIP have to act like fans. Hate the Penguins, Hate the Cowboys, Hate Boston. Why not be objective about other teams and some of the great players on them. The callers are supposed to hate the Cowboys, the host should be neutral. Believe it or not other hosts around the country actually praise many of our players and teams.

  41. How come nobody mentioned that horrendous “comedienne” Chris Rich or whatever that Big Daddy has on? That woman is the absolute pits.
    Angelo is a very poor Stern ripoff without an original thought. Rhea is a talentless bar skank. Ray Did is knowledgable but condescending. Farzetta (sp) is awful. Regnor is awful. Rob Cherry is clueless and you can tell does zero research. Gargano’s act is so over the top ridiculous. He’s a buffoon name dropper.
    Only bright spots are Ellis, Macnow, and Jody Mac. This station is doomed and it’s about time.

  42. Rhea looks like a cross dressing man. Somebody needs to tell gargano that nobody cares about his cousins and his family.

  43. I guess Glenn & Ant get on my nerves sometimes, but what radio personality doesn’t? I always liked the ‘who’s that guy’ bit on Wed. Mikey Miss has some ridiculous callers (Ingy, Bernie, Gotham) but the content kills me, like if you don’t accept Pacino as God you have no opinion.

  44. I also love the fact that this is a Macnow quitting article, yet every post (including mine) bashes Missanelli.

  45. How could I forget Hollis Thomas last week casually throwing out the fact that Craig Biggio did steroids? I’d have fired him mid sentence. Collect that paycheck Hollis and do no homework. And Rob the Jimmy Rollins lover. Excuse after excuse for Jimmy but he slams Cliff Lee and Chase Utley routinely. Watch a game Rob. Your boy hustles when he feels like it. I don’t mind having an opposing viewpoint of a radio host, but I do when they have an obvious agenda and no facts to support their opinion.

    1. Didn’t hear that bit about Biggio… I will never understand how media members can get away with such audacious remarks.

  46. Gargano is downright awful—-he over talks anyone he works with ALL THE TIME. I do not know how Glen has put up with him all these years. I do not what other think, but I am sooo tired of the crap Gargano slings out every day–i am tired of the stories about his kids, i am tired of hearing about who he knows in the sports industry, who he is friends with and god forbid you say anything against them–like ‘Spags.” i am tired of hearing about the slingbox,the Jeep he just got for free, the thing that cleans your iphone/ipad He is like a commercial that doesn’t stop.

    Maybe Glen didn’t handle this correctly, but we do not know what has been going on behind the scenes.

    1. Come on dude, Little Ant is going to grow up and become a famous fashion designer. God, I hope so. Dad, I don’t care about sports. I’m into fashion. I would love it!!!

    2. Its pretty obvious that Gargano is a moron and resents not being able to keep up with Macnow’s intelligence. Macnow is happy to let the “Cous” make a fool of himself and doesn’t really argue too much. Also Gargano is SUCH A PHONY its pathetic. Listening to his fake enthusiasm on the commercials is unbearable. By the way Gargano is also a terrible writer, pretty much on a third grade level. Macnow’s best move is to get away from the “Cous” because he’s bringing him down.

  47. Glen comes off as a know it all pretentious prick. Gargano can’t stand him and has asked multiple times to be switched. Listen to Garganos show without Macnow, he has a much better tone… It’s definitely evident that team has run its course. Gotta stick up for Gargano, that’s the one guy who seems genuine about his passion for this city’s teams. I like that.
    Ike Reese is the “I played before… You white people are so stupid guy”. Barkann just talks to hear his own voice and gets bullied by Ike all day.
    Cataldi is a clown who has no real ties to this city and that entire morning show represents the mindless slime of Philadelphia.
    Bruno and Mayes are fun to listen to but Bruno can get annoying with his ADD. I think Mayes is underrated but gets steamrolled by his partner being an egomaniac.
    Whoever said Jon and Sean have been talking about the same topic for the last 2 months was DEAD ON… These guys think being young and cool is enough but they are being exposed now as frauds with little content. Brace is a white kid from the sticks of Carolina but acts like he grew up on 52nd and Baltimore… Pretty sure he has sucked Questloves dick.
    Mike Miss lost all credibility with the Riley Cooper thing, stopped listening to him and his white guilt radio show. Spent a week talking about the Penn State rape cover up last year but spent a month talking about the N word and feelings. And that dude Martinez is the biggest pussy I’ve ever heard on the radio… Agrees with everytime Mike says, it’s awkward to listen to.

  48. Marc Farzetta is really the future of the radio station if you ask me, common thread is how old the station is getting. The name Marc spelled with a “c” is cool and hip with the kidz, and Spike, even though it is a somewhat old as in 90’s nickname, it’s still kinda cool. Just don’t listen Marc with fantasy football, his temple kicker draft pick was a horrible sleeper, then again he did draft Nick Foles…..

  49. Bruno and Mayes hands down are cream of the crop in Philly. I dont wanna hear ALL Eagles/sports the whole damn time. Sound bites and pop culture makes it the best show on the air. Sick of hearing Foles and Eagles talk every fuckin second. Sad they get a shit time slot. If youd rather listen to Miss for 4 hours about how he is RIGHT on every single opinion ever over Bruno and Mayes, your whack. Kathy Romano comes close to 2nd best for Greater media.

  50. I agree with all the comments about having younger talent. I agree Marc with a “c” is cool and hip, Spike is a cool 90s throwback name. They need more however. What about Nightwolf?

  51. Ant and Glen is the only reason I switch to WIP in the afternoons. The other shows are a snoozefest. I much prefer 97.5.

  52. Yea, I’m not doing anything. Mileena left me and the Mortal Kombat checks have been cashed and spent. The 90’s were a blur. I should never of turned down the role of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story.

    1. I’m free too I used to have a krazy schedule playing Subzero, Scorpion, Reptile and Stryker. Now I collect vintage Mego toys. I wish WIP would call me to host a show.

  53. people still listen to sports radio? I used to before Pandora and having 10,000 songs on an ipod in your car was possible.

    sports radio was better than listening to the same Nirvana, 50 Cent, or Nsync song every hour, but now it’s got way too many commercials to keep me listening past one segment. especially since neither station has the technology to fix their mobile advertisements. I think 97.5 is still trying to sell me tickets to the 2012 Made In America festival.

  54. Martinez is a little tatted up punk who knows nothing about sports and is a little pussy who must sit under missanellis desk the whole show. If I ever saw martinez in person I would deck him

  55. Are you guys serious? Glen Macnow and Rob Ellis are the only two people at WIP worth listening to. Everyone else doesn’t know shit. How can you seriously listen to that POS (I think I know everything, but I’m always wrong) Angelo Cataldi? That dude is horrible. WIP’s lineup sucks big time. Bruno and Mayes are a lock from 10-12, Both 12-2 shows on 97.5 and WIP BLOW (Don’t even get me started on Jon Marks and Sean Brace, skippy and lippy show, they suck ass) but WIP is clearly 2nd behind Mikey Miss for the 2-6 drive time slot. 97.5 is slowly but surely winning the battle vs WIP.

    1. TOm you clearly work for 97.5 because that channel is terrible besides mike (golic) and mike in hte morning. Mike miss is terrible- always taking the annoying position to get under people’s skin. The lebron argument and foles all of a sudden needs to win division in order to keep his job. he is a joke. Somehow a 4-12 team is suppose to win the division? It is unreasonable and he knows it. I am glad you are forced to post on here

  56. First of all Glen Macnow is not in his sixties, he’s in his mid fifties. Mike Francesa who along with Chris Russo had the most successful sports talk shift in the country on WFAN NY are Glen’s age. Mike who now works solo on WFAN with Chris being at Sirius is older than Glen. Mike’s show still draws huge ratings. He makes around $3 million a year. That is almost 3x what Cataldi is paid on WIP. Age is not a factor. Francesa is abrasive, often talks out of ass and hangs up on callers is still wildly popular. Russo makes close to the same salary on Sirius though his show had it’s hours cut and he now works the other hour on the MLB network.

    I don’t know what Glen earns. It’s probably in the $300,000 range. You have to understand the dynamics between Philadelphia and New York. Mike Francesa is not only on WFAN but his show is simulcasting nationally on the YES Network. Because the show is simulcast they run less commercials than WIP. 94.1 probably has the largest commercial load of any show in the country. It’s mind boggling as to how little time Gagano and Macnow actually have to speak on the air. Most of the time they are just sitting there texting or reading newspapers during their long commercial breaks. Go down and watch their show at the Borgata. A five hour shift is probably only 2.5 hours of actual work.

    Glen’s from Buffalo. If he worked on Buffalo radio station he would be hard pressed to break six figures. A shift in Philadelphia sports talk radio is a dream job. Only New York has a more passionate fan market. You can’t make this money anywhere else. Newspapers are dead. Any beat writer in this town would love to earn what these guys make on radio.

    1. Francesa also does a national Saturday morning radio show, if I remember correctly (or at least he used to).

      I have to agree with you- as a full blooded Philadelphia fan (who begrudgingly attended University in north Jersey and worked in Hoboken for a couple of years), Mike and the Mad Dog was the pinnacle of talk radio. If you have never heard them, you missed the Le Plus Grande.

  57. The worst thing to happen to sports radio (and media in general) is hands-down the Jon & Sean show…worst thing ever! Marks was ok as a producer but feeds into the “bro” mentality with that shit stain Brace. Sean Brace has single handedly made me despise 97.5. Bruno & Mayes are great and wish they would switch to afternoons but I’m starting to think Bruno is a pima donna and will only do what he wants to do and that’s 2 hours a day max at whatever time slot he wants (which sadly seems to be 10-12). The second worst thing are sports radio callers…the epitome of everything people hate about Phily. All they want is to hear themselves talk considering they never add anything to a discussion or they just want to become characters (e.g. Bernie from Broomall, Angry Al). Can’t stand these clowns that call in and need some sort of shtick. Safe bet they are all unemployed slobs who spend their days calling every show on the stations from their section 8 couch. Also, the Cuz should be fired simply for name selection of his offspring. FIRE SEAN BRACE!

    1. I never listened to brace again after he blocked me on twitter for disagreeing with him. He’s fucking awful

    2. You mean your not a fan of “Bob Means Jobs”, “Tastykake Dom”, “Mitchy Tools”. If you are caller and give yourself a nickname your a fraud. You can’t give yourself a nickname.

    3. Totally agree about the “John and Sean Show”. For whatever reason, the powers that be decided they would target a younger audience with those shit stains. Sadly, you would need the IQ of a bar rag to enjoy that 2 hour disaster. Sean Brace is simply the worst, he has no talent for radio and sounds like a 12 year old whigger trying to be cool with the black kids. Add that with his next to no Philly sports knowledge and it’s only a matter of time before they send his ass back to being a busboy. Plus, Kacie “Smarty Jones” Mcdonell should get a restraining order against him, that fat bald fuck seems to think she is the end all (pretty pathetic).

    4. Jon and Sean seem to have a challenge every day to see who can cram the most cliches into a single sentence. One day, one of them will have more cliches than words in a sentence.

      “When push comes to shove, and the cards are down at the end of the day, with a level playing field, it will be a trial by fire for all intents and purposes with few and far between….when all’s said and done.

      Good point, Sean, but in any way shape or form, in this day and age it’s par for the course,to get back on track it will come full circle unless they think outside the box.”

      1. Too true, lets not forget about cum splash Braces’ favorite “lets pump the brakes”, I mean who the hell is running that station? Really need to can those clowns and start over in that time slot.

    5. I was in full agreement with you until Nick Kayal got his own show. Brace is a re re but at least he knows it. Kayal tries to act intelligent. I equate yankee Alabama fans with Alabamian Yankee fans, bandwagon. And whenever someone else is talking he.constantly says “uh huh”, “uh huh” just to hear himself. He is clueless n dull.

  58. Your forgetting Hollis Thomas, this fat ass breaks his foot running on the field opening game of the season, and brings absolutely nothing to the table on air.

  59. Honestly. Jon Marks and Sean Brace are fuckin brutal. I would LOVE to hear Bruno and Mayes from 10-2…Idk who or why they decided at 97.5 to switch Bruno and Mayes out of their 12-2 spot and give it to those two FUCKING BOZOS?! They are both former producer jock sniffers of Mike Miss, Marks thinks he literally is Mike Miss. Acts exactly like him. Cocky as fuck, he calls the shots, it has to go his way or he is a whiny bitch. And Brace is just Marks’ whipping partner. Brace plays the role of that guy who doesn’t know fucking shit about sports (which he truly doesn’t) and then marks just spends the show correcting and bashing him. Those two are un-fucking-listen-able-to. Really hope 97.5 wises up and fucking cuts both of those hacks from the lineup. they really really, REALLY fucking suck and annoy me.

  60. JollyMan on a Wedneday morning 3:47 AM in an increasingly frustrated tone. “So nobody wants to talk about Topic X, this is supposed to be the greatest sports city in the country and nobody wants to talk about Topic X”. You Jolly everybody is asleep . Chill out dude.

    I like Glen MacNow . Professional, good solid insight, witty.

    One guys in the shadows who I think puts on one of the best shows on either station is a part timer at 97.5 and Atlantic Citys 97.3. Mike Gill. The guys excellent , talks all 4 sports, and does killer interviews with players,coaches,writers.

    1. Mike Gill is the best. I have been lobbying for him to come to Philly for a while. He actually does Saturday mornings on 97.5 now. He’s great. Mike Miss is a douche. Just had to throw that in.

  61. I like how those two freeloaders Brace and Marks get free trips to Vegas courtesy of MMA.
    I will never understand it. It’s not like they promote MMA. They never talk about MMA on the show but like clockwork every two months they get the free trip to Vegas.

    1. On air personalities that arguably should not be on the air in a market the size of Philadelphia. Marks,Brace,Kayal,Hughes.Farzeta.

  62. Every now and then I might turn it on WIP/Fanatic but sports talk radio is a pretty tired and dated format especially when you are stuck on just a couple of local sports teams. Curious to see if the ratings reflect that too especially outside of Philly.

  63. My 2 cents:
    1) Morning Show: Angelo is dreadful & over the hill. He’s also really creepy when interviewing Wingets, or any attractive female for that matter. Rhea seems like a shrew. Al & Keith are pretty funny when they’re & trying.
    2) Mike & Ike: Barkann is ok but tries too hard. Ike I can take or leave. My man Loves the brothers.
    3) Glen & Ant: Glen knows his shit, especially when he’s with Diddy. Ant can get pretty annoying with his schtick sometimes but I can still tolerate him
    4) Rob Ellis: no issues. Dude knows his sports.

    1) Mike & Mike: who gives a shit. Not an interesting opinion between the 2 of them
    2) Bruno & Mayes: Mayes is ok. Bruno is an unfunny hack who is made worse by the fact that he thinks he’s hysterical & laughs at all his own jokes, using the same 5 sounds effects 50 times a show.
    3) Brace & Marks: may be the worst sports show I’ve ever listened to. 2 frat bros who think they’re the coolest thing ever to come on radio, yet their opinions on just about everything are garbage & insulting to intelligent people.
    4) Mike Misanelli: Howard Eskin 2.0. Since he ran Eskin out he’s become just as bad. Arrogant, condescending asshole who’s a contrarian on almost every topic just to get ratings. Guy will not shut the fuck up about anything involving a mobster or organized crime in it. Listening to him mocking his little monkey Martinez a few months ago because he’d never “smoked a fine cigar while playing 18 holes of golf” was the end of him for me. Elitist prick.
    5) forget the guy’s name after Elitist prick but he’s not bad.

  64. Finally a topic that sparks some chatter and big bad blogger Kyle “doesn’t like reporting this story bc he is friends with Macnow”. That’s soft, gotta kiss that WIP ass for that paycheck. No different than every other sellout.

  65. Anyone think that Kyle will delete thus post/comments once someone from wip or 97.5 contacts him?

  66. Cataldi is horrible and Gargano is the most unfunny, fake fraud alive. But nothing is worse than Rgea Hughes.

  67. Morning Show and Wing Bowl jumped the shark 8 years ago. WIP needs term limits for all hosts with a 3 year maximum. Except, of course, for Ray Didinger, who is by far the best on either station. Could listen to him 24/7.

  68. Yeah why the fuck does 97.5 send those 2 jackasses to Vegas for mma every couple months?? That’s an insult to the other hosts & audience

    1. Haha if this is the real Pittsburgh Pete you’re the man. Loved Marks/Brace bitching about how you were tweeting at them!

  69. Gargano sucks donkey cock. Jody Mac, Glen Macnow, Tony Bruno, Ray Didinger are all worth listening to.

  70. Can Gargano please walk off too? I’ve always liked Macnow, but I can’t stand hearing the word “classic” every 30 seconds, followed by the fake goombah laughter.

  71. Gargano loves gobblin up that Roseman sack too doesn’t he? Mmmm mmm mmm gimme dem nerd balls cuz!

  72. Cuz can go suck off some Primos employees for sandwiches that fat fucking worthless obnoxious over-the-top piece of monkey shit.

    Macnow isn’t any better, he is just as much as a fat old slob as that fucking fake dago.

  73. Been a listener of WIP for about 17 years. So, yeah, I am biased towards anything WIP. Lets be honest, wouldn’t you rather get your knowledge from a LONG TIME, REPUTABLE source? Not that ESPN (97.5 isnt reputable) but here it is…

    The Fanatic is filled with water cooler talk. My buddies could get a show together and be just as good (or worse) than Jon Marks and Sean Brace. I interned there for a semester once and i can honestly say, those guys are horrible. I was there right when Brace left Miss’s show as a producer and made the transition as a full time host 5 days a week. I remember thinking, ‘apparently they just give out shows to anyone at this station.” Whoever brought up the CSB comment, your dead on Hell, 97.5 runs CSB spots every hour. If you pay tuition at CSB, youll get a show on the Fanatic, thats how I see it. I mean who is Nick Kayal? Hes got a decent following, but WHO is he? Same thing with Brace, Marks, Phil from Mt Airy, Jason Myrtetus..the list of host at the Fanatic could go on..Im not here to say that WIP is so much better, because lets be honest, they’re not..But at least at WIP you get sports talk from known hosts with ACTUAL credentials. They’re more legit and have been since the 80s. The Fanatic runs yearly contests to “Host Your Own Show” on their station. What the fuck is that shit?

    I interned at WIP last year and I’ll say this. Gargano is a fuckin asshole. I never really agreed with my Dad when he would always say, “I can’t stand that italian ginzoo, constantly yelling..” But after meeting Ant and being around him 2-3 times a week, I couldn’t agree more. Dudes a fraud AND rips on Macnow BEHIND HIS BACK during every break. Glen may have had that “im old and wise” mentality but at least he was fun to listen to. Gargano is barely tolerable. A walking stereotype. Glen did the right thing by walking out. I’d love to see Ant get call a “fat italian” 10 times a show, have callers call him a “fat italian,” have Silent Bro constantly pump in “fat italian” drops and see how he likes it. Its obvious your co-host doesn’t like the whole “Goose” shit so instead of letting it die out, you continue to pick at it? That had noting to do with busting someones balls and everything with a hatred towards your co-host.

    I bet you Glen’s contract won’t get worked out and he’ll move to the Fanatic just like B-Star.

    1. Except that, when the sanitation guy misses a day of work, all the people around him are worse off for it.

  74. Gargano and his wife go into an higher-end Italian place that a friend manages over in S. Jersey occasionally and Gargano is generally a pain in the a$$. Funny part is how he insists on being treated like a big star especially in the last few years.

    Doesn’t want stuff comped or freebies but needlessly busts the balls of the wait staff while insisting he sits where he wants & when he wants.

    Gargano doesn’t realize he is a freaking 2nd rate radio talk show host on a local show.

  75. I like harry Mayes. ..jolly…mt airy phil..bruno…gallen and martucci…joe stasak..lombardi…big daddy..conklin…klecko…ben davis..rhea…cataldi and both eskins.
    I wish jack mccaferty was still on.

    Nick kayal is good but his show was better when jay was his partner.

    975 needs a local overnight show.
    Ricky ricardo seems like a nice dude but his show is brutal.
    Cataldi and them are cool but anything having to do with wingbowl is stupud…wing bowl is so gay.
    Guys like jolly and bruno and mayes give out good gambling info.

    Harry mayes would be an excellent morning show host on 975 if they ever went local. I would team him up with mt airy phil.

    WIP has way too many news updates. That ehit is mad corny.

    Above all im just glad les bowen doesnt have a show…what a dick

    1. Mt Airy Phil might be the worst part about that station. Talk about just giving jobs out to anyone. What the hell did that guy do to earn a job there besides call into the station a million times

  76. This comment section is the best tonight.

    WIP Morning Show- Angelo is a moron, he didn’t even know that Cutler was out tonight. Morganti and Jones are ok. Rhea is a disgrace. I hate her tough guy sports babe act. “Clarkie!”
    Barkann is overexposed and annoying. Ike is ok.
    Macnow is ok. He is a little hokey with his lists and traditions.
    Gargano is the biggest waste of time on that station. He is a fake fraud from “South Philly” with his stupid laugh. Listen to him sometime. You ever heard anyone from Philly who pronounces “A”‘s the way he does. And Cuz, your son is going to be a fat little sports writer like you if you are LUCKY!

    Mike and Mike is national soft shoe nonsense
    Bruno and Mayes is funny, but Tony over does it with the Cowboy hate.
    SEAN BRACE is the BIGGEST DOUCHE EVER. What is up with these white guys just giving blow jobs to any black athlete? Brace please buddy, look in the mirror. You aren’t a thug, please stop with wearing the jerseys and acting like a thug. Please.

    MIKE MISS – Was ok, now he is just another over obnoxious liberal prick. His Riley Cooper stance is the most hypocritical thing I have ever heard in my entire life.

    Philly Radio Sucks.

  77. Add me to the list of people who think that Glen and Ray on Saturdays in the fall is easily the best 4 hours of sports radio I’m Philly. And it’s not even close.

    I also agree with the commenters above that noted that Steve Martorano was a huge loss. He was incredibly witty and intelligent. Light years ahead of the vast majority of the hosts and listeners—which is no doubt why he had to go.

    Ron Ellis and Rueban Frank are the last two reasonably intelligent guys left at WIP.

    And 97.5 is still behind WIP IMHO.

    1. Dude, when you’re giving credibility to some one at least get their name right. ROB ELLIS. Fine Upper Darby/St. Laurence/Monsignor Bonner product, but I agree.

  78. I have several issues with Gargano and Macnow’s show

    1. Too much talk about Gargano’s kids..I really could care less about Little Ant and Massamo (seriously who names their kid that)

    2. Too much Eagles talk. I know everyone has Eagle fever but their are four major sports in this town. Seriously how many hours can you debate the same three topics over and over and over again.

    3. The Five. It used to be only on Fridays. Then someone decided to have it sponsored by Bob Means Job and it became a daily routine. Seriously who cares.

    4. Glen hates Soccer..WE GET IT

    5. Gargano is from South Philly..WE GET IT

    1. It’s actually Massimo and it sounds like a character from the movie Gladiator. “Are you not entertained”.

    2. upwards of a billion people will watch the 2014 World Cup Final, easily the biggest sporting event in sports history period…..but Macnow will be watching some old movie no one under the age of 40 cares about for the 12th time this week.

      Im not a huge soccer fan but he really alienated me from the show for his overall hate toward it. I mean there are plenty of note-worthy events that occurred and he just tells any caller to fuck off. I imagine if he was on in 1968 he would tell every person calling about this new “hockey Flyers team” team to go back to Canada and hang up on them. Get with the 21st century, soccer is pretty damn popular on most college campuses.

      I remember after USA in the 2010 World Cup (pretty sure that late goal won every sports moment of the year award) and he plays it off like it was the equivalent of my adult-league basketball 5pt performance i put up yesterday.

  79. Also I was a big fan of Brian Startare and hearing him discuss post game with that idiot Phil from Mt Airy is just sad.

  80. Anyone else notice that the Fanatic leans towards their African American demographic? Think about it. They talk Eagles 95% of the time. They mix in Sixers talk here and there. They make fun of Hockey all the time which lets be honest has a primarily white fanbase. I cant remember the last time the Phillies were mentioned. All their shows play rap music either in the opening or after breaks. And the hosts only tweet about football and basketball. Not trying to sound racist but its true

  81. I’m a 975 listener and have been the past 4 years. I tried listening to WIP once or twice but was really turned off by Paul Jolie sounding like he was eating while on air at night. It really sounded like he was unhealthy and that he had to keep catching his breath. Also people were calling for like shoutouts for sick relatives? Then I’ve tuned into the Italian gentleman in the morning and it was like a morning show with the woman and all. Wasn’t sports radio to me.

    Anyways back to 97.5. The best show by far is Bruno/Mayes. I tend to agree with these two, they have fun but there’s good sports content. I know Tony might go too far with the soundboard/twitter promo but he’s a funny dude and seems genuine.

    I like Marks/Brace since their age makes it seems like you’re having sports talk with friends also because their interests are similar. Brace’s knowledge is limited but you can tell he’s trying/has passion. I’m not sure what you guys are saying about Marks voice but it’s actually really good. Sometimes I think he takes after Mike Miss and tries to be the cool guy that shoots people down real quick, not a fan of this. He also wears Joe Flacco’s (who won a fluke of a Super Bowl thanks to his receivers) jock strap as a SARS mask. Marks is fairly knowledgable but it really upset me that today he mentioned he believed Mike Vick should have went in the Lions game yesterday. If you think Vick should go into any game at this point you’re clueless, especially when 97.5 kept playing that in-between segment where they mentioned Vick has the worst record in the cold weather outside of Manning.

    Mike Miss I could write a book on. This guy I listen to each day almost just to get pissed off. He won’t let anyone get a word/opinion in. Nothing is right unless it aligns with his beliefs. It’s sickening what a narcissist he is. The best had to be during the Sixers intro of Bynum when MM went to ask a question on the mic and the crowd booed him and he went “come on guys”. The little creep cowered when confronted in person by all the hate for him.

    MM thinks he’s so righteous and is of good moral fiber just because he will absolutely not give up on Riley Cooper hate. Funny because he has shown his own racism, sexism, and judgement based on appearance (see: Giselle typical Latino/Latina Voice Impressions, Michelle Beadle being “fat”) but all of his own transgressions are “old news” and he won’t spend more than 2 minutes discussing it. And yet while Spanish impressions are ok, Redskins name/logo isn’t according to MM. Double standards.

    MM is a coward. He also has his intern/tech people block people from emailing him. The only thing that makes him feel powerful is beating up his whipping boy/shine box boy Martyeus. That dude really does lube it up and fluff it for him. Every MM joke is the best thing ever. “Halliday Wheel for today? That’s great! I love that!”

    Fucking Pathetic. I’ve said this several times but he plans out the segment lead in music too. He has the shine box boy play an alternative song and is like “oh wait…. Is that passion pit?” just so he can appear young and relatable to 20-30 year old listeners. You’re not cool dude, you’re like 60.

    So bad yesterday I wanted to torch him on twitter but then I thought to myself this is a divorced, lonely pathetic guy whom 80% of Philly Sports Radio listeners loathe especially one producer whom got choked out, so he’s got nothing better to do but chirp on twitter. If we all stop engaging with him on air (yes, that means all you pussies that call in and are like “good show mike, first time caller long time listener”) and on twitter (good or bad, just stop) then maybe he’ll realize how worthless he is and just stop.

    1. I will say though that I have questioned how these hosts did get these jobs. Like what past history in sports radio/or just sports in general do they have?

      I loved when Vai was on the fanatic. I’m not a Baldinger fan but I do know that he is very knowledgable and has actually played the sport.

      We know Bruno has been all over the sports radio scene but these other schleps? Like have they even played a sport?

      I know that just because you’re an All Pro doesn’t mean you’ll be a good radio host but at the same time having some playing experience would help add some credibility.

    2. Supra, Missanelli is looking for you to call in. I don’t know why he can’t reference Crossing Broad. I sometimes hear him rip CB yet he is clearly reading these message boards…

  82. How long into tmr’s show till Tony references his twitter account? over /under 2 1/2 minutes?

      1. Cool do that shit off air as much as you want. But some of us listen to sports radio for you know sports not somebodys twitter conversations from the night before

  83. HERES WHATS HAPPENING YOU BUNCH OF LIMP WRISTED VAGINAL CANALS. I anally penetrated the Mancow with my rigid, coarse, enflammed, bulbous, mythical 12 inch erection and that stupid old mancow couldnt even hold an erection. The only way he got hard is when he kept moaning lines from goodfellas whilst my dinosauric penis glided in and out of his loose infected anus. So I promptly went to the president of WIP and told him id have RHEA HUGHES rectally absorb a bunch of angel dust and set her loose on him, where shed forcefully pump him so full of ejaculate that hed drown. So now IM replacing him and keeping tabs on that fagargano. RHEA HUGHES will even join the program, her role being that she has to finger gargano in his primo riddled asshole whenever he starts laughing. Thats the truth you buncha god damn fucking idiotic cunts. Then, HUGHES will fist my anus until keith jones toenails fall out because he likes to foot fuck me really deep.

  84. Is there audio of this anywhere? What actually happened? Did he just address it at the end of the show or did he storm off mid show?

    1. Just prior to the last segment 4:45ish (before Howie Roseman show at 5) Glen stated what appears in the origin of this article. It seemed like a mini-protest of the last 7-minute segment. It was abrupt and a bit awkward. It also had a hint of finality to it.

  85. My Opinions: a 32 yr old born n bred Philadelphian, lifelong listener.

    1) Angelo is hit or miss. Wing Bowl is a good shtick and people obviously show up at 5 am for this shit, but I don’t understand the 2 month prelude interviewing strippers and commenting on guys eating cakes. Its at least 15 years past its time, and they still do it for 2 months and the group acts like its the freshest shit on radio. The only reason I respect Angelo’s talents (not his opinions), is because of how AWFUL the show is when its just Rhea and Morganti.

    2) Barkann is way overexposed. For God’s sake, leave the pre and post game Sixers to someone else…the people on CSN are all pretty talented (Amy Fadool), wtf is a guy as busy as you doing pre and post game sixes talk with the only two faces worse than Cuz for TV (Dei and Jim Lynam). The worst is Barkann referring to Deidre by her first name, like she’s some adorable little girl…. Ike is decent for football but that was their mistake. WIP can’t judge Talent. Trotter gets Philly fans, loves Philly fans, you keep Trotter and bring back Hugh Douglas, they don’t’ take themselves so seriously…this special teams hack that talks WAY TOO MUCH doesn’t get it.. Its not that he talks too much, he also thinks he knows his shit….like he can’t be wrong, and thats the most annoying part.

    3) Surprised by all the Glen-love. His “beer can chicken” and pompous “tim the tool man taylor” mentality….meanwhile poking at Cuz’s passion for Philly sports…really bothers me. Its fuckin sports talk radio, aren’t you supposed to be passionate about sports, staying up to watch College Football is what i like about Ant! But GLEN…doesn’t ever contribute a sports opinion, and I think that really bothers Ant. Glen gives you no sports facts, he’s not a real Philadelphian…he never adds any Sports commentary. Taths why Glen works well with Ray Didinger…because Glen just plays the role of host that gives you nothing..and Ray gives you all you need to know about football. Baldy and Ray are the two best football guys on sports radio and its not even close. Glen is also really showing his age…old guys get corny eventually (Bill Bergey), and Glen is corny to me, and also to Ant which is why Ant does the fake laugh bullshit because he can’t stand it either. Both Ant and Glen are writers so I respect their professionalism…but Glen gives you nothing at all. You gotta pair up Anthony with an entertaining athlete. A basketball and football guy in the winter (Trotter or Shady)….a baseball and football guy in the summer (J Roll when he retires).

    4) Rob Ellis knows a lot (but he’s as boring as Glen). Rob Ellis is a black hole for excitement.

    5) You may laugh but I actually really like Jolly. The guys knows everything about every sport. His high pitch is atrocious….but he talks boxing after a good fight….he talks horse racing….he’s not “cool” but he’s a sports radio geek. He deserves his job.

    6) I actually think Reuben Frank is good too. And so is Mark Eckl. Both guys know their shit…they just need to be paired with younger guys. Big Daddy doesn’t know shit about any sport but I like the fact that he talks basketball. The Latino is loud for no reason.

    7) No one is as bad as Farzetta, except maybe Rhea and Al and Hollis Thomas. While I’m at it I hate Ricky Bo on TV.

    8) 97.5 is much more with the time. I’m 32, I find Mikey Miss and Bruno very entertaining. Marks is also very listenable. Just be entertaining and know your shit..why is that so hard to find?

  86. I’m sorry I ever started WIP sports-talk radio! Cataldi, Gargano, Hughes, and all these young d-bags are an embarrassment to intelligent sports fans everywhere.

  87. the “cuz” blows….gave himself his own nickname ….really?….he sounds way too excited for the stupidest shit ..I hate his laugh, his voice, and how prolongs every callers’ name that calls…..you’re like 45 dude stop calling people “cuz” and sayin they are doing the “double dip”….a guy went to the flyers and eagles game…..cool..it doesn’t have to sound like they just cured cancer every time a caller says they did it

  88. Hey, Skippy. Just like Don Corleone I have vanquished all my enemies and have destroyed the WIP family.

  89. They all have gigantic egos.

    John Kincade seems like a genuinely nice guy & I’d definitely tune into his show if they brought him here. However, it seems like everyone in this market goes downhill & turns into a giant creep.

    Bruno & Mayes have the best show in the market right now. It’s also one that they seem to want to push the least (as evidence by their time slot & splitting them up a while back).

    The show they push the most is the absolute worst (Marks and Brace). I like Marks, but Sean Brace is awful awful awful. His sports knowledge is worse than the majority of the callers & he contributes nothing to the segments. Marks leads & Brace just chimes in occasionally with verbal diarrhea.

  90. Now we get to have alpha-dog a$$hole Rob Ellis say “…not even a little bit” 3 or 4 times an hour? Great.

    1. idk, I’ll always like Ellis because he shares my sentiment of wanting to punch Dick Vitale in the face.

    2. I cant stand ellis either man. he’s soooo objective ..its annoying..also he actually never blinks from what ive seen on tv from him.

  91. Sean Brace was EXPOSED when he was Mike Miss’s producer. Miss would have a game where he would have callers name three guys from a franchise in the 90s. Brace could barely name 3 guys who played on most teams. He’s a douche and should be back doing his old job, holding dicks at the Art Holiday!

  92. sport talk is just filler for steven singer spots. yes we hate you because you advertise everywhere. please go away.

    i challenge anyone to listen to gargano for five minutes where he doesn’t say the words “love”, “awesome” or “great”.

  93. Now that I think about it, Kyle, your voice is pretty grating as well, still better than that dago faggot though.

  94. what pisses me off the most is how much marks & brace out kicked their coverage with the chicks they got. All because the clueless chicks think they are some sort of celebrity. smh

    1. brace has a chick? used to see him hanging around urban saloon and bishops at closing time focusing on singleton fat girls to bring home.

  95. I am an African-American and I have listened to 610 since I was 10. The station jumped the shark the same year Owens decided to throw a hissy-fit. The morning show is lead by a guy who is a Yankees fan, who admits he would rather sleep than watch the local sports-game. But this is where they lost me. Rhea and Cataldi had zero issues keeping el Wingador in their prayers, however, they can’t let that damn dog-killa work in this city.

    I don’t listen to sports based in Philadelphia anymore.

    1. The dude didn’t just fight dogs & pop a cap in their head old yeller style.

      Do your homework. He grabbed one dog by its hind legs and repeatedly slammed it into the concrete until it died. He electrocuted a dog, drowned another, put little dogs into sacks and forced his pits to tear them up. And that’s just what was proven in court.

      I don’t care what type of “hood” he grew up in. There’s no way he didn’t know that was wrong. Did you also know (and this is from his VH1 special) that he had a television in his cell & he was treated like royalty by the other inmates?

      He’d a sociopath & a piece of shit. If he was just Mike, your next door neighbor/retail manager, and he did what he did chances are you’d be saying “keep that evil piece of shit behind bars.”

      Vick’s a bad seed & people refuse to believe it b/c of what he does on the football field.

  96. I will form my ‘opinion’ once I figure out what most people agree with. I will be on the other side of that issue.

    Be back soon…I need to figure out what else I can steal from Cuz and Eskin.

  97. Is Rob Ellis the one that sounds like Chris Rock? And anything is better than listening to Ant fellate and gargle the balls of another caller or no name former athlete. He just is constantly giving out rim jobs and loving it.

  98. analyzing the analyzers you anal wires. with that being said, it should be ellis and someone new.

  99. I love Brace & Marks. Awesome show. At 8am on Saturday mornings when I’m sleeping.
    Wish that was their permanent time slot.

  100. Things are so much better at home when Daddy’s at work. He’s such a gumbah douche! And damn him for giving me a frickin’ guido name! I’ll never get the dago stink off of me now.

  101. Aw, shut up, Mo! At least your name isn’t Anthony Gargano. Now who’s got the life-long stink?

  102. I don’t know if you guys have heard me mention this today but check out Church of Foles. Its the greatest thing ever and I will beat it to death like every thing else I like. Also if you want to hear any more twitter updates, check out my 10-12 show where I update every 3 minutes whats going on

  103. I’d call Rhea Hughes the typical hole sucking all the funny from the room, but there is no humor present on that garbage morning show in the first place.

  104. Whoa Now! Pump your breaks family! The ladies love me and I appeal to the brothas bc I always will agree with them and I’m always pumpin the latest Roots crew jawn. You guys know they’re from Philly? Yea… I know em. That’s right. Gave Questlove a reach around at the Made in America celebration… He never called. 🙁

  105. Me and Massimo made Daddy a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulouuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssss man purse for Christmas! Maybe he’ll stop forcing us to watch college football with him now

    1. Little Ant,

      We can’t watch college football anyway because Mommy signed us up for dance class.

  106. Mike Miss is that guy who thinks he’s the shit but in reality is the biggest tool that all the kids talk about and roll their eyes when he shows up to the party. I love how he pretends he was a jock and then I go see his golf swing on a youtube video and the guy looks about as un-athletic as it gets. He constantly whines and thinks he’s funny for having an over-done Seinfeld view of everyday occurrences. *Yawn. The guy dismisses any view other than his own as uneducated. His taste in music is laughable and he’ll just say oh yeah… I met rockstar X while I worked at MMR for a few months b/c I beat somebody up. This prick will get his due someday. He is Judge Rinehold beating off in the bathroom, playing devils advocate to any sports point and calling himself original. He’s turning into the guy he says he despises the most (Howard Eskin.)

  107. Get rid of Gargano (too much kid talk, too much “generated” intensity, too much fake excitement). Get rid of Angelo (too much Angelo BS). Get rid of Barkann (seems like he’s always trying to agree like it was his idea… flip flopper extraordinaire). All seem to be the result of our “reality tv” society…

    Have an all star show of Didinger, Macnow, and Morganti. Throw in Reese once in a while.

    1. Barkann is horrible. Why is he yelling! Jody Mac should have a full time gig on one of the stations. Jack McCaffery and Mark Eckel were good also. Why is the GUV on TV and radio. On the post game show does he realize the mic is I always tapping his pen or making noise. Comcast is stuck with him now they are afraid to fire him

  108. Daddy says Rhea is a horse-faced hyena, who only has a job because her daddy covered Angelo’s gambling losses in Atlantic City.

    How can a hyena have a horse’s face?

  109. How great is that Brace, Marks and Myrtetus have read every post. Brace and Marks live on this site and talk about the subject matter like they were first to report it. Mikey Miss’
    ego can’t handle the criticism

  110. If you listen close enough, there are times when you can hear how astounded Mike Miss gets with how high he has heaped his own bullshit. He is Philadelphia’s own Skip Bayless.

  111. Hey Mikey – just because you talk sports 4 hours a day, doesnt mean you watch or understand more sports then anyone else. You are not the know it all…they call you Mikey Mush for a reason.

  112. FT job??? Miss knows ZERO about hockey. I’d call him up and tear him a new asshole about hockey, but that stupid cunt would revert to his schpiel about philly hockey fans numbering in the dozens and loving Rinaldo and Homer. How many years has that twat been on TV and he still dresses like he shops at the Mens Warehouse discount bin.

  113. Just wanted to say the man is a complete and utter disgrace and a pathetic fraud. He tells people who they should and should not root for and what they should think. I pray for the worst that ever could happen or become of the man and his family. He has enraged and egged on Eagles fans to harass and beat people up. The pathetic HYPOCRITICAL sum bag liberal media does not tell the truth and tells the public what kind of a guy he really is…..he is a fraud from Buffalo and his carpet bagging self tells people what they should and should not think. Think he was a Cryers fan in Buffalo 1974 and 75? He is a perfect Philadelphian…a scum bag that deserves the worst in life. I just pray and hope I can tell this to his face one day if I see him. Please forward this to him 🙂

    I hope he crashes his car….

  114. Jon and Sean show is a joke. Brace was a diehard mets fan couple years back but god for bid for bring that up and also in cot they were saying how they works rather have geno smith then voles and they are always praising the black qb and try n act black

  115. This is the funniest message board I have ever read in my life. It is comforting to find that I’m not the only one who has had it with Angelo’s forced idiocy and the two-month WIngbowlarama, which died at least 10 years ago. Isn’t there a health/morality/liability issue to having people overeat and risk myocardial infarction or choking to death at the Wells Fargo Center? It will happen sooner or later and thus endeth Wingbowl. Also major point of agreement: naming your son Massimo is arguably child abuse, for which young Massimo will have his vengeance I suspect. Should have named him Rollie. I personally refer to Gargano (in my mind) as Homer Cheesesteak. But I kid because I love. Macnow is a knowing guy, but ultimately a smarmy dude who thinks you want to go on a cruise with him and kiss his ring. The legitimate sports analysts in this town — Didinger supreme among them — are beat writers and guys who don’t seek mass media ego-stroking.

    Mikey Miss is an interesting case, and the charges of arrogance are fair. Yes, he is probably a lonely guy (many guys are) and his insecurity shows sometimes, but that makes him human (vs. Macnow who HAS EVERYTHING TOGETHER AND DON’T YOU WISH YOU WERE HIM). He covers Philly sports with passion and doesn’t talk about what he doesn’t know (hockey, but who does beyond Jonesy and Morganti). I appreciate his unforgiving stand against racism, because racism is unforgivable (even in ourselves, so he should cut out the dumb Latino/Latina accent spoofing, because it’s essentially racist). His byplay with Martinez is lively, and proves that most broadcasters need a foil. If he were paired with someone to balance him, the show would probably be better. I think he and Eskin actually were a good team, despite the mutual loathing. They should get over it and re-unite, because it would make for GOOD RADIO! Right now we don’t have a must-listen sports talk show, and there’s talent. Ellis is knowledgeable. Spike Eskin is actually a crisp, compelling broadcaster (wrong about Vick/Foles!) who deserves a show. My left-field vote for Radio Future?: Mike from South Philly, an earnest, eloquent commentator who does his homework and checks his ego at the door. I’d like to hear him with Ray Diddy: professor and well-schooled fan. Now THAT’s entertainment!

  116. Glen better not leave. Him and Gargano are a great team and feed off each other well. They’re fun to listen to. They get the callers involved. I mean we all watch the games and know what’s going on but a good host will we’re entertained by the story, or how the story is told and Glen Macnow has always been great at doing that. So is Gargano, who’s like the boisterous relative who tells great stories at family gatherings.
    97.5? Please. The only thing i listen to on there are Flyers games and the occasional Mikey Miss show because he’s a bit entertaining. The rest of 97.5 guys are guys you never heard of or guys they hired away from WIP because of the Flyers pre/post game show connections. I mean, they have a host named “Phil from Mt Airy”- and I remember him calling up WIP back in the day as well, so you’re telling me that they give a show to a “caller” because he’s just entertaining? What sports credentials does that guy have? None. But he’s entertaining i guess. Isn’t that why we listen to sports talk radio?

  117. How about rhea naming her kid clark. The kid has red hair and clark for his name. That kid will be beat up everyday.

  118. Never read so many mean spirited comments in one thread. But, the best one was about Gargano’s kid choking on a lego. Mean…..but friggin hysterical!!!!

  119. This message board is just fucking golden! Can we all just agree on one thing here? JON MARKS AND SEAN BRACE ARE THE WORST TWO RADIO HOSTS IN PHILADELPHIA HISTORY. I hope the people making the decisions at 97.5 read this, because these two guys are literally FUCKING BRUTAL. Fuck that young demographic. No one I know who is young likes them. HELL, I don’t know anyone who likes them. IF they have decent ratings, its only because they’re on during so many peoples lunch break where they are forced to tune into something. BRACE DOESNT KNOW JACK SHIT ABOUT SPORTS, especially PHILADELPHIA sports. It’s a fucking shame he gets rammed down our throats. Jonny Marks is fucking Mike Missinielli jr, he is a fucking hack. They both are fucking hacks, honestly the worst fucking show in the world. I can not wait until that show is fucking finished and they give Harry and Tony 4 hours like it should be. FUCK marks and brace, two fucking faggots.

  120. Whoever is doing the Lil’ Ant & Massimo posts, you have me dying!

    I like Cuz & Prof. Granted, they have their faults, (Cuz can get a little annoying with the South Philly Schtick, the “violations” bs and the I think I know better than you do because I am friends with Spags or whoever else’s opinion matter’s little if at all attitude, Glen with the old man river personality and the ass kissing he does towards the Cuz, “Oh, you shoulda been a coach”) But, they’re like your uncle and grandfather getting into discussion about sports. It’s otherwise entertaining.

    One thing I don’t understand is how we have these “violations” and anybody that doesn’t like the home team is a fraud but yet implants like Glen and Angelo jumping ship from their hometown teams to suddenly develop a rooting interest, (clearly for the sake of ratings), in the local sports franchises with some sort of immunity or special clemency simply because they’re radio personalities doesn’t come off hypocritical at all….

    1. I don’t get these posters whining about my Daddy. Little Ant and I have to deal with him for 18 hours a day!

      1. Hey Mo, Mommy said to stay off Daddy’s computer.

        If he gets canned, the 3 of us are toast!

  121. Giddy Gargano extra giddy today…Hmmmm very suspicious.
    Ant’s nickname for Rob Ellis irks me to no end.
    Poor Glenn was always on eggshells with Ant.

    1. Your comment was 2 months ago but still telling today. Gargano must have hated Glen (and perhaps likewise Glen hated ‘Ant’), but Ant’s incessant ‘Goose’ references were totally unprofessional and I wish that Glen would have punched his phony back-stabbing face for that shit. Gargano probably went to Bloom and asked if he could work with someone else and they accommodated him. That f-ing laugh is cartoonish and annoying. I think he’s also an egomaniac child who got his way. Ellis is also better solo at night. But Ant gets what he wants, and I think Ellis is happy because who wouldn’t want that time slot? Sleep in and get to watch all the sports at night. John Innes does not work for me either. He’s smart and knowledgeable but he should have been paired with a Philly-area-born guy first. Anyway, Glen got disrespected by Gargano and I hope the karma comes back big time on Gargano. Let’s hear that phony laugh again. And I used to like the guy. Not anymore.

  122. Hey guys I just left this post in the other radio station article, but as a former athlete who still has a house in this city and spends a lot of time here, here is my opinion.

    97.5 > 94.1

    When Glen switches over to 97.5, and programming director puts him with Mike, then they cut Brace and Marks and move Bruno and Mayes into a 4 hour 10-2 show, it will be by far the best radio era in Philadelphia radio history. I use to play for the Flyers, I still live in town and have grown to love baseball, football, and even the Sixers as passionately as this town loves our Flyers.

    I however have started listening to 97.5 since it came onto FM and have to be honest, it’s far better. Here is my breakdown, from a guy who has been in the city since his 30′s and early 90′s.

    Mike & Mike: These guys suck, plain and simple, no one listens to them.

    Tony & Harry: Probably my favorite show, Harry is very intelligent and knows a wide range of sports, Tony mixes in that dose of pop culture and comedy that blends so well and keeps everyone listening. They have also had great producers that meshed well with them. (McManus, Kayal, Younes)

    Jon & Sean: Wow I dont even know where to get started here. I don’t think I am alone in thinking this is probably the worst show in the Philadelphia market? I switch over to 94.1 to listen to two other guys who don’t know too much more then Jon & Sean but are definitely more tolerable. Boy Jon Marks is following in the footsteps of Mike Missanelli and Sean Brace is some bro from North Carolina? (If Im correct) who just moves up here, produces a show for a couple years, and they throw his dumbass behind a microphone? Jeez, this guy knows less about this city then I did when I first came to Philadelphia. I don’t think he understands sports at all in general, nor does he have any sense of historical information or memory to offer at all. Cant stand that show, never listen, never will.

    Mike Missanelli: I honestly didn’t like Mike for a while while he was at 610, I definitely thought he was arrogant and self-entitled during his time there, but I think since he switched to 97.5 his show has become 10x better. I slowly slowly started to like him again even thought I always listened. He is the kinda guy who can get your blood going to the point you have to call up and talk to him about something.

    I hope 97.5 figures out a formula to steal Glen from 94.1 because I think Glen, Didinger, and Ellis are the only 3 people at that station that have any clue of what they are talking about. I stopped listening the 610 when 97.5 came to FM, and just generally don’t like any of their shows, think they are very forced and uninformative. Other then that, I love this city and love that this website is getting so much attention for input, hope you guys enjoyed mine. Have a happy holidays!


    1. You’d better hurry. There’s one more of those deals in the budget, and Mike Martinez has already been seen sniffing around the ballpark.

  123. So I am a huge WIP listener, and sometimes I ask myself why… I love the content and I love most of the broadcasters, but have to agree with many comments on here.

    As a whole I love Angelo and the Morning Team, but I think the show has gone stale. I am not a big Wing Bowl fan, although I love the concept and what it has done for the city. I have grown tired of the eating stunts and wingettes. I still don’t understand how they can waste hours a week talking about, and to, women dressed scantily on the radio. I can’t see them, so I really don’t care! The eating stunts go the same way. How much color commentary can you give on a 500 lb man eating sheep’s balls…. I enjoy listening to Chip Kelly every Monday and the other guests through the week (Ross Tucker, Brian Billick, etc…). And although most people never agree with Angelo on various topics, I think that’s the point. To get people talking and debating, which makes the show more entertaining. I read a lot of negative comments on different personality’s on WIP which is just sad, but I think the morning show members balance each other out very well between Angelo, Rhea, Al, Ben Davis, Keith Jones, and Hollis Thomas.

    I was a huge fan of Michael Barkann coming to radio and think Ike Reese has a lot to offer, besides his personal football knowledge. I think the one thing that hurts their show is Barkann is a host. He needs to lead a show, not because of ego, but because it’s what he’s good at. He is great on CSN and is great on WIP, but is better suited for leading a panel. I think WIP should create a daily show like Philly Sports Talk and have Barkann host. It’s what he’s good at. In the beginning Ike Reese was on nights hosting his own show, if I’m not mistaken. I think he could still do that, maybe a lead in to a daily panel show. 10-12 with Ike Reese, followed by 12-2 panel hosted by Barkann, joined by Reese and local sports columnists, athletes, coaches, fans, etc…

    By far my favorite show is the afternoon show with Glen Macnow and Anthony Gargano and I would be pretty upset to see Glen go. These guys are great together and keep the show fresh every day. I don’t know where people get off saying Anthony is fugaze. He IS the Philadelphia Sports Fan! And Glen Macnow is an adopted Philadelphia Sports son! No matter where he was born and raised, Glen has been in the area for years and knows what it takes to be a Philly fan. Other WIP hosts have filled in for Glen in the past with Anthony, but not one can maintain the on-air chemistry Glen and Anthony have.

    There were some comments on here about Rob Ellis and his evening show which I have to agree with. Rob is a knowledgeable sports personality and deserves to be on air daily, but he does come off as a “look down the nose” type person. He will allow callers to prove their points when in debate, but sometimes cuts them off mid call if he can get them to come around on his point. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of Rob and still listen most nights but his show has gone a bit stale as well.

    I haven’t seen a lot of commentary on Big Daddy Graham on the overnights. For a 2am to 5am show he puts a lot of effort into something alot of other radio stations would write off. I actually welcome the change in discussion on-air during that time from sports to many other forms of entertainment. There is only so much one can talk about at 330 in the morning when the sports world is asleep. Its a nice change of pace. But BDG can get right back into a conversation on sports and offer worthy opinions when its called for and necessary.

    To sum up the remainder of WIP shows, Rob and Hollis on the weekends, Howard Eskin on Saturday mornings, Reuben Frank, Ricky Ricardo, and Jody MacDonald filling in whenever and where ever keep me coming back each day. But by far the one person I love listening to and can never get enough of is Ray Didinger! Ray is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever listened to! There are not enough words to describe how much Ray Didinger is worth to the Philadelphia Sports Market! The great part is he can be heard on nearly every show, Morning, Mid Day, Afternoon, Evening, and weekends with Glen.

    I am proud to be a listener of WIP and will be for a long time, but will admit letting Glen Macnow go will not be something I easily accept. Do the right thing WIP. You listened to the listeners before. It’s time to start listening again!!!!!

    Thanks. And my real name is attached to this message.

    1. I think you’re pretty spot on, especially with the Rob Ellis critique. I think he knows what he’s talking about but he’s a bit Mr. Know it all and his condescending attitude at times can really turn me off to him, especially considering I feel like he sort of just popped up on the scene.

    2. You forgot to mention the Phillies pre-pre-pre-game and post-post-post-game shows… Very compelling stuff, particularly when the team is stumbling just below the .500 mark.

    1. Daddy says Ruben Amaro is fugazi, and Uncle Angelo said that Daddy was fugazi.

      I think it means “talented ex-athlete”.

  124. Dude, I’m FOUR! What do I know? Do you think my daddy got me educational toys and books for my birthday? No! That guido stain gave me a cheap-ass Slingbox tee-shirt, a vinyl Primo’s lunch bag, and other free crapola that he gets at work.

    (I should sack-up and call Child Services.)

  125. wtf is with big daddy constant plugs about his daughter and all of his bullshyt shows books ect, who is this clown?

  126. How the hell does Rhea Hughes still have a job at that station?

    Her entire resume starts with getting nose surgery to correct that giant that used to be on her face. She also spent her entire youth tormenting her mom by drinking 24 hours a day and spreading her legs for every guy that offered her a pack of cigarettes. Now her life consists of hating Mike Vick and being a bitch to Angelo.

  127. Yup. Glen is the man. Fuck the cus he is a fake wanna be Italian. He don’t even talk Italian. He is not even liked in south Philly. He does think that he is the man. He did treat glen like he was shit. Glen should punch that fat fake ass cus

  128. Bye Glenn. Never cared for him. He is extremely rude in person and pompous. Every Sat I have to suffer through Glenn just to hear Didenger.

    1. Worse duo on radio. Macnow was ok when it was the Mac & Mac show because it was Jody’s show.

      Gargano of the fake laugh is a phoney all the way through. The guy bashes any Philadelphian who is a fan of another city’s sports team yet readily admits to being an Ali fan during the Ali-Frazier era. Gargano by any other name would still be a violation

      Macnow comes across as someone who believes his opinion is actually fact. Very seldom does he say anything funny yet the laugh soundtrack next to him guffaws incessantly. Doubt if either has an IQ over 90.



  130. Hey FRANK CAVALIER… do not hold back, tells us how you really feel.
    come on now..we need to support WIP guys….. the are a lot better then the frauds
    at espn


      Stop and smell the COFFEE. Eskin is a PREDATORY CROCIDILLIAN

      I talk in FACTS WIP hosts talk in WORDS

      Did you know the MAGGOTT MUNCHIN MARSUPILA once describedPEYTONMANNING a turnover machin with HAPPY FEET

  131. Massimo and Lil Ant slipped up and told me about this thread today as I was coming down from a coke binge. Major violations on here. You people are all fugaze and probably put mayo on your Primo’s Italian hoagies!

  132. Count how many times Rob Ellis says, “no question.”
    How about when “cuz” says “look at That!”, on the radio.
    Barkann is an over-caffeinated ego clown that shouts just to hear his own voice.

  133. How unlistenable is that babbling Idiot in the morning for way to many years, He is with out a doubt a woman , trapped in the body of a BIB PUSSY, However this is the age of jerk-offs and he should continue to do well , Just look at another complete ASS-HOLE Josh Inish. If you ask me Andy Blum has to go. But that’s like pretending like Obama isn’t President .It’s shame about Glen , I hope he can work it out , but the most powerful force in the universe will probably win out (Jerk-offs Win) It’s the J.O.W. force , way to powerful. CBS is just like any other media sensationalism and who trending the loudest will out. By the way did anyone notice that there a commercial every 3 mins. on the Eagles Post Game show, Disgusting ! Good Luck Glen !

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