Howard Eskin Dressed as Santa Claus and Gave Chip Kelly an Injured Bear Today

Voila_Capture885I don’t know if Howard has some sort of disorder that requires him to be the center of attention 24-7 or what, but he showed up at Chip Kelly’s press conference today (can’t tell if Chip was in on it, but it’s obvious Chip doesn’t like getting his metaphorical knob slobbed by Eskin the way the last coach did) in full Santa suit and brought Chip a Bear that was so injured from his whooping last night that the poor guy couldn’t make it on the plane.

Chip’s response: “That’s the best suit you’ve ever worn.”

That it is, Chipward. That it is.

Presumably, Chip’s girlfriend won’t cut his head off in a jealous rage after discovering the gift.

Video after the jump.

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18 Responses

  1. Look at all of them, can’t get their phone up fast enough to take a picture to tweet out fast enough, bunch of vultures #EaglesTalk

  2. Eskin is falling in line with the rest of the city over a meaningless win. The Vikings loss seems like 5 months ago. Eagles still won’t make it out of the WC but it’s a good start for Chip and the Boys.

  3. fucking sick a J.E.W in a Santa outfit, how would he feel if people start jumping into pizza ovens for cheap laugh

    1. hey buddy not funny youre about as stupid as that kid that is always trolling me get a job like me

    1. Great idea! Actual professional graphics are expensive though (as we learned with the new CB logo) so what are your thoughts on “ESKIN SANTA” in simple block letters on a plain grey t-shirt?

  4. Last time Eskin gave someone a gift (in that instance flowers), she didn’t last long.

  5. If 94.1 wip didn’t have chip to talk too they’d be off the air. Their all over him.
    #97.5 the fanatic runs this city

  6. Eskin kisses ass better than anyone. He has to have pictures of Rayfield, Bloom and Cataldi in a threesome. He gets a woman murdered, he get his company sued in a multi million libel suit and he is an embarrassment. Even Andy Reid called him a human hemmoroid.

  7. Does every cretin in this city have to pronounce the word “Merry” like the name “Murray”? Go get some speech lessons Eskin, you hoagie mouth. Between you and “The Cuz”, people must think everyone is this town is mentally retarded. How the fuck can you hear words, understand how they are spelled, yet pronounce them like your tongue is swollen? I’d like to run every hoagie mouth outta this town and back to the stone ages where they came from.

  8. What a fucking worthless clown Eskin is. No fucking shame. Its a shame WIP didn’t have the balls to fire his ass all the way.

  9. Before I arrived at the Borgata today I stopped in visited my good friends at Cherry Hill Lexus errr I mean Chester Springs Lexus and had a bagel and cream cheese. By the way even if don’t drive a Lexus stop over at Cherry Hill, damn it I mean Chester Springs Lexus for your free coffee and bagel. So much do here at the Fabulous Borgata last night Wolfgang Puck made me a salad. Tomorrow I’m having Christmas dinner with the great folks at Ponzios. By the way are you looking for a diamond ring, look no further than Steven Singer. Steven hooked me with my 3 carat diamond ring. Let’s talk about the Eagles and my best friend Chip Kelly. Chip and I are going to Cayman’s in offseason where I’m taking him to an exclusive golf course.

    1. Also, please remember those fabulous $2.00 bottles of wine that go with any meal at the PA Wine Stores. Don’t drive to Jersey where the stores are owned by the public and 1,000 times better…..and cheaper. They pay me a lot to shill their crap. Am I right about this Arthur? Arthur…..”CORRECT!”

  10. Also, I forgot about those fine people at the Rolex dealer. I have seven of them for every day of the week. WIP can never fire me with all the ad rain I bring them. That’s why Macnow and me are still here and the Gods of Shills, Gargoyle, cannot be fired.

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