Is This Eagles Fan Using an iPad in a Ziploc Bag at Snow Bowl the Worst Eagles Fan of All-Time?

Not sure what’s worse– the scourge of carrying iPads into public places or the scourge of the vertical iPhone videos. Gonna go iPad, in this case.

H/T to reader TJ


12 Responses

  1. Maybe…depends if he’s checking other games, fantasy, or listening to Merrill…jury’s out.

  2. Not to harp on the sterotypical Eagles/Philadelphia fan thing, but aren’t the thousands of drunken belligerent and arrested Eagles fans well ahead of this dude?

  3. Explain worst fan?
    90% of fans look at their phone during the game. So ipad vs all other smartphones?

  4. I wish one of those animal African American kids would have been around to play the knockout game with this fool

  5. Yeah he’s much worse than the douchebag filming others in the stands with his phone. But he still isn’t a bigger dickhead than 90% of the eagles players.

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