Photo: Villanova Basketball (we capitalize that B)

Photo: Villanova Basketball (we capitalize that B)

On his radio show Tuesday night, Jay Wright talked with Ryan Arcidiacono about his game-winning three in the final seconds against Kansas. Up until that point in the game, Archie was was oh-for-the floor with a total of one point, yet Wright still planned on having him take the big shot. That is… if he could get him the right play.

Wright explained that he was furious at Archie, who was trying to run an offensive play instead of an inbounds play.

Mike Angelina from the outstanding Philahoops with the story:

“I thought you were calling an offensive play, and I was like, ‘What do you want us to run?’, but then you were like, ‘Just do that!’,” Arcidiacono said on CBS Sportsradio.

The confusion had Wright boiling at his point guard.

“I was going to kill you,” he said.

According to the two of them, it was not the more pleasant of exchanges. For an opponent, it perhaps looked like a disagreement between a player and his coach. The conversation had the handful of Kansas fans around them in laughter.

“All the Kansas fans were just sitting there laughing,” Arcidiacono recalled.

“I wanted to kill him, it was not a great exchange between Ryan and I,” Wright added.

When mad, the usually amiable Jay Wright is a frightening sight. Having covered some games in college and sat near-courtside for many others, I’ve heard him say things to players that would make a sailor blush. I can only imagine what had the Kansas fans cracking up.

But Villanova got the last laugh. Check out Kansas’ version of events from Friday night on their YouTube account: