Jeff McLane, of the Inquirer, Gripes About Access the Eagles Give to Media

Jeff McLane does a good job covering the Eagles. His article this weekend about Nick Foles, for exampulars, was unique, informative and entertaining. But he was also the Reid Regime’s go-to when a story needed to be leaked or assuaged. In other words: he got access others didn’t. But it sounds like that’s not the case now that Chip Kelly has been brought on-board.

Taking part in a Q&A with Peter King’s MMQB, McLane talked about the most frustrating part of his job:

In truth, most of what we report and write about a team is positive. But for those of us that try to cover a team, warts and all, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with its decision makers, especially if they are sensitive or equate unbiased reporting with negativity. Another frustrating part is the decreasing access reporters are given to coaches and players. We used to complain about the access we got when Andy Reid was head coach, but since Chip Kelly came aboard the Eagles have given us the bare minimum. I don’t generally complain about the job, and most readers don’t give a hoot (which I completely understand), but limited access affects the information and stories they often ask for.

Earlier this year, McLane’s punching colleague, Les Bowen, expressed that same sentiment when it was announced that Kelly would appear on the WIP Morning Show every Monday:

Seems to me the Eagles – along with the Flyers – are finally understanding that, for many news items, they can go directly to the public, or to a radio show that the public listens to, and cut out the middlemen. The media, of course, no likey.

I’d recommend reading the entire piece— it’s a good, easy read.




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  1. Waaaah! Do any of these hacks realize that they’re horrific reporters and maybe they don’t deserve a scoop? Say what you will about Eskin, but at least he puts the time in to get the stories. I just don’t see Les Bowen putting in the extra hours to break a story. The next good article from Bowen, McLane, etc, will be the first. Bunch of B List reporters…

  2. They always have feed the negative side of things for years. It’s been part of our problem. Even when we’d win a game they’d still want the negative so why let them in any further then you need too? That and the fact that most teams don’t have 1,954 team dedicated reports stepping on each other for news on a daily basis. Could be some of the problem as well. Ship some of them off to Jacksonville. They could use a few gum shoes. Who reads newspapers anymore?

  3. Chip only got in bed with Cataldi to limit that ass on WIP from trashing him when things go bad.

    1. Well that and the free pie. Asswipe Cataldi is in heaven because he is besties with Chip after Andy snubbing his no-nothing ass for 14 years.

  4. it amazes me that reporters complain that they dont get enough access. Reporters especially NFL reporters, these days, have gotten the biggest egos lately bc they write for the NFL. They must be the smartest people on the planet bc they cover an NFL team. McClane, Bowen, shut up and do your job. You have a pretty sweet gig. You get free tickets to all the games. Maybe instead of wasting time asking Chip who the #1 QB was for weeks and weeks, when he clearly didnt want to say anything, you shouldve been asking more creative questions.

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