Joe Conklin: Chip Kelly and the Chipmunks

Voila_Capture855I’m beginning to understand why Andy Reid hated the media. This is the back cover of the Daily News today– a headline about the mostly ridiculous speculation that Chip Kelly would leave the Eagles to coach Texas because someone, somewhere, leaked that he might be a good fit for the job. And now it’s a back page headline.

And then there’s Joe Conklin’s latest – which is actually very funny and you should listen to it – taking aim at Chip for not being his progressive self… for one game:

Meanwhile, the Eagles are in first and can win the division on Sunday night.

And yes, if you’re wondering, I do love Chip Kelly and want to have beautiful babies with him.


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  1. You’re “BEGINNING” to understand why Andy Reid hated the media in this city? I always knew you were a slow learner. Ever since it took you until you were 15 years old to master the shape sorting cube I knew I was looking at a future blogger… Mama needs her dirty martini before lunch today, extra olives please.

  2. Holy balls…what did I just listen to. This is utter horseshi*. If anyone laughed at this kill yourself. Walk right out in front of a Septa bus and do the rest of the world a favor.

  3. Chip Kelly isn’t going anywhere and anyone who thinks he would leave a Division leading team who has the potential to be even better in the upcoming years for a Texas team that hasn’t been good since 2006 is insane. The media needs to stop this nonsense now. It’s bad enough some moron asks him about it at a day after PC after a loss. But to put a story on te back cover of the paper is more stupid. All the media is doing is distracting a team that is playing for a division. Nothing like thinking your coach might abandon you to get you pumped up to finish the year strong

  4. What the hell is wrong with the headline? He addressed the speculation and the headline addresses that. It’s Tuesday in December. Get a clue.

  5. I dont understand how this can even be considered when Kelly is banned from NCAA coaching at least for another year or so. Oh thats right it’s just completely made up bullshit that can’t happen even if Kelly WANTED to leave. God I hate the media.

  6. Joe Conklin is way past his expiration date with these lame song parodies. I suppose Angelo Cataldi laughed his ass off as a way of convincing people that this guy, along with him, is still relevant.

  7. mind officially blown that you find that song funny Kyle. Conklin recycles the same awful 80-year old comedy (if you can call it that) – it is the most uncomfortable thing ever to listen to. I’m surprised someone hasn’t offered him a sitcom deal on CBS after 2 1/2 men perfectly set for the 50-70 year old demographic.

  8. I am getting real tired of the Media always finding the negative in Philly sports. I do like WIP a lot and I enjoy the morning guys. They are funny and seem to have fun at their jobs. BUT!!! I am starting to get tired of them busting on Chip and the players. Then they have them come on the show and act like they’re best buddy’s. c’mon man find more positive.
    AND don’t get me started on the racist Ike Reese. He’s a white hater. Nick Foles could get into the Hall of Fame (again) and Ike “the hater” would still find fault with him. All Ike “the hater” played was special teams and was only good the one year. He found out his worth after he left Philly. Didn’t do crap. I wish he would have stayed down South. I don’t listen to Mike and Ike any more then I have to. He makes me sick. I do not watch him on TV! There are a lot more channels to watch.

  9. HEY, Cataldi’s third wife…. Now thats funny. I’d like to hear that one. ( or see it )A least it’s not a bust on the Eagles. She would just laugh it off. She’s cool.

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