Jonathan Papelbon Looks Like Inebriated Hitler in a Christmas Sweater in This Picture

Voila_Capture801First showed you Jonathan Papelbon’s ugly Christmas sweater on Sunday, but I’m assuming that got lost in the Snow Bowl coverage. So, here’s another one, tweeted by his wife, Ashley, yesterday.

I think Papelbon is a dick, but in the absence of any other entertainment being provided by the Phillies, I say they keep him around for shit like this.


15 Responses

  1. I think he is over paid.. I just want to know if he is actually a fucking nut job or if it’s an act..

  2. His wife has stellar knockers, but the face needs work. But I guess if shes on her knees or is taking it hard in the rear, its not really an issue. Am I wrong?

  3. this guy is a cancer. and his “tough guy” stare down is a joke. i hope his arm falls off.

  4. I’m actually not going to bash his wife, she is a good looking girl. Especially if she has to deal with that lunatic and his mustache.

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