Not the actual plane the Eagles fly on

Not the actual plane the Eagles fly on

The image of LeSean McCoy laughing and announcing to his team on their flight home from Minnesota that Tony Romo threw yet another pick and did his best to help the Eagles’ chances is one I’d like to roll around with in the snow whilst giggling. It’s just so delightful, and much better than the one of him kicking a whore off a party bus.

Last night, McCoy told Anthony Gargano and Ike Reese on WIP that he was the only player on the plane checking the score on his phone as Tony Romo urinated victory into the (Packer) hands of defeat:

“Hey, bud what’s that score? Hey, buddy what’s that score?,” McCoy said laughing, doing his best Howie Roseman impression.

“I said, ‘yeah [Tony] Romo he threw a 37 yard pass, touchdown’. They’re like, ‘really?’ I’m like ‘na, he threw a pick actually’. Because nobody had knew except for me, so whatever I said they had to believe,” McCoy said. “I was just joking with some of the players. When I was talking to Chip [Kelly] and Howie [Roseman] I was serious.”

Listen to the audio here. Bonus audio of Gargano explaining to McCoy possible scenarios.

via CBS Philly